Kellyanne Conway: Trump has 'full confidence' in chief of staff, 'not actively searching' for replacements

George Stephanopoulos goes one-on-one with Kellyanne Conway, counselor to the president, on "This Week."
18:14 | 02/11/18

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Transcript for Kellyanne Conway: Trump has 'full confidence' in chief of staff, 'not actively searching' for replacements
possible replacements including Gary Cohn, Mick Mulvaney. We're joined by kellyanne Conway. Thanks for joins us. Just the end of the piece, I'm told you're on the short list for cheap of staof chief of staff. Would you accept? That would be news to me. I have spoke to the president last night and he wants everyone to know he has full confidence in John Kelly and he's not looking for replacements. He also has full confidence in hope hicks. There are unsourced stories out there. When it comes to thosewo individual, the president has full confidence in their performance. I would also say I sere at the pleasure of the president. I think it's incredibly important to subvert your ego to the greater good. I want to get to more on that. The president hasn't complained on the phone about John Kelly and hope hicks to his friends and associates? He hasn't complained to me. I spoke with him last night and asked the question pointedly. He asked me if I was going on any shows. I said yes, I would like to hear directly from you or not say from my perspective what I see. The president wanted me to emphasize that. Good to hear. Let's get to the president's tweet. People's lives are being shattered and destroyed by an allegation. Some are true and some are false. Some are old and new. Life and career gone. Is there no such thing any longer than due process? Does the president believe rob porter is falsely accused? Rob porter no longer breaks at the white house. The stories breaking on Tuesday and Wednesday morning, by Thursday he was out of the white house. Rob porter has gone from one of the top aides to our president to no longer working there. I think the president, like the rest of us, were shocked and disturbed by the allegations. This is not the rob porter any of us had worked with. Looking at police reports, pictures, detailed allegations by these women, yes, we are a nation of laughs and dws and due process. You can't ignore what you see in front of you. We take domestic abuse seriously, child abuse, drug abuse, sexual harassment. They're serious issues. But kellyanne you said the president is shocked. The president himself has not said that. He didn't say he was shocked. He didn't say he was disturbed by these allegations. He didn't say that he was taking domestic violence seriously. He said you have to pay attention to the fact rob porter talks about he's intercontinental and people being falsely accused. Does the president believe rob porter is falsely accused? The president believes you have to consider all sides. He said this about incidents that relate to him as well. You have to look at the result. The result is that rob porter is no longer the staff secretary. It is da the president tells me he learned when the rest of us did, the pictures, the police reports, the information provided to the FBI, we're all trying to process that against the person we worked with for over a year. This president has -- I think he's doing a great job for America's women. You have 800,000 women took new jobs last year because of his leadership. You have women who work at over 300 companies now that are getting wages and benefits and capital investments within their own communities. We're a safer more prosperous nation including the nation's women because of Donald Trump's leadership. I'm trying to figure out this tweet then. Is there no such thing any longer to due process. That applies to court proceedings. Didn't the exwives of rob porter follow due process. They went to the FBI over a year ago, made their testimony over a year ago. Colder Holderness provided the photo. They didn't go public. They went to the FBI. The FBI held up. Reported this to the white house. Rob porter's security clearance was held up, yet nothing happened for months and months. The process has been in place for many years. We respect the process. Have also rely upon it. I know I submitted my FBI forms. Obviously I got my clearance last year. Others have internal clnce. From what I understand from counsel's office is there are a lot of misinformation and there's a lot of information going out in the public right now being reported as fact by people who couldn't possibly know. They won't discuss individual FBI investigations. We have to respect that. At the same time an interim security clearance was granted to rob porter to allow him to continue. That is the case for others who work in the white house currently and in other white houses. This is a process that's gone on a long time. We respect and rely upon that process. Of course I was subject to the same process. You talk to former staff secretaries and people who worked on this in the past. If credible allegations from two former wives were brought forward. The permanent security clearance would be denied and that person would no longer be working in the white house. Are you saying don Mcgowan and chief of staff Kelly were not told about the allegations about rob porter. You said that was false reporting. What I'm saying is false reporting is some of the information about rob not getting permanent security clearance. He didn't get it. The FBI brought forward the allegations and found the allegations credible. That was the reason he didn't have the security clearance correct? People like me are learning it this week like you're learning it. There is a process in place we rely on and respect. That was being followed here. I'm also told that is why investigations continue and not why they're ceased. There probably are instances -- I'm guessing -- there are probably instances the FBI is looking at a background check and saying this person shouldn't be working in this white house. That was not the case here as far as I can tell. No, hold on. Colby Holderness told the FBI she thought rob porter was vulnerable to blackmail because of these allegations. They were found to be credible and prebted to the white house chief of staff and counsel. Nothing happened. I don't know that to be true. I'm not a good source for you on that. I personally don't know who received that information and when. I would not as counselor to the president -- I'm not chief of staff or white house counsel -- I would not be made privy to that. That's about somebody else's investigative process. That should not be shared broadly. I'm well aware in having read those articles many times what these women said to the FBI, I'm aware of the con trtemporaneous police reports. You have to ask the individuals who were in the direct line what they knew. I will tell something else. It's actually good that the rest of us don't know things like that. This information affects all of the people involved in any one investigation. I appreciate that. We did ask for chief of staff John Kelly to join us. We were told he