Inside Science’s key stories from September 2019

INSIDE SCIENCE: The key science stories from September 2019.
7:32 | 10/07/19

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Transcript for Inside Science’s key stories from September 2019
Inside science or. Buckingham Palace mesquite high Jennings is like hey Joyce it's malls and fast is the structure. Social. Wreaking. And they took this month tackle. The Christian thing is that paper's legal Alexander street from you know most inexplicable. The main thing that we showed was that you can organize social network away superficially back. But nonetheless the way to network extraction. Highest votes towards long in the west and experiments it Nam it models here. And we cold. To me she said. Behind Jerry man. Social net Latin. To make people more likely to vote for warrants. What you do you do you would deploy. Tell. All of us people never changed its mind you could also didn't know. Your mom at that very well basically by making the boss I unique School of Law. And minority in the bottles that are trying to calm and I got an analyst. The recess team found evidence gerrymandering off twins had. During the 2010 may tenants the 2016 presidential elections. And in blog posts in the 2004. Presidential elections. How was this new knowledge changed. It's very common now or actions of the social media play out in my slave are out analytical. No argument with anybody practical and 000. Well wait saying. No it's much more called it doesn't just lead and putting retreats that Colin and really. Exactly meet people boats seeking that's how bench. It's great. Speaking of pine polarized deepened bonds and frustration dental issues. It starts happened this month starring got a phone and millions angry skid people with funny. But this month stay positive. Arch and talk about some new invent X optical. That could help us tackle on life in pending news. A new tattoo artist has been added that breaks patented green house. Outside in to comment box. Common side can be used to form stakes. So were quick field. Counselors to the Syrian. Site relatively common materials what beta and it. Is it doesn't agree with repeated use only existing we hope that's more durable and just means more carbon monoxide. Sheep. She. He's especially. Given that common sense this. Initially it seems counter engineers have to talk about the need to immediately terms jet fuel and releasing it back in. Poppy authors do point out that it would make fuel neutral. About the catalysts and this bout. Two dimensional it is. It's part of a new attending see it. Into. A chemical used before me. Chemicals. And restoring unity and a squelching into the wounds me you'll jewels. But how assistant attending CU two. Into compacts. And should this month. A study found much agricultural. Is supremely list for photovoltaic. Solar panels are. Which teaches. Them. Now. False choice you can. The study groups and his music she lost in the should eat fruits and. The products it. I three times as much so different is this of and wheezing and half in walks exploration. The war in Britain. Cool. To increase. The apps it. I seen them. Because. Extinction. Losers. Speaking all. I wondered what it was like grounds of the lost great extinction. When one rule. Back into any sixteen and into an 18% to through that 800 meter long cool of. From the kitchen creek in Mexico the site of any impact that contribute sixty ancient times. Looking at every rock they painstaking and into the events that fateful day. And publish them they. 860. Mean. Opens as an agent shall you know. And he. Twelve kilometer wide chunk of space rock. The seawolf is full staff being. This is bad rocket's. Liquid. Can sic Christopher this economic. Yes then rebounds. And reach victims forming rookie readings. In. Some. Chance of ring covering forty meters deep he Harris youthful. Talking. On. Oh that even realize. From. Usually it's feeling the deposed won't tactics to break. I'm glad NASA then. Yeah. It's not sent out was by them each in patent on the mountain ranges and Mexican highlands and rashes. And established craze and it won't take out from the impact from the decrease its. Spending on. It. Something imports. Admits. There won't so Ramsey and forced to state. That these minerals they think. Actions listen to. At a time. This may have affected the sounds and it would. Trigger and I saved the times. And princesses. Since we're talking pockets as invited known. A news 901 pitches well above eighteen years as. Assistant. Increased its. Specially. Developed countries increased their company poll. Regulation and I think he's means to the penguins in the used to treat lines. In response to your revolving to become resistant to almost. Lost its tree. Since may just. We don't pack. A in signs. You in doing it. Wallace on the I engineered an. Oh.

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