CBN correspondent on alleged Trump affairs: Evangelicals 'willing to allow him grace'

The "This Week" Powerhouse Roundtable debates the week in politics, including the political impact of affair allegations against the president.
6:33 | 03/25/18

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Transcript for CBN correspondent on alleged Trump affairs: Evangelicals 'willing to allow him grace'
And let's bring it to our "Powerhouse roundtable." Political analyst Matthew dowd, Christian broadcasting network chief political correspondent David Brody author of "The faith of Donald Trump." Fivethirtyeight political writer Perry bacon Jr. And Bloomberg news white house correspondent Shannon pettypiece. What do you think these appearances by Mcdougal and Daniels do to trump? Any other president you would think would be destroyed by this. Yeah, that's why I think the most disturbing part of this is that all of these revelations have come out over the course of the last few months as they came out during the campaign, different revelations came out and it's had no political impact on his base in this and I think that's quite disturbing in this. This is a president and the facts we know of, he cheated on his first wife with his second wife. He cheated on his second wife with his third wife and cheated on his third wife with a porn star and "Playboy" model and doesn't seem to have any impact with this. I don't know if there's legal jeopardy. Lawyers will have to answer that. Politically it's another sign it's an incredibly great motivation, I think, for women in the country and men who basically do not like the way this president has treated women. But you haven't really seen much of that from his supporters. No, and you haven't seen it and I think that's what's really disturbing is it doesn't seem to matter. David, Christian broadcasting, you cover the evangelical community. Does it matter to your viewers, to people you cover? No, at this point it is stuff that has been in the past and that's the way they see it and I know that might be hard for people to swallow but the truth of the matter is we're talking 2006, 2007. He doesn't have a Monica Lewinsky situation right now, at least as far as we know. He doesn't have any sort of situation now. So, therefore, evangelicals believe in the grace principle. They're willing to allow him grace. Look, they were -- So, do they -- I know where you're going. No, no, I'm not going there. So, do they think he did it but they just don't care or do theyny the women are lying. You say they. It's such a large swath of evangelicals across the country. Maybe some do. Maybe some don't. I don't know the break down but can tell you this, they believe he's fighting for judeo-christian principles. Traditional ones and, Matt, I would say this, back in the 2000s, George W. Bush, they feel the evangelicals felt they were a bit played and liked George W. Bush and voted for him in record numbers at the time. The problem, though, was that the federal marriage amendment came up, for example, and evangelicals went to the polls and that was dropped like a hot potato at the time. The point is that here comes Donald Trump bold and all of that and all of a sudden they say, you know what, he's fighting for -- they like the fighter aspect of trump. Okay, so this is where my -- I think there's -- the moral compass of many in that community goes into that field of Donald Trump and loses their way. This is a group of people that claim to speak for family values that claim to say character matters that claim to say we need a moral compass in the country and then they have a president of the United States who is completely antithetical to every one of those. I understand the culture war part of this which is what they want but in the end in my faith which I'm a Christian, is that we're judged individually and this is a leader who every aspect of his personal life is against that. They believe in all of that in the macro and vote for a candidate that represents those values and also understand -- Sacrifice those values in order to get cultural -- I want to bring in Shannon. Good point. And Perry in the conversation. You're welcome to jump in on that. I'll leave it to you guys. But president trump himself, Shannon, is staying pretty quiet on this. Is that a wise move. Part could be because he's -- in the white house there hasn't been much concern. So much drama du jour or chaos, staff turnover as Chris ruddy might refer to its. This is like background noise but, of course, I do think it changes a little bit. Having these women out is there in person, having -- A lot of people will watch that interview. More than any have watched before and you have the threat of this it DVD that they say has evidence on it. And they do not seem to be going away. They do not have much to lose at this point and when you can look someone in the eye through a TV even, Karen Mcdougal getting her story out there, stormy niels will obviously be a big view, that changes the dynamics of it. Do you think any of the announcements late in the week, H.R. Mcmaster, John Bolton, the timing of that was right before the Kelly Mcdougal -- I don't believe that trump is misdirecting. I do think the staffing matters and think trump has those around him telling -- one called him a moron and didn't think much of trump when they sort of overruled him and he was elected and bringing people that will support his views, and not try to block him as much. We have a branch of government to block the president. It is not the cabinet. I think now he's bringing in the cabinet, NSA who will agree with him and that makes a lot of sense. Did -- To me this is a regression to the norm. This is how Donald Trump managed the trump organization. This is the way it is. S of eminently predictable. Even Jeb Bush basically said he's a chaos candidate. He's going to be a chaos president in this. Donald Trump is running the white house like "Jurassic park." People who think you can pen in a tyrannosaurus Rex and not do damage are foolinging them self- We heard Chris ruddy. Did shulkin get the word he's on -- Check Twitter is there on his way out, right? I hesitate at this point now, anybody who thinks they know what this president is going to do is lying to you. We have heard over and over again, oh, no, yeah, they're look for a job in the Pentagon for H.R. It's going to be months down the road. Don't worry and then everyone is completely surprised. He loves it that way. He loves it. People will say it's out of control chaos. He will use controlled, won't use the word chaos and he's doing it for a reason. Chris ruddy says no chaos. He may love it and the country doesn't. The staff is confused at times as well.

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{"duration":"6:33","description":"The \"This Week\" Powerhouse Roundtable debates the week in politics, including the political impact of affair allegations against the president.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/ThisWeek","id":"54002680","title":"CBN correspondent on alleged Trump affairs: Evangelicals 'willing to allow him grace'","url":"/ThisWeek/video/cbn-correspondent-alleged-trump-affairs-evangelicals-grace-54002680"}