See the Latest in Boating Tech Before Hitting the Water

ABC News' Charli James reports from the New York Boat Show.
16:55 | 01/07/16

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Transcript for See the Latest in Boating Tech Before Hitting the Water
Hi I'm Karen James welcome back to in New York vote snow. As technology advances so it does the technology for and you're going to be showing you with three new developments. They're helping make boating and safer easier and more fun for every one a to start things off with us here we have Tom McMillan -- he is from. Flir Systems and show us something that started out actually as in military technology. But is now being used them for utter. That's right now Flir Systems been around for whilst on a new company we've. In making thermal sensors. For the military and for other applications for. For many years at a fact that Genesis of the name fell IR is a military acronym for forward looking infrared. We are now a much it's much more than just government and military applications. As the technology just like GPS is commercialized over the years there's so many applications for thermal. For thermal technology for infrared sensors. That outside of the men and the marine industry but my group my team here. And hard liner businesses in the maritime world because there's such a great application for for a formal technology for voters. Tell us what we eat over looking at here while this is one example of one of our cameras this is what's called an M 625 L. It's a thermal sensor that sees in the long wave in for read spectrum. In a clear that you know that the utility of it for a voter is to be able to see at night to see things that. When there's complete unity complete darkness. It doesn't require any light at all. And you know I I often will show people additional people say at the she got a boat show like this why is it that time. You know we're in a bright light here and we're and you know in the convention center. So it how is that not affecting it was not seen that that's what our I see that's visible light. So to demonstrate I sometimes just use the bagged. And I throw the bag over the camera. And you'll notice what. When I do this you don't notice any difference in the camera because. That in for read radiation is actually going through the plastic and in into the camera sensing it as well so. Certainly if I did that with a visible camera you would see the back. That's a great those visualization because you do think. When you look at a camera like best that it would be based on site but it's not an I'm gonna stand in front of the camera here so you can see and so let me as a purse then I'm showing up really bright. The house. It you know when we talk about a thermal camera -- heat obviously when something's warmer it is radiating it is rating and Fred little you know differently. In Cameron is gonna see that heat it's that rilya that temperature difference so person is very bright and it's actually at one of utility of this camera we sell a lot of first responders in the maritime market. Because if it's such a good tool to use for search and rescue somebody's in the water. Whether it's in the daytime or at night time. They're very bright there's a very good contrast things typically a thermal cameras you see in this image. Is depicted. In what we call white hot we're warmer objects are lighter in color and cooler objects a darker in color but we can change that we can flip flop it's so black we call black hot you know where there's darker. Is is indicating things that are warmer and and lighter colors is is is cooler. But we can add color to it you know I think a lot of people have seen a thermal presentation of them put them through some of the color palettes here. So seeing and we're really close I mean being inside kind of its focal point here it's a little clear as we get further back. But. You know one of the things about it she's very small differences in temperature now we can. Demonstrate this is well there's. When people ask me forty you know when we talk about what can you see why can I see of believe in the water or navigation aid and water that sitting out there all the time as he can be missing temperatures that water. And it never really it is. Material the different objects have different characteristics the way they absorb and transmit thermal energy. And to demonstrate and I can step back here. Whitney in these can't receive very very small differences in temperatures so I'm gonna just put my hand on this if you want to show on that screen there. As I put my hand you see it's uniform temperature I just put my hand on this brochure for a second and I pull away. My hand print now is all the way through the brochure. Well that's great resolve differences in temperature sold law in the waters absorbing infrared radiation from the sun during the days sits on the surface of the water. And at night it's radiating differently so it's apparent to to a voter to see things like I guess at other boats navigation aids chart you know. Maureen goalies or whatever their whatever they're looking 222. To avoid. So we're seeing a lot of this built in two boats now some of the big yachts that we looked at earlier you saw this this one here we go on top of your boat and head many different uses or where this sort of night vision that if you wanted to put it that way. Rock videos would play an old video out so it plugs right into any monitor that's on the boat that has a video input in this case we've got just an off the shelf you know TV. But that's our fixed cameras we have hand held cameras as well with the same technology. You know obviously there's people that have a