The Ubers of tomorrow?

Paris tests flying taxis on the Seine River.
2:34 | 09/21/19

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Transcript for The Ubers of tomorrow?
This is it to send and could hear in Paris at ABC news what you see behind me is the sand river were flying taxis are being tested. They're called C bubbles and they may well be the movers of tomorrow. What is exactly in this lifted a boat that plane. How does that work. Well you know beloved child as many names who should finish the trip. It's a boat to defect but aside a full books as a fully kind of sense electric. So it would leave no pollution. As we use in defaulting between the waves behind us with cuts in the water supposed to pushing and and days homeless due to electricity. It was two bald sitting below the office for us so you can you can amnesty of the boats were easily with a two selfless. It's easy. Had a dynamic lifts. So it works exactly like an airplane. The festival that air goes fast until crates of documented and you you go up is exactly the same thing that happens early because of the water is more dense than there. And it's like W books over the water and that will be jump in the bubbly take your routes and what I did this morning they go from here around Yvenson. Posted Eiffel Tower on the back things you guys from different flag cause for. Obviously what our hopes and dreams so this is to be able to get rid of some congestion indeed gracious and offered to. To do something was different that is fun and innocent takes us 25 minutes across the city enough votes. And is flying across the water to get to you go that's a really cool always nice it relaxes you come. You know lending could move to to work normally so that's what we open forum to sexually good for everybody. This team principal traders who make more money on the same thing is better for the moment this refund from the customer. Let's go. When live cities like Paris. Steve doubles final turn it is to cars. Paris but also Geneva Chicago Singapore and Bangkok have already shown in tres. Two options for the C double it could start as a taxi service like Hoover unmet. Well it could be integrated into public transportation here in Paris running just like your regular subway. Each of these bubbles cost 200000 US but they promise you renditions. Zero noise and zero ways I'm it to send infant in Paris and you watching ABC news live.

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{"duration":"2:34","description":"Paris tests flying taxis on the Seine River.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Technology","id":"65762174","title":"The Ubers of tomorrow?","url":"/Technology/video/ubers-tomorrow-65762174"}