1-on-1 with Iran Foreign Minister Javad Zarif

On "This Week," Martha Raddatz speaks exclusively with Iran's Foreign Minister Javad Zarif from Tehran on rising tensions with the U.S.
22:32 | 06/02/19

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Transcript for 1-on-1 with Iran Foreign Minister Javad Zarif
Let's start with the sanctions and president trump so called maximum pressure campaign. What effect are you seeing it looks like it's having a devastating effect on economy. President trump as close distance that economic war. Uncle that economic tethers. And duties and I quote economic terrorism. Is that it park or dignity Bosnian people. Even the United States. Claims that. Food and medicine and except. What financial transactions associated with in Madison on politics. So people who want the wife who. Who want to play Matusz. And import food meant to us how to quote who. Many. I can use in order to circumvent the pun for sanctions that the United States has imposed on us. So if the objective of president now. It's been imposed pressure wrong. Norman and onions on what an idiot he consistently achieving. What he Renault to achieve his policy objectives. Through pressure on via its. So what do you think will happen. Do you try to. Outlast president trauma do you hope he doesn't get re elected what happens from there. We never makes a policies. On something that you don't control. When president trump up and act that we. Said he may be president putting kids. It's not a matter of who's in the White House it's it's I mean what we look. Is what the person in the White House is doing so we don't have any animosity towards any but the if president trump decides to act in accordance with international law if president Tom fixed sites to exercise mutual respect. Then it would be a different story we haven't seen that country. President trump says he. Wants to talk he is five it. Right in officials to give him a call how likely is that so laid out. Because talking. He's. The continuation. Of the process of crash. He's imposing pressure. And then in his conception of the cost of that the friction. Then bring the parties to the negotiating table under this may work unit realistic mock. It does not work in keeping with Vietnam if they were given the convening in other countries quote put it put beef. Not put on. But it doesn't vote pitted on put a brief period or in medium. Well you only think it won't be good on his expect the talk. We talk who the united. States but don't differentiate between governments in the United States compliments of the United States. Different administrations but president of the United States. So we talk to me compliments representing the people of the United States now president trump also is a compliment that it isn't. The people of the United States where that we like it would not. Tactical movement reached an agreement with us that's United States. Now presidents from does not like that agreement it doesn't mean that we have to sort of ovary can. It's too because of what and that agreement was not to bite actually. It was a month you know traffic. I think he meant was not just a month after that payment was enshrined in a Security Council resolution soul. People need to think twice before even talking to the United States anymore because what you saw in that stuff for us president trump doesn't like not. Then he comes big US Canada Mexico team and that he tries to impose new audience on Mexico on. Based on. And extraneous. I can be Tuesday which is immigration. It means that. How the debate ebooks it's not for maintenance. Isn't as focused access its campus if fine. But if you want something that's he would go for something that's so it doesn't matter if it was a treat you what agreement that was negotiated by the previous administration. It's simply that it does knobs. He spent this right now. I didn't if he. It's tedious about what he said in Japan that people demonstrably true that you Don does not have nuclear weapon. I think if you can get that passed not too difficult that people like that that he that's fatwa or religious I think we'll watch that. I'm the only path but like that that put me on time in fifteen reports. Given what you hats and if you didn't come back to the negotiating table. Would you trust the United States would you trust president true it's very difficult. Because. They have I mean the news. Practice. The vast experience was not committee. Optimistic. And does not polite and optimistic. Prospective put any future repayment. You look at it this is what they believe is happening to these not for community Baptist people think twice. Before they talk to the United States because they know that put the agreed to date may not hold more. You worked for North Korea. To watch most video you watch Mexico. You watch China you do you watch beauty who torture and even that you want to watch and that's that's the conclusion that we get. It can you imagine anything like me and summit. As as president trip has had with North Korea. That received. It was a completely different situation. We thought Padilla. You did not have a 150 page don't commitment to negotiate. And was walked. Had its work. The document is working its Poland's new Vietnam but if patient's consent. Because the only showing that the economy is upset think its commitments is part of the path that the US's. So it's not something we'll start from scratch we had an agreement we don't need any football portrait. We don't need it to page book it might have been wars like footnote equity of Detroit because they did not have an agreement but we do. And it's supposed to be the physically I. On Friday indeed the the IAEA said you were in compliance with the nuclear deal but they also reported that you appeared to have installed 33 new centrifuges can enrich uranium more quickly. Which could potentially. Filing that the it was that trip. Men. And installing new centrifuges. Is in the line it our interpretation of defeat. What he decided to do it came in line bit. 36 of the team was who. Not ups. The 300 kilogram did it we have been moving faster. Towards that and it but we haven't preached it. And president were honey announced he would stop complying with part the nuclear deal that restricted you from stockpiling enriched uranium and heavy water and sat. A sixty day deadline to get relief from sanctions or you would resume enriching uranium to higher levels than allowed under the accord is that happening. It's all happening again. What what keeps it in his that there device that it might two. They're capable of meeting. It's that we have they did he. Four other members of the new community. Who. Either rectify what has happened