boat named me up in New York or whatever and they put it away. They they may want to use this outside of their boat. Great well thank you so much for showing us that those different use images in the different models thanks so much here. We're gonna move on next to a new water sport that has been created and a whole new speed of boats that it's been created around it. Introduce you now hi Brian this is anchored diaphragm. Pike East Coast flight craft. I'm so let's start wit just explaining what wake surfing is because a lot of people they might not be familiar with this new sport at all. Of course so quick surf and is a derivative of actual surfing except in the weeks being created or the whole wave is being created by the boat. What we're doing as we have a little bit shorter or modified surfboard it's about five feet tall roughly and you're actually gonna have a boat that has. Ballast tanks a wedge in a circuit create history to have four foot curled in this will actually have the skier or push off that with no room. So these boats are specifically made for water sports and not just for. The heat wave surfing and also you can do. Regular water skiing and other water sports like that so tell us a little bad about it we look underneath the boat. What is the technology. That's and the machinery that's creating these weigh it. Well that 25 Ellis be the boat we're looking at right now is equipped with your surf skate to. Which is that reverse Hydro foil the rare the boat. And what that does has its equivalent amount in 2000 pounds of pressure downward force instantaneously. Now that actually sinks the boat 34 more inches and then we have served Kate on each side. With the circuit it is produced gates from the port and starboard side they'll actually come out of a 45 degree angle. Diverge the way can give you that curl that you need to actually push or surfing. So by lowering the boat like that you are in a way and creating the same. Damage the same wave and doubt that it really had the yacht way. Practically that's exactly correct and then on those cited the flaps. Here are an eleventh hour to look flat C Eric they are creating that. That weight that goes around and propels. That's our our. That's right that's called the push is what you want to go off of if you have the push schedules a little bit of a curl up and we'll actually force the skier or surfer at the same speed as the boat usually don't know about nine to eleven miles an hour. Hey on the size or expertise of the person. What I find so amazing about this sport is that and I couldn't believe and at her side is that you don't have to be holding on that you. There are actually using the waves created by these ballots. Two surf the he wakes without holding on to the phone at all and I wanted you to show ice. This new wrist bands that connects with the ballot and actually allowance. People to change this eve and it is the weight without. Dean on the boat at all. Retractable what happens is a lot of people are low to pick here or. One changed the wake for their progression of expertise. Serve obviously yelling back and forth to the skier to that driver. The skier can control by themselves of course is done wirelessly on the is waterproof in you can use this what you're surfing. Whether you're wait for which are about twenty of 34 more feet behind the boat he pushed some buttons and show us what happened of course want to do us all go from port to starboard side. Deserve I wanna switch from one side to the other you have three beeps in the flat. Some light that gives ability for the us here to time his transition from one side to the other. As well as I can adjust my wedge which is at the bottom. Which is now it just in the entire boats pitch which could mean higher taller weight or longer ski nearly and in a what I wanna ski on. But let's talk a little that we see in the technology it was just talk a little bit more about wakes are paying and how is it is it easy to learn and that everyone do it. I'm an east seeing a lot of people coming and asking about these. Wake surf and it's still fairly new in the industry but it's taken off like wildfire. It's so so simple to get up low impact. We have ages from five to a 105 getting out now consumers and never thought they'd ever won a lot of artists even try for disabilities knee injuries whatever will be. Can get up. First second try its its growing. Exponentially across the market in the it's now a demand before. It was a great option have now it's the norm I I never wanted to get out of my boat they deserve the award and argue circled my kids news or four. And it's actually grown it's a great test for everybody's got to play. Let's get the option that you should go and try it out Ryan thanks so much for telling us about this news aren't. I'm suing one last new technology. To tell you and it's on the other side of the boat show and two blocked with us hands on immigrants here. He is the president of the group that puts on. This the national marine merchants association and he's gonna walk with us and tell us a little bit mark just about the trends over all in the boats now. Well need head over to the other side to show you this last technology so Thomas weeks locked down and take a look at all of these beautiful out here. Tell us a little bit about what's hot this year what are people coming down here and asking about. You know over the past two or three years to really act segments and included. On tune votes. Which is a very personal boat that you can use for water sports you can use her bruising or entertaining and relaxing. Saltwater fishing in this New York is a very big saltwater fishing market is C a to show a lot of