Bruce: 2017 elections 'absolutely about Donald Trump'

The Powerhouse Roundtable discusses this week in politics.
2:48 | 11/12/17

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Bruce: 2017 elections 'absolutely about Donald Trump'
Okay, back now with "The roundtable." Mary, a lightning round here. Tuesday's elections. Your take. Was it a referendum on Donald Trump or was it a compelling message from the Democrats? This was absolutely about Donald Trump. No mistaking it. Especially in Virginia. 1 in 3 voters came out saying they were casting a ballot to protest the president. Ed Gille lespie tried to visit both ways. It backfired. Democrats are gleeful and celebrating, looking for the anti-Trump wave. Hay should be cautiously optimistic. They have to give voters something to vote for. Counting on voters coming out to vote against trump may not work everyone. Donald Trump has made the democratic party great again. He's unified it and given it intensity at the poll. Much like Barack Obama did that for the Republican party. Ed Gillespie got out the trump vote. He met the trump targets and exceeded them. It wasn't enough. He lost in the suburbs. A huge, democratic, feminist surge. If we look ahead at 2018, those Republican districts thatting hk won, 23 of them, the house is in play. Mark, I want to switch joef seas here and we saw the president on Russia, his comments on Putin. What do you think about what he is saying about Russia? It shows how dramatically the Republican party has changed. Ronald Reagan, a Republican architect. The icon of the party. His policy was trust but verify. Donald Trump's seems to be trust. Trust Putin, but not his own intelligence apparatus. We just had veterans day. Our intelligence chunt puts their lives on the line every day. To throw them turned bus and call John Brennan, among others, a political hack? Putin's had that effect on a few presidents. Nothing like that. Matt, last word. What grade do you give the Asian trip? When I was in the elementary school, we got two grades. Conduct and academics. I think his conduct grade, D. Not helpful at all. Incomplete on the real grade. Hes Han't turned in his homework just yet. I was listening to what kellyanne Conway. What metric would you use for this? If you used the perception of other countries, he's dropped 50 points. Our country has dropped 50 points in confidence in our country since Barack Obama. Thank you all.

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{"id":51099536,"title":"Bruce: 2017 elections 'absolutely about Donald Trump'","duration":"2:48","description":"The Powerhouse Roundtable discusses this week in politics.","url":"/ThisWeek/video/bruce-2017-elections-absolutely-donald-trump-51099536","section":"ThisWeek","mediaType":"default"}