Inside Science's key science stories from May

The key science stories from May, as explained by Inside Science.
5:55 | 06/12/19

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Transcript for Inside Science's key science stories from May
Inside science and. Hello I'm Kelly Jennings and he's a quick roundup of what's been thing in the world of science this month. And the headline is that life as we know it he's ending. This is quite in the future human societies can watch from the planet costs have been house and Batman. One million plant and animal species face thing. That's more than twice plant species and think even exit. The UN published a report the strongest month. Pete and spot west and south. The findings of tariff. Three quarters of the land to those of news and insignificant Neil with the humanity. Or fished out unsustainable exploited a little envelope he's now fall on. And these destroyed almost 300 million hectares of forest since 1990. And almost flew that the area and legs but this is a big deal. Losing this many plants and animals will cripple the production who damaged human health and destroying many of the things that. With living. Behind MS even hope slow global warming according to an on the studies. The more leaving stuff if you happen any care system. And more probably need story. And a big Paul problem. Is that you can systems and complicate. That is the difficult to predict the knock on facts obtained. I mean. Meaningful. Palms that hit in the Margaret. Kenyon. Rhapsody. Key supplier of Celek and for the microscopic will be in Lake Victoria. Which today in another paper they have found when he placed. Digested cross which is rich and he's released into the river I watched all the way down from night. So after Hitler's time. Which are expected. The food chain in Lake Victoria will collapse and lets me with its stock opinion replacement. Ship but ended it double happening when will it get it. What's the potluck every half a ton of premium hit towed out. But I digress globally the UN says that there only two major reasons that aren't investing inventories. What we tainting how to land and seeing a primarily for agriculture about what to buy buildings Ethan extracting resources tape. We've got a break expert living things machine. Station. Three. We do read the climate change smooth cooking endangered animals because no I hope for. When police in the from plastics fertilizers that what schools and from poisons and marinate pump out games. A fine. When you use invasive alien species. I don't like. More like the paint hazard straight species that he knew what to expect. We've got to get a grip on acts at this rate we'll have destroyed my estimate before we even nobody sixth Ani for on site. Many just how base and don't rob a little spotty to spend time catapult itself but intruded into the time. He does say by storing up potential energy titans went and then releasing it to know still connecting favorite prank to me. Runoff this again. Don't read about it in this article from the insights on its website you will not be to support. Sad. What do we do about the destruction of well how to change Obama's policies pencil wilderness organic agriculture industry. But I also home minutes on. Technologies while he. Three manageable. From publications and it's not. That could help it you know. Well the up lights. These can be used to meet. Into cop out anything actually far stronger greenhouse gas. Holland I think in this case it actually worth producing it here today to get rid of the need. Really excited about spending is that the technologies basically admitted to can be scaled an integrated into me think he's an industry. On phantom Hong draw it. This is the ghosts who conducts. That works near room temperature minus ten degrees parent. Okay maybe not quite when temperature but far closer today than any Terry. Superconductor have noted that resistance it's a big waste affinity which would be environment different. The need to announce 810 I'm them hard drive is that have to be pressurized. To more than one million times the eat or its way that's what you think that that would beings that the bias humorous I don't think on the tip setting. So it's not reading these. But it will hopefully point if in the direction on one feasible high temperatures to. Finally this month Armitage use. A common hydrogen nitrogen. Is OK. I want you which can extract its hold from walks we. Are there accident. This can help filter out contaminants that leaps and fresh water supply what the well. The market was. Growing up after recess is an experiment alive for a few months lap a need to come back. And pundit a substance had crystallized. It. Announced that it has not Ivan Allen Jennings and he so much for watching. C unit. But. In science and human doing this. Follows on the planet social media. Howard and I didn't aired its. It's different religion under.

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