TechBytes: Nook, Amazon

Microsoft may buy the Nook's technology.
0:54 | 05/10/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for TechBytes: Nook, Amazon
In today's tech -- is Microsoft getting into the e-book business the companies reportedly thinking about purchasing. Nothing media LLC's digital content for a whopping one billion dollars there has been speculation that Barnes & Noble will stop making the -- YouTube has launched a new paid subscription service users can create their own customized channels. -- of thirty different content providers including Sesame Street and the PGA golf academy. Monthly fees vary depending upon which videos are selected. A warning for all snapped chat users -- self destructing instant messages may not be deleted after all. A forensics firm has revealed just how easy it is to recover the messages from an android phone. And it and is not planning to release a 3-D Smartphone the online retailers reportedly working on a device that would produce -- graphic images. Without the glasses pretty interesting and though -- tech -- have a great weekend I'm Diana press.

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{"id":19149034,"title":"TechBytes: Nook, Amazon","duration":"0:54","description":"Microsoft may buy the Nook's technology.","url":"/Technology/video/techbytes-nook-amazon-19149034","section":"Technology","mediaType":"default"}