was not available. Has the president seen the testimony of the two former wives? Has he seen the pictures? Does he believe them? I know the president read the articles. It is not clear he has seen any underlying document it is FBI may have in possession. Again, he accepted the resignation within 48 hours of these stories running, resignation tendered and accepted, clearing out your desk. The staff secretary no longer work there is. It's a disappointment in terms of what the president said the other day. This is somebody he worked closely with. Nobody suspected this. Nobody knew this. He was a highly competent member of the senior staff. All that melts away when confronted with this information in terms of whether or not this man can continue in this job. Kellyanne, why can't the president say so? There seems to be a pattern when a friend of the president gets involved with these abuse, the president's sympathy seems to go right to the man. Why isthat? Do you understand the problem it creates for the president? This is a man who shows great compassion and understanding for women on many different issues. I frankly wouldn't work there if that was the case. Why would someone like me and many other women be there? He is an excellent boss to work for, for women and working mothers. He's there as president of the United States because he wants to do well across all Americans. We are a more prosperous nation. Unemployment among women is at an 18 year low. That should matter to people. I see him express sympathy. He has come to the aid of women privately whether he has secured employment for them or given them a hand up, written an article about them. That's the Donald Trump I see and know. I really would ask everyone to look at that many times as well. Well -- You can feel many different things about the same situation. I know he has great empathy and compassion. When he had the press pool in on Friday he was meeting with two gentlemen into the oval office. He sent them money and they used the money for the ailing father. At the time he talked about rob porter saying he's intercontinental. He did not say that. He said he pointed to rob porter saying he is intercontinental. I want to talk to Kirsten Gil grant. S it's not surprising he doesn't believe survivors or understand the conversation. If he wants due process for the dozen allegations against him let's start hearings tomorrow. George, let me say something. Those accusers have had their day on your network and elsewhere. They were trotted out again last year. I don't need a lecture from Kirsten Gillibrand who harbored a sitting president who had sexual relations in the oval office. I don't need a lecture from her or anyone else. That's a Democrat party be reft of any ideas and accomplishme accomplishments. In the course of month her democratic party voted to shut down the government, sat on their hands when patriotic things were being said including ear-old boy who put flags on graves. Not a single one voted for a tax cut that is helping millions and millions of Americans. This is about a party auditions for "20/20." Remember they said they're not dealing on anything until they got DACA. The president put forth a document on DACA on October 8th. He said he'll give a pathway to citizenship. He has the budget caps going. $6 billion for opioids, $4 billion for veterans. Where is the DEM I can leadership? These are serious things for women. I've been a victim myself. You've can't look at the victim based on politics or where she works. You can't talk about this issue in a context without recognizing this is a democratic party be reft of ideas. On Thursday the president's spokesman said situation could have been handled better by the white house. We've been told he was unhappy by that admission. The president feels stories and details were coming out into public view late Tuesday into Wednesday, resignation tendered and accepted out of the building by Thursday. He took very swift action and the person no longer works here. There was no longer take a breather, get yourself the help you need, come back. He's gone. That is handling situation ex pi DI shously. That caught most of us, all of you was unaware. You admitted you weren't in the loop on this. There's credible reporting -- I'm glad to not be in the loop. General Kelly said otherwise. You would have to ask him the questions squarely. I can speak for what I knew. He's denying he knew about the allegations? You would have to talk to general Kelly. You asked me a question about what the president thought. This is what workplaces all across the country should see. Swift action. Rob porter felt he should resign and he did. The president is saying while he was there he did a good job. He's talking about his work performance and the person no long er works there because what you and I have seen and read. Listen, all these issues apart from this white house and ABC, issues of child abuse, drug use, domestic abuse, have been scourges on society. If everyone want toss have a serious conversation about it let's have. That is not what we heard from the president. On the democratic memo the president said he wants more redactions. It's getting criticism from Democrats and reasons. The memo should be release. I I read both memos. Neither endangers national security. The American people deserve to read both memos. It went through the same process meaning legal counsel and national security team looked at it. They feel it reveals sources and methods that were not the case in the Republican memo. It's going back to congress so they can do what they need to do so the memo can be released. Congressman Schiff is complying with that process. The president is inclined to have released both of them. The democratic memo is longer and more involved. Those who in a position to know national security and lawyers have said that it contains sources and methods that could be very compromising. They want to make sure that is cured before it is released to the public. This president calls for transparency and accountability. We know now that through Christoph Christopher Steele the reason for the FISA warrants being granted to surveil a former campaign adviser who Donald Trump said he never met and Carter page said he never met Donald Trump we know the expenditures were paid for by the democratic campaign and Hillary Clinton campaign. We have to be careful about investigating all this. This is not congress putting on a TV appearance saying this is what I know. This is serious business. If it takes time, we should respect it. I think there's a lot of dispute whether both were handle the same way. Kellyanne Conway thank you for you time. Thank you George. We'll be back with

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{"id":52999540,"title":"Kellyanne Conway: Trump has 'full confidence' in chief of staff, 'not actively searching' for replacements","duration":"18:14","description":"George Stephanopoulos goes one-on-one with Kellyanne Conway, counselor to the president, on \"This Week.\"","url":"/ThisWeek/video/counselor-president-kellyanne-conway-52999540","section":"ThisWeek","mediaType":"default"}