TechBytes: Instagram, Google Maps

Instagram may let companies use your photos for their advertisements.
0:56 | 12/18/12

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Transcript for TechBytes: Instagram, Google Maps
-- tech -- you may be starring in an instant -- -- the -- photo service is thinking about running ads with your photos and that along with your username and other data. It's in the new terms of service the advertisers will pay instant Graham. But they won't pay you and revenue for online video service who -- was up 65%. This year to almost 700 million dollars Hulu also double the number of paying subscribers in the last nine months. ABC's parent company Disney also has a stake in Hulu. And how much iPhone and iPad users -- Google Maps apparently a lot they were ten million downloads of the new version in the first 48 hours. Apple dumped Google Maps is the deep -- its new mobile operating system but its own -- app wasn't as good. And IBM says that within the next five years computers will be able to taste hear see and even touched not just computers also Smartphones and tablets. And we'll do it better than humans can't does -- -- -- I'm Paula Ferris.

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{"id":18003557,"title":"TechBytes: Instagram, Google Maps","duration":"0:56","description":"Instagram may let companies use your photos for their advertisements.","url":"/Technology/video/techbytes-instagram-google-maps-18003557","section":"Technology","mediaType":"default"}