House Oversight Committee Chair: I'm Not Going on 'These Fishing Expeditions'

Rep. Jason Chaffetz, Chair of the House Oversight & Government Reform Committee, is interviewed on "This Week."
4:42 | 01/15/17

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Transcript for House Oversight Committee Chair: I'm Not Going on 'These Fishing Expeditions'
Congressman Jacobs chair the house oversight committee joins us right now you just heard has tries what's the answer this question. Well it that the president elect has a duty and obligation to abide by the law and he is exempt from most all of these laws. He has done a financial disclosure which is gone through the Office of Government Ethics that big he's done that twice that is his duty underlie here no complaints about that. My question is about they head of the go Office of Government Ethics is he acting ethically. When he set out in nine suites phrasing Donald Trump saying that his plan was brilliant. How did he come to that conclusion and how does he can come to his current conclusions. Having never done an investigation and never looked at the paperwork in. In the point where he can actually come to a to a reasonable conclusion I. Think that's unethical with NATO he was sending out the tweaks to the idea they had heard in your regulars he was premature to. They've heard at college I was gonna do that's the let's and I want to get tomorrow on that and Amanda let's get to this other question. On the conflict of interest laws you just heard both mr. painter and mr. Eisen say that they believe that the president elect is going to be in violation of the in my humans clause. Of the constitution. On day one have you asked for documents from the president elect. No that's speculative having Donald Trump hasn't even been sworn India add insult. I do believe that he has set up a plan word that the revenue where the profits that are coming to the hotel give be given directly to the treasury. Arm but I'm not gonna go on this fishing expedition that they want me to that the Democrats on retail. The president has a duty and obligation to comply with the law. But again he's exempt from almost all of these things W Molly what's cause is gonna have to look at we'll see how that rolls out. Well yeah there and the ranking Democrats of twentieth several different place when we're different committees have petitioned. The speaker to request documents detailing the press likes business dealings around the world to get at this question including possible loans and investments from Russians. Will you request that information. I know I have no plans to do that at this point. What you need to look at is what is required by law which I believe that Donald Jarvis complied with that is is that heard no complaints about this. And that is the financial disclosures that is what's required by law that's what dog isn't the life misguided provision of the constitution the law of the land. Well yeah it's in the it's in the constitution but the bid the president elect hasn't even been sworn in yet so. All this flailing about how he's done everything wrong is a little premature at best way yes in the five days from now he will be he will be the president of the United States. At that point will you be requesting this information. Well not necessarily what I'm not just gonna go on these fishing expeditions I didn't do that with Britain with with. President Obama we didn't go through this with President Obama I think the world and it certainly the American voters understand that Donald trip is the Donald Trump. As mass. Holdings sees worth billions of dollars he's been very successful business and I think the American voters understood that when they voted event I think a lot of Democrats might disagree with what you your your characterization present era Obama and the investigations unit Hillary Clinton her email server of course being Ghazi as well but on this on this particular issue. There's another Joseph though those were about those are about specific policies and actions once they were an office. I did investigate Hillary Clinton before she was in office I started investigating Hillary Clinton's actions. After the inspector general said that there is classified information housed in a non classified setting that's when I can get our nightly news went on that update beginning the investigation now but I ask you if you're gonna. Be looking at these issues once the president like is actually present a United States. Well you if people have questions about this the White House is going to be the one that has stepped. To answer those questions which it's how we see something that is actually. Wrongdoing will probably not gonna just go on a fishing trip to go see. You know look that we just like an agenda that's not what we do is in this committee of another could have done. Another possibility W of oversight of the General Services Administration which holds yep we're told police for the trump hotel which of course the president will still own even though goes. Into the trusted name page 103 of the lease agreement. Says that no elected official the governing united states of the government of the District of Columbia shall be admitted to any share or part of this lease or to any benefit. That may arise therefrom suited did the agreement scenes were clued. Ownership by any government official like the present. It doesn't. I did sign a letter with Elijah Cummings the number weeks ago and asked per copy of that contract. I don't know that we've received the final copy of that contract but that is something you're going to be looking at. I I started that a few weeks ago. Congressman chip is thanks for joining us this more.

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{"duration":"4:42","description":"Rep. Jason Chaffetz, Chair of the House Oversight & Government Reform Committee, is interviewed on \"This Week.\"","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/ThisWeek","id":"44790757","title":"House Oversight Committee Chair: I'm Not Going on 'These Fishing Expeditions'","url":"/ThisWeek/video/house-oversight-committee-chair-fishing-expeditions-44790757"}