Spacecraft Reaches Comet Following 10-Year Chase

The unmanned Rosetta spacecraft captured close and stunning images of the 67P comet.
2:43 | 08/06/14

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Transcript for Spacecraft Reaches Comet Following 10-Year Chase
-- -- -- Daylight and resents his mission control center in Germany. And this is the actual -- the -- -- has been chasing for ten news. It's two and a half miles across and oddly shaped like two pools fuse together. Never before has a spacecraft being so close to a -- just sixty miles away and for so -- The spacecraft would spend the next few months analyzing what the comet is made from. Its mission is to find out what the call -- so -- to kick started life on our planet. They -- the the four and a half billion years ago. Bringing -- them water and sold some of the ingredients for life. As it cooled to those ingredients -- and create the chemicals from which life emerged. Jones though it is right. The origin of life and it won't lift -- home somehow Wolfson was involved in the life it's gotten about -- could come from the moment the company. In the DNA the world might form could come from a coma the theory is it home it's cool with the many of the basic building blocks of life. Molecule institutes pulpit -- and me faith and many -- chemical compounds. They all mixed together in -- pollen -- you save. To pool confessed to very simple will be nuisance which. Billions of years -- today -- -- they evolved into the wound to none of them that we see in the world around this today. What started off -- -- life evolved into more complex organisms including else. -- Ryan Jones is a recess to working and space science to poetry close to silent pool here in serie. One of the the really big questions that presents is addressing news to its -- kick -- life on earth that they. Bring to the the key ingredients this primal -- -- that -- led to the development of. Life and resist. Who spend the next few months taking measurements and picture -- It's up. Close and personal we will be -- -- understand everything there is to understand. About the comment about the chemical composition about whether the ice on the comet was indeed the source all of the oceans on on planet earth. In November scientists plan to land to prove to take actual some -- was and find out whether -- it's really do you hold the key. To how life on -- began. How the -- BBC news.

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{"duration":"2:43","description":"The unmanned Rosetta spacecraft captured close and stunning images of the 67P comet.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Technology","id":"24864837","title":"Spacecraft Reaches Comet Following 10-Year Chase","url":"/Technology/video/spacecraft-reaches-comet-10-year-chase-24864837"}