Inside Science's top stories of 2018

Alistair Jennings sums up some key science stories in 2018.
5:56 | 01/21/19

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Transcript for Inside Science's top stories of 2018
Inside science and. Site while happen in the world of science in twenty Spain. But we ended an asteroid. For some climate change. Eight innings he is mined eight of the signs from 28. The numbers appear in the court a reference to the study's talk. Mean who is in critical of the war withdrawing its Japanese but. It's also the name but diamond shaped asteroid. I think for space around eight an assistant. Jack's but Japanese space agency. Rolls spacecraft called him and investigate means we. Twenty. It's Simon. Well. The talk to team that hits and encourages me toward world spinning through space. Around 300. Kilometers. It's like you can shoot cherry off a couple like. I was in Albuquerque and you weren't. Ten space crossing back its. Hunt institute deployed for things in the face you may move my whole. Law. Can reduce the truly well. Hundreds of tools we read into two and 190 and let's the sorts it's a scuffle what. Me. The tightening and fisherman were human. Visits renews before returning with a mysterious sea falls from the track and king. I haven't used returned to and two walks in bags on from the mysterious past. Yes 2018 was that you are exploring sadness that. And Axel molecules in my spartans opting from the surface and therapists. What does this means. Commercial space travel pink that's old if it's in particular use. Even though curiosity to please not some new insight. To date on on. Since earnings and says so fees. Red. There. Things airing some smooth. Heat and drought set unprecedented. Blazing across well the worst season on equity interest. I'm the worst in California history. Beneath his office equipment being driven by mankind in. According to the US government won't. Be released a man assessment. Here's a report released. CC. One that things politicians change cool. Let's hope carbon emissions when. Things and won't climb in 28. Signs continue in the face about port. The good news days that is forcing signs. Missed. In the mid since its November 7 scientists wrote it. Representatives. And activists and their medical book that three engineers and computer scientist and politics has me to want to solve global warming of science and still help. Well Lou. Suggests this it would political. 100% this advised sledding ice sheet by building who rules on business day. It is when warnings. One study. By pushing renewable. Wore this hard as he changed the line. I bring. You. Geo engineering. To genetic engineering. In event that stopped when news. It's percent he'd seen reports. The to change and human eighties. Twenty topics he steel. Disable this isn't actually carry mutations. That fault that the suit against. Infused for. The twins mark and history. But the scientific community is. Hate our increased level that's about. Pertaining to children into the meeting expects. A conference. Twenty teens golden genes cotton industry. Metro published in April successfully means it outsells it ain't seen. Doctor the patients who no longer need blood transfusions. And yet the drug was approved its. Wing. We engineer news. And hockey team that. It's. We'll have detected neutrinos some cosmic piece we uncovered some of the human history. And we program. We humans. There's no time to find more amazing talented he's stories on Orleans website but for now. I've an average earnings news I was watching. You twenty. Inside and I. You been doing this. Wallace on the planet social media. Howard guy you arrogant just. It's technical originally.

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{"duration":"5:56","description":"Alistair Jennings sums up some key science stories in 2018.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Technology","id":"60525451","title":"Inside Science's top stories of 2018","url":"/Technology/video/inside-sciences-top-stories-2018-60525451"}