SpaceX launches new technology

Elon Musk's company closes in on human spaceflight capabilities.
3:26 | 03/01/19

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Transcript for SpaceX launches new technology
Want to get back to Florida and Cape Canaveral and bring in ABC's David Curley because that is where SpaceX is about to test launch a new capsule. That could one day carry humans into space replacing the space shuttle on the American side. Here in this is very exciting news here at NASA's Kennedy Space Center it has been eight years nearly since. An American astronaut. Took off from American soil in an American made aircraft. Spacecraft brother and headed to the space station back it all changed this year and this past. Part of the way we get there and let me show you what's going on here over here you can see. Beyond the flag you've been had to see the historic. I had thirty. And that is a falcon nine rocket with the dragon. Capsule on top of it and you can see they have not started the countdown clock it's gonna start. Very Saturday morning on. This demo one there. Crew capsule. Now this cab see. Is designed experience astronauts back to the space station. As this effectively. Carry astronauts on his NASA signs up so again. Is. What some would call a dummy. But he. CEO speaks next likes to call case Mardi it is an anatomically. Correct female. It is being called rip that's named after the character an alien especially in science fiction. And there are all kinds of sensors incredibly big we'll talk about the G forces the migration pressure. What it was like during liftoff at 2:15 in the morning Saturday. As the falcon nine sends that. On the space station plan is sport to dock with the space station. And replete will be there for five days that the astronauts and space station and then return. After all that gave it everything that you learn on this flight will determine whether NASA is a thumbs up or thumbs down. Tuesday's accident actually hood human crew members came to that dragon capsule about Boeing's doing the same thing. They're gonna test next month old there's there star liner space vehicle as well of course all of this would replace in the long term. The Russian Soyuz aircraft which we have been using to get astronauts to the space so this is ready. This is successful and there are no other problems July at the earliest according to SpaceX that you could actually. Astronauts in the dragon and send them to this case did so very exciting times. It's kind of a bit of her race between. SpaceX employees they say they're applauding street children support each other but this is America. Getting back into the business. Astronauts in American dates fixed Kraft American experience sending them Americans. To the space so we will all be watching. Early Saturday morning to fifty as a set for launch. And in the docking is Sunday morning if you wanna see you all very exciting times and we're excited here to watch the ones here. And several. ABC's David curly from Cape Canaveral Florida David our thanks to you.

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{"duration":"3:26","description":"Elon Musk's company closes in on human spaceflight capabilities.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Technology","id":"61413795","title":"SpaceX launches new technology","url":"/Technology/video/spacex-launches-technology-61413795"}