Top gadgets for emergencies

"Giz Wiz" Dick DeBartolo is back with the best gadgets for your emergency and survival needs.
4:32 | 05/25/18

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Transcript for Top gadgets for emergencies
But some are on the way now is the time to start planning those great outdoor adventures but to just don't plan for things going wrong. Luckily or gives whiz Dick DeBartolo is here with this year's hottest emergency. Gadgets Dick is one of those things we don't really want to have to think about but it's important that we do. Exactly June starts hurricane season so this is your survival kit this is one person three days pond show. We have a space flanked if you use a mylar employment and Gloria always call. I don't go in front of reports values that OK so there is three days of water three days of food fears a first aid kit fit the signal mirror there's an LEV flashlight which is really fun just kind of wet my finger. So when the flash site gets wet it starts blinking. It's also a regular flashlight. It Whitmore most importantly. How I love you look great you are emergent myths are emergency landing. They doubt. I feel this kid is 5999. In and they make kids of course for more people with you that's critical because people are always trying to put together like go back and stuff but somehow he's a family and needed in this case the dollar went second rail and waterproof matches than knife with tools. That is the very artfully by the way fan. In the NFL I know you and again. OK the president this for a meeting this is there. Bluetooth radio and so this is pretty neat so I'm just gonna hit the front here so we can see it laid up so. When is an emergency you can have it sends you text of what he burns is it can light up in different colors to tell emerges. It came a sound off a siren. This is a solar panel to keep it charm well this is 2000 Millie and battery in here there's a lynch and light on the side that that the emergency landing going on. There is also when all else fails a cool rank. So when there's no more battery power you. Contracted manually you can jaunty good wonder what what about a nighttime you know life sometimes that's when you really need it. Exactly so all else fails it's five minutes it cranking for a minute of talk to any candidate work out you get it could perk up exactly. This is really need from anchor this is there portable solar charger. So this little guy just opens up. Ghana's let it fall down here it's three solar panels not. It's 21 Watson charging and these Gromit holes here a lot of can hang it on a backpack on a ten from a tree. A pocket up here for your devices and it can charge two devices that once joining tattered cranking it just hang with outside of any use that kind of sunny day like that can be is look like they also have solar chargers are able to do it did. If these are needs to this is what the little looks like folded up counterfeit an arm floating. It's called bloom an aide. And were actually its chief pitchman I think in the studio light you can fiddle outlook and so there's a little button here. So now it lights up with a three degrees illumination to handle it's also despite a link there. The handles open up so not only can that's the big one. So this one has a 4000. Million battery in it and this one can actually charge your phone. So that was about seventy dollars this is twenty dollars and and then when you are gonna and it can use them as little floated a mail I don't. Now just have to ask the company had it right. Facility czar very clever and then just take that ten out. Deflated late them and there and say that that's the only looks like this and this is the little guy there baby news is on a picnic you don't have to wait for an emergency. Yeah I think great you know LC could use these for this goes yeah little contact suck up subsequent. Wounds from the us and it got to ready gob. If you want to make that the only really can't really dot gov Reddy got if we'll tell you what edu. All in the meantime Freddy got there ready okay we're okay. Drop the water we didn't help from friends old man O war. What is gummy. For more information an I'm disaster preparation visit ready dot governor Dick mentioned in for more emergency gadgets tech got six website. Kidman got banned Vick DeBartolo always very bad here. Time for the club.

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{"duration":"4:32","description":"\"Giz Wiz\" Dick DeBartolo is back with the best gadgets for your emergency and survival needs.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Technology","id":"55438220","title":"Top gadgets for emergencies","url":"/Technology/video/top-gadgets-emergencies-55438220"}