Nielsen Looks to Twitter Data for TV Ratings

TV-related conversations on the social network will be used to measure a show's influence.
1:42 | 10/07/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Nielsen Looks to Twitter Data for TV Ratings
Twitter. Announcing. You know -- it's gonna roll out soon. And just recently announcing its cutting deal with Nielsen -- that's the company obviously measures television viewership but. -- is also going to be taking a look at Twitter chatter. Yet this is interesting because Nielsen is still the gold standard. For determining which TV shows are the most popular and that's not just a popularity contest there's a lot of money associated with that because that networks are able. Base what they charge advertisers on. They're Nielsen ratings the problem with Nielsen ratings is that is that the way they measure. Popularity is based on what people are watching on TV's. And as we know anybody nice kids who knows your kids -- really sit down in front of the TV very much anymore they. Sit in their room with their laptop or with even with there -- found are some kind of mobile device watch stuff on a small screen a lot of that stuff is simply not track to -- it's very hard to track we just don't have a way of tracking that yet. So -- has eight you know they're the leader in this business of tracking. Audience share. But they're very vulnerable because they have a sort of an outdated way of doing it. Nobody has figured out a better way to do yet one thing Nielsen now says it's gonna do is it's going to track what people are saying about TV shows on Twitter. That seems like a pretty imprecise science for now. Because it's based on hash tags and things like that Nielsen says they're gonna have a methodology. What is really gonna do for Nielsen if it works is update what is really an outdated way of measuring what people are watching. Yeah capturing the sentiment not just logging on to you know whatever someone is watching and and register write to people like what they're watching that's another point to a year that's a good point it's not just what are they watching but what they think about what they're watching.

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{"id":20494910,"title":"Nielsen Looks to Twitter Data for TV Ratings","duration":"1:42","description":"TV-related conversations on the social network will be used to measure a show's influence.","url":"/Technology/video/nielsen-twitter-data-tv-ratings-20494910","section":"Technology","mediaType":"default"}