How tech can help offices safely reopen

Social distancing guides and holographic touchpads may be the new norm when employees return to workplaces.
3:46 | 06/22/20

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Transcript for How tech can help offices safely reopen
More people than ever are working from home. Some have enjoyed it especially the pats of those working from home others like myself who are tired of the monotony of working from the later. So whether or not want that actually go into work offices will be reopening suit. But when you head back to your cubicle or death. We'll be safe. This is how offices will reopen during the pandemic. Currently women with digital trends and this. Is what comes next where we highlight the potential of technology to get us back to business. And back to life. Everyone's biggest concern about heading back into the office. Knock getting thick. Owners and management have to make sure their employees feel safe and are safe when showing up each day. And many businesses are leaning on packed the hope the now. Even taking the elevator up to the office is going to be a little strain. In eastern China buildings and installed holographic pats pats to operate the cars. You can pick your war without having actually cut anything. In digital trends Portland office we don't have anything on that level yet but we do have social distancing guidelines and science history states down. The old bitter right up to work now will look similar to announce sessions from when you were case. And if elevator and out wasn't strange enough office is going to look completely different than how you left it before quarantine. For years companies have been breaking down physical barriers and office decree in open floor plan. Thanks for the corona virus that social environment could come to an end. Offices will first start off with low tech ways to promote social distancing. On the ground signs in cubicles or Plexiglas will be introduced the high tech solutions are being tested right now. One of which is Amazon's distance the Thurston. Uses a monitor any Cameron and show employees and higher traffic areas. How well they're giving out remaining six feet apart others are testing wearable not buzz when employees get too close to each other. So even if you have your air pods in and you can't hear your co worker coming you'll still know when they're getting too close for comfort. Like many other industries opposite Lothian at either stations and check employees temperatures when arriving for work. There's a lot of needed to keep track temperatures and Lee workflow. Staggered shifts. Data from the wearable data from the video analytic and fell on. Ellsworth has created adapt work where managers are human resources can keep track of all this and as well survey employees viewing during these weird working. One thing that a lot of companies have realized during this pandemic is they don't need offices as much as they op. Twitter and Amazon told their employees that they can work from home until they feel safe to come back and front office and that could be a really long time. There's no better way to practice safe social distancing angered meeting then happiness over Xoom or another video conferencing app. The commute to work for that perceivable future can be just from the bad to the couch and not back to the sky rise downtown. One thing is for third after corona virus work will never look the thing. The when he do you finally had back into the office it's going to take some getting used to. They social distancing practices and assistance from technology. Can help us work safely. On her next episode will take a look at how tech is helping us get back to traveling. This is what comes next. Until next time I'm Riley when a digital trends and thanks for watching.

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{"duration":"3:46","description":"Social distancing guides and holographic touchpads may be the new norm when employees return to workplaces.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Technology","id":"71389970","title":"How tech can help offices safely reopen","url":"/Technology/video/tech-offices-safely-reopen-71389970"}