How scientists plan to build a base on Mars

Engineers and scientists from NASA and MIT are building a plan to make it happen.
4:57 | 07/09/20

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Transcript for How scientists plan to build a base on Mars
When he eighteen Ilan mosque launched a Tesla Roadster out towards Mars and it sounds like you on third tired. Many people to the red planet would be a momentous be all on its now. But that's only half the battle the real challenge is figuring out how humans can survive on a plane at that doesn't happen readable air gets pounded by cosmic radiation. And is millions of miles away. Astronauts and scientists are working hard to solve this problem and plans are already under way. I'm Riley when with a digital friend and this is how will build a base on mark. Before we talk about actually building an outpost on Mars. You need to understand how hard it is that time we've actually set sail for the planet because of the orbits of earth and Mars the easiest way to get from one planet to the other. Is using a trajectory called a home in transfer orbit. In which aircraft moves and an orbit gradually spirals out word this is called Mars opposition. And occurs once every 26 months when Mars and hurt their closest to each other the plan is the first then the infrastructure to live on Mars. And and 26 months later sent expert. Any infrastructure doesn't just mean making sure there's air for the astronauts to greed and food for than. It also means sending in building a power plant. Habitat rovers and an offense vehicle to allow astronauts to leave want their mission over. The first question asked asking living on Mars is. How are we going to agree to create oxygen on Mars NASA is working on a concept called instant she resource utilization. Or IS argue. Offensively that means making use of what's already on Mars to create what we need. NASA's built an ex chairman called moxie. Mars oxygen in its U resource utilization experiment. It's basically a fuel cell and will travel to Mars on the NASA perseverance rover when it launches this summer. This in any version of a potentially much bigger device takes in carbon dioxide which is plan a full martian atmosphere. And produces oxygen. But making this device and putting him on the rover is even hard then making it work. The entire rover runs on a little bit more power than what it takes the power of bright white people so moxie can only use a small mount power which is why the experiment is so small. Most importantly. NASA needs to make sure moxie will hold up in the harsh alien environment. Because there's probably nothing scarier ending getting till plant whip out an unfair. It marks the is successful it would demonstrate how the principle I asked are you can work on Mars. Then it's all about scaling up the project and producing oxygen at a much higher rate. And the nice thing about scaling up is that I asked are you process becomes more efficient. And doesn't require too much power at first moxie will be used to it honestly get resource. And as a mechanical tree is there reason carbon dioxide and breeze out oxygen. The once oxygen has figured out the next step is creating water. Now only for us to drink and our new alien suburbia. Also to create hydrogen and carbon dioxide. Because they can be combined in huge variety of useful chemicals. 13 the base on Mars like the McMurdo Station in Antarctica or the space station. You can think about more aggressive types of I asked are you like nine ice for water. Mars has tons of ice but it's mostly at the polls on the planet. And Atlantis to land somewhere along the equator. Assets concepts for global ice snapping to try and find areas of ice. That are closer to the future Bates. The other option is to extract water from minerals in the martian soil there should Saddam and adds insult in the soil which attract a lot of water. So you could dig them up and bake them to get water. There's a lot of soil on Mars that we could bake in the water at such a weird thing to say. A need some water act to slow me pre heat the oven. Once water and oxygen are figured out the brave souls who are sense of the planet can start to build out the base explore and find other useful resource. Moxie is already on the perseverance rover. So scientists locked away until the rover launch is. And then wait even longer for the row over the land in February point when he won. The seed they can actually create oxygen on the red planet. If it works it opens up all whole new world of resources with which we can use to explore marks. We're hoping their hard work pays off because we would loved to vacation a Maher Sunday. In the not so distant future until next time I'm Riley when the digital trends and thanks for watching.

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{"duration":"4:57","description":"Engineers and scientists from NASA and MIT are building a plan to make it happen.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Technology","id":"71690676","title":"How scientists plan to build a base on Mars","url":"/Technology/video/scientists-plan-build-base-mars-71690676"}