How tech can help schools reopen safely

Smart thermometers for teachers to monitor student’s symptoms could potentially help schools reopen safely in the fall.
5:42 | 07/08/20

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Transcript for How tech can help schools reopen safely
For many students and parents locked down and but it have to teach. And this summer looks to be more of the same. The good news is that some schools are planning to reopen this ball. And a handful summer activities have already resistant. If your school's campus is reopening state he will be a top priorities. This is how will go back to school here in opinions and act. O'Reilly went with digital friends and this is what comes next. Where we highlight the potential technology to get us back stiffness and back to life it's bringing 48 states suspended in person classes. This mandate that education world into unknown territory. From future scrambling for set up online curriculum for the status high school seniors celebrating their graduation with drive byes and cock videos. It's been a wild rise. Upcoming school year will again have the limits of how schools can operate or are thinking even open in the first place. We'll need at least hear things in order to get back to on site classes this fall technology to keep students date and the funding of paperwork. The school superintendents association and the association of business officials international. Released an analysis that I would cop scene tape your school district. On average about one point eight million dollars to go back to school faithfully. Giant thumb that is not in the but there right now. But it that word how that money be allocated. A large part of this theoretical one point eight million was go to hiring more custodians disinfect schools around the clock and adding medical staff to take students temperatures before getting on the bus or heading into. Schools I'm school districts are considering sending students home with the Smart thermometer. Appointed that would be the pair checked it I'll be eager. The thermometer then send the data through an online pop or where school nurses can see it the parents can also upload any other symptoms they noticed. And for the parents worried about privacy to the data is anonymous so that are says can only see how many kids are sick not through. You've seen personal protective equipment on the front line workers during the corona virus and downed. If and when teachers had back to the classroom they'll be issued PP yeah as well. When schools reopen at most likely it will be a hybrid of in the school learning an online classes. Hybrid learning creates a number of hurdles for education. First off it's a logistical. Nightmare. If you've gone to school with an eighty schedule you've probably walked into the wrong claps on the wrong day. No I have to imagine thinking you had online school on a day when you were supposed to go on campus. Going to be tough for students to stay on top of these teams every different ways of Barney. Teachers will also have to navigate teaching curriculum both in person and will resume cult. Instead of using a white board summaries in Blackpool. An online learning management platform while others are using Google classroom Indian higher Google's mean that he. Another issue with a hybrid school year is that many students don't have access to home computers or high speed Internet. Though they can't participate in online lessons. At the beginning of the nation wide lockdown the Philadelphia school board voted to authorize eleven million dollars the purchase. 50000 computers for students and he. In Seattle tech giant Amazon donated eighty few hundred laptops that basically the elementary school students. And local public schools. And school year gets closer to an expert technology it's critical. If the government funny isn't there any public schools will depend on tech company generosity. And everything worked. If not there might not be any school at all. What about schools for UK do it. Might call it. Chronicle of Higher Education which is tracking 860. Quality experts plans. Reports that two thirds of colleges of planes while Stevens act against us. In person. And only 7% are planning to hold online only classes. All it isn't just about the education. It's about being fearing. And you can't get that I'll watch going to college is expensive and students say they may not return of courses are just phone line. Different Indiana University went as far as as soon as school for reimbursements for school going online in the spring of point one. Makes that case you can't use the facilities the school offers and should have the papal. Right. Schools that are planning to open campus in the fall are doing everything they can't make it today. Along with hybrid learning Michigan State have directional flow sensor only. That's essentially just a fifty praised the same way always. School also lower the number of those allowed to let the door. Duke University is also reducing storm numbers and offering extra housing and hotels and apartments. This summer's going to be a weird and momentous one's birth all schools with students return in the fall hopefully yes. And hopefully text binding faithful and practice this. To make that happen. Hopes isn't the best thing to bank on when it comes to our educational system. Because after all knowledge is power and the kids are in the future that we need to give them a future where there's a place to gain all. This is what comes now. Until next time I'm rallied in the digital trends and think for a loss.

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{"duration":"5:42","description":"Smart thermometers for teachers to monitor student’s symptoms could potentially help schools reopen safely in the fall.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Technology","id":"71677073","title":"How tech can help schools reopen safely","url":"/Technology/video/tech-schools-reopen-safely-71677073"}