GOP retirements could lead to openings for House Democrats

With 23 Republican members of Congress retiring, ABC News' Tom Llamas breaks down how it could help Democrats turn the House blue in 2018.
2:44 | 04/01/18

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Transcript for GOP retirements could lead to openings for House Democrats
There's no question that it was going to be tougher. In light of what's happening in the suburbs across the country in my district I was just about to say. The did the local Democrats in the left has become more engaged and candidly. More angry by the week as president trump says sings and does things which. Many Republicans myself amongst them from time to time to disagree with. Another GOP congressman does that that is Ryan Costello Pennsylvania explaining why he became the 23 house Republican to announce his retirement. What bring our chief national correspondent Tom Allison McDonough all the return to shape the battle for house Tom these are stored number. Numbers yet that number 23 is staggering it's actually the most since 1974. For either party and we have to remember that. The Democrats only need 24 seats to take back control the house. So to put this in perspective let's go back to 2006 short the last time the Democrats to control the house. At that point there were only eight GOP Republicans who had retired. And we did a little deeper and these numbers there's also another big number we have to look at. Besides the 23 retirements thirst thirteen GOP members who also went for other office either running for senate and or running for governor in their home state see you at. Add those retirements. Plus the people running for other elections. And you have about 36 districts that could be up for play Democrats only 24 but not only seats or slam dunks for the Democrats know we did a little deeper we go into these numbers the best comparisons to go back to 2016 election so you have. 25 districts we think are safe for president trumpet in the Republicans why either he won big there or the really hard core conservative districts. But three live in competitive districts these are GUP held districts right now we're Hillary Clinton want and I want to put some question marks right by 25 saves the reason for that being. Is that we just saw would have a couple weeks ago in Pennsylvania I was there for that special election caught our land with the upset winning a district where presidential what might point points. And before the end of the year in deep red state -- barely do next. Guess senator Doug Jones with a big upset win there against what more of course are allegations we get the can can ignore that but the big targets right now are big Blue States where Republicans have held off that's right and so again the number 24 that we're looking at their 25 districts. That Democrats are look and close at these or. Districts that are held by GOP members right now but that Hillary Clinton won in 2016. Now just ten of these districts alone or around Los Angeles Philadelphia. And Miami those big that you mention big Blue States I've been in an idol states. Instead of those cities and though some people may be upset with president trump a lot of them are talking up the economy we'll see what kind of impact the tax cut has the big number seven said a month's Election Day. A lot of how fortunate she arrived numbers into town thanks very much.

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{"duration":"2:44","description":"With 23 Republican members of Congress retiring, ABC News' Tom Llamas breaks down how it could help Democrats turn the House blue in 2018.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/ThisWeek","id":"54160769","title":"GOP retirements could lead to openings for House Democrats","url":"/ThisWeek/video/gop-retirements-lead-openings-house-democrats-54160769"}