Oregon Mom Challenges Facebook on Rape Posts

Trista says she's received death threats after trying to stop posting of inflammatory content.
2:07 | 04/05/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Oregon Mom Challenges Facebook on Rape Posts
There's a huge difference between free speech and hate speech -- and a group of women established a -- -- a few months ago as a way to get pages that joke about her glorify rape often FaceBook. -- role and joking about rape being hurt or even you know threatening rape is not free speech -- book encourages fans to report pages they consider abuses in many cases. They've been successful. Pages promoting pedophilia or child pornography had been removed and then it just. Became. Completely insane but that's prompted backlash this is -- the first wreaths where this started. -- -- -- -- -- -- Accusations of censorship. These are all actual pictures of women being raped they. Posted at -- -- had since deleted her personal profile and taken measures to protect yourself. That she believes FaceBook should do more I feel like they have the tools that they could make it a better space that they -- It must be profitable on some level. So what is faced -- have to say about this wheel spokes -- for the social media giant told me this afternoon. They -- evaluate reported pages on a case by case basis. I asked him about this -- the one labeled controversial humor. It's not -- babies. He said they've looked at the page but it's not making credible threats to any particular person and they've determined the attempt is to be funny. He says -- tries to have a very permissive attitude toward humor because different cultures have different views of what is or isn't humor. An attitude Tricia doesn't find funny at all. I definitely don't think it's a safe place for women or especially children. I would never let my kids have -- -- but it after that's. -- there's just so much on there that it's just really scary and.

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{"id":18888980,"title":"Oregon Mom Challenges Facebook on Rape Posts","duration":"2:07","description":"Trista says she's received death threats after trying to stop posting of inflammatory content.","url":"/Technology/video/oregon-mom-challenges-facebook-on-rape-posts-18888980","section":"Technology","mediaType":"default"}