Samsung Galaxy Gear: First Look

Samsung's new smartwatch lets you make calls and get alerts right on your wrist.
1:59 | 09/05/13

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Transcript for Samsung Galaxy Gear: First Look
Oh yeah. Oh yeah. Tracy had one -- an inspector gadget to release any -- and watch that could make cars and get more information and thank you need it. Now Samsung wants to outline this -- the Samsung galaxy here and it's a Smart wise it's not a big screen it's got a camera eyes and a knife in his -- Karen just like you're Smart. I think you're works with about and that's sort of the point and it doesn't just work with any phone. At first it will only work with Samsung's galaxy note three those support for other Samsung violence is coming. If parents at the phone via Bluetooth and let's see more information -- -- out your front right on your -- including text messages and email notification. The whole point is that you can -- that big screen phone in your bag and check that information on your watches -- for. And you can use -- as a phone areas that might get that speaker so you can follow -- up like pets. A little bit ridiculous. And when you get back all you can actually silence -- if you -- to take it by covering the story. OK so maybe you're not going to be using to make calls a lot but they're gonna be some other apps that he might weakness there's a built in diameter to track your steps. There's music past and Simpson is working with other companies like run keeper and Evernote and half and three other -- and might not be worth some of the sacrifice. The watch is pretty chunky and the -- he said only last about a dagger to. And it requires special -- the watch is also said to cost around 300 dollars. So yeah. As the next big thing. Well this is certainly the next big thing behind me but this category might actually be the next big thing lots of different companies are sent -- working on our market. Apple Microsoft even. Dick Tracy when he --

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{"duration":"1:59","description":"Samsung's new smartwatch lets you make calls and get alerts right on your wrist.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Technology","id":"20170410","title":"Samsung Galaxy Gear: First Look","url":"/Technology/video/samsung-galaxy-gear-review-2013-smartwatch-20170410"}