saltwater fishing boats. They're getting. Both bigger and more powerful seeking get after the fish faster. But manufacturers are also introducing. More entry level models through but more affordable for that first time. Both buyer. And we should mention that the New York boat show is. The biggest and the first test of the season but there will be shows like this all over the country. Act actually in New York bush says the oldest bushel in the world hundred M eleven years that I'm eleven yeah on an eleventh hour talk seriously ill disposed on the world. It is the first boat show of the year. But as you said there will be all over the country. Oh in the next two or three months both shows in two or 300 places. In cities all over the country so. Both shows are really the best opportunity to see everything that's available in the marketplace to see everything that's new. To compare products and make the best choice. Of the boat that's right for you. So say I'm here at home I've never been to a boats I. And into sitting coming down. Quiet what are like the basics that I would need to know coming down here what what to look for I'm trying to pick my perfect. So I tell you. Lee is that industry sponsor a and his promotional program called discover boating. And it discover boating that cam we have among a number of tools to help people figure out what type of boat is right for them so we don't. Promote any particular Burien but there's a vote selector tool where you can. Answer a few questions are you use it on a river or lake and ocean how many people do you wanna take out what he would do with the boat you wanna. The water sports you wanna do fishing and an able narrowed down the range of boasts of the type of vote. That best meets your needs and so once you figured out that you know I really need is saltwater fishing voter content voters ski voter wake board vote. That he come to the show and you've got almost every manufacturer. Of all those different styles of votes here. To talk to and and to learn more about. That type of voting. And it's really nice to see all the votes next to each other's instead of hopping around all over the place you can see them all together Tom thank you so much for walking with us and giving us more information on the shout I'm and is running through Sunday. You still haven't you're in the New York area. Today and three mark day is thank you again so much we have one more new technology to show you know and to help us out here we have. Jon Pfeiffer he is the president. Of Mercury Mercury and you thank you so much for speaking with us for taking the time so we're on the floor and another boat here today amp B want to show you. A technology that is helping make. Voting much easier cracked let's walk over to the console here. As the Boston whalers three to one knee vantage it's got twin 350. Horsepower Mercury Paronto. Engines on the back this to tell you or on. Today's boating is. Completely different from the way it has been in the past and that we're making everything simple we're taking things we want it to make some make it's those simple twelve year old. Can drive a boat like let's not let themselves of course and it well you know whether an adult on Bartlett you know you want to make it so simple that. You're taking out all the hassle lot of operating. So I show you a few features that won't want modern buildings all. So we've built joy sticks in the votes today. So the joystick allows you to move the boat in a marine or at slow speeds in any direction that you want to move it and so you can move it sideways. You can move it diagonally you can move it in whatever direction you want the votes ago it. A lot of people aren't used to seeing Joyce takes it played video games something that. Just for context let's show what the because this still has. What would be considered the older system yeah I'll rent when you're cruising at speed it's more intuitive to put the throttles forward. And you'll get up on plane and you'll use it like new uses steering wheel just like you're driving a car. But when your clothes it's slow speed in a marine others other boats around you you're going into it dock here going into a fuel doctor going to a restaurant. You want to have the ability to move the boat in any direction in close quarters. That you want to move that's what this allows you to do it takes all the stress. It's also make it easier imagined or older voters absolutely I'm I'm a fairly experienced voter and every time I go out on my boat I use the drugs that are these coming standard now I mean we've seen earlier we're aboard a few large dots here and it seemed like all of them had the gymnastics in yet so the what's happening is the higher end boats it's becoming more the norm to have technology like joystick. And what you'll see it's probably a little bit similar of the automotive industry at as we go forward. The technology will migrate into smaller and smaller boats. Thank you so much art tying us this new technology so you've seen now a technology that makes boating. Easier. Safe for her and also some new. Ways to use your vote to have fun and outdoor sports I'm gonna take this opportunity to sit in the captains the lead up. As we head out things are joining us at. Live from the New York boats out and as I said it the budget was running through Sunday see you can come down here and if you liked anything that you saw today. On these light streams you can come down here and see it for yourself. And learns more about the boat so. I'm gonna sail off into the sunset now thank you guys. Where joining us and there's a lot more on ABC digital coming up.

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