Ouya's $99 Gaming Console Launches

Can a $99 gaming system compete with the Xbox and Playstation?
2:38 | 06/26/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Ouya's $99 Gaming Console Launches
And yeah. Yeah. Fox want to launch this November -- -- 21 markets around the world at 499 dollars in the US. PlayStation -- will be available at 300 times 99. I want to start saving. New Xbox and PlayStation which shall be out in time for the holiday -- promised powerful graphics and new media features. Four rounds a lot of money. But a new start up has a different idea about the gaming console -- -- living. It's only just like we without a bit different name and -- very different idea and price. -- is a new kind of being pumped for the television. It's 99 dollars or all of the games are created -- he wanted to be accessible and affordable to gamers and then it's also open to -- game developers. The 99 dollar package includes a small little console that plugs into your TV and one controller. When -- -- you get a clean interface over a 153. Games that are all based on android. There's everything from Final Fantasy to Sonic the Hedgehog fifty don't know Jack. But the point is that there are -- from people you don't. One great game that we have on it may have something called astronaut rescue. It's developed by a father -- his eight year old son's case and that's one of the reasons that Julie -- started the company. She saw what mobile games had done to gaming -- I think -- myself playing games. If you always having to spend sixty dollars for you I'd like. Hot plus -- gave back -- television played before you paid models what do you leave out forgotten now. Our only rules of the game to be fun. And so backing me incredibly. Realistic graphics or to -- a -- -- It -- -- that is got forty hours -- storytelling or two hours storytelling. If you're someone. I want to see ripples in the water leaves move on the tree and -- -- eighty -- inexperienced -- -- there might be something missing for your area but gamers don't. Ask for that and -- they -- is there on the play and we have. We definitely doesn't have the capabilities of the new console is coming out later this year and early reviews not the little device first software -- Graphics -- But of course when -- all back there's that last thing to do. Route 99 dollars. -- -- ABC news. Yeah.

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{"duration":"2:38","description":"Can a $99 gaming system compete with the Xbox and Playstation? ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Technology","id":"19497035","title":"Ouya's $99 Gaming Console Launches","url":"/Technology/video/ouyas-99-gaming-console-launches-19497035"}