by mutual of the United States what it he's in command to depart depart. Because they're supposed to normalize. Economic relations between you make that the here. They did not. Do anything in order to achieve particularly Europeans. Now we had the option undated the month to beat it to you put troops all. Partially implement page. And that's just. We can. What I mean who used it invented it and the team because that's. On me of making actual deepening the new I have no plans right now to violate that nuclear know we've we've been. Take measures within the New Year's Eve. Because you know international agreements since. Wouldn't you beat me connections between the demon to make sure that hoops it's respect. That all packaged. Disagreement 150 page long Eamon these bullets based on drugs. It was based on who witnessed. These one B specified at least it. What should do if the the party that's not the argument that. I'd be doing exactly what we supposed to do if the other party does not implement. A picket. So we are admitted that the behind not be thrown from the me me a dollop I think on key sticking. And that is what's happening. Do you think that goes. We have given the Europeans. And the tour but that members of these trees if you act is Russia and China it kind. Beast it between now and sixty days this is it. From sixty days. On what this is vote. And then the next steps you can keep this is what this transparency this is an alternate. What we did was beat gate that counts pat what we've need to do. It exercised about rights the myth in that the enough outside. So again after sixteen days what happens after sixty days to. Calls or bikini. To goal of the three point 67. Cap on rich. That is beacon and reached Elliott that is unification. The also state. That twenty extent that the meeting to include net debt obligations. We think people had to Vivus. To go back to you original. A measure sentiment. The I want to move to what's been happening in the gulf region the US as you know. Puts the blame squarely on Iran or Ronnie and operatives for the sabotage of those four freighters and oil tankers. Near the Persian gulf John Bolton the other day said it is almost certain that Iran is to blame for that. Passed out. You've seen before. And at that time troubles to Brussels in office with some of the people. They said they've assessed and that you know is developing. Weapons of mass destruct. And it was news when I was in new York and apron I predicted that accident that that would be actually it's that it happened. And this is now what he has me so so you think so I think I think I think we have played accidentally they need to be more intimate. Either of them accident or things that happen because. Some of these countries knows behavior. That's in it would be TM. For forty years the war we want to hit them stalled for years. He warned that it on me this content and salt for eons ago they have continued. They have been the past think that the country. They have destroyed that he sources of the country that they expect that country was being quiet but they expect the people of that country from the state court. What do they need to name any but the other than themselves they want to begin and with the water in Yemen. Beaming at them because he believed to port in Yemen at the end. So if they don't have the warning him if they continue to bomb civilian audience if they continue to push the population being too. Basically starvation and infectious diseases and to happen median cases. Of. What is it. This very serious disease. And it came in in Yemen. So our caught or if you have a million cases of cholera union so. What. Do you expect the people of Yemen to do should be. And I think them. Or to respond. So you are blaming. Who for the sabotage the traders. I don't know but I don't think it with you can blame it on. They can simply draw conclusions based on erroneous assumptions. That it on was responsible. What happened in Newton project become the best patience with the court to put it. It it's its support that that's been very cooperative with it. We. No reason to to engage in anything that. On on the Yemeni case. Case reason to expect the Emmys to defend themselves beat out. Indeed on in involved so. They should they should look at their own problems there is enough heat. What the United States force beauty here. Forty. In this region because of their own actions look at what's what they're doing can get you look at what they're doing in North Africa. They it and you know what look at what they did NC look at what date but what they're doing in yet they have enough. So you. Categorically denied that Iran or for any Iranian backed groups had anything to do with fat for a picture issue rocket in Iraq. Or you don't attack my caddie Lance. We don't controlling it. Otter creek nation's beat people who friends he's not a conventional control. They think that an iteration of control we wouldn't be able to have this type of relationship. B and people who defend themselves but we don't control it. This is very key. This is and he yes. Division between the conference is different from debate the United States or its clients into the ancient tree. The United States decides to declassify. Some of its intelligence if they show images which some officials say exist of cruise missiles being put on small. Iran in votes will you simply dismissed out and not believe it no room I've been. If you'd be on his face the president called for reasons. So that the United States with no that this next plus is not the Gulf of Mexico and you called the gulf could put don't know we score a few talking but this is corporation. So it's next to us. We have the right to defend us what if you put mrs. Obama hopes if he's not run but we don't need to. Conceded what putting missiles on our quotes it's different from. Growing appreciate. DDs who do not connect. Me B. A pretty strong presence in decision. Dives the ball if you want knicks who are coast just imagine. If you're gone but Compton California. Over to come to Florida of course how do you see how would you treat. The United States is sending new kid on ships 200 Walters. Two apartments and I'm. I think and you don't need intelligence pictures you have it on it be television station. About that paper company income coming in the other ship going so these issues. On advocate is there any clothes on board options are located close to you'll want us. That post it on him want. We have to run to put whatever missiles and want to put on. To think if the age short that intelligence. Postponed the deal beat us and if they showed some sort of intelligence. It's. About the sabotage. Of those ten let them do it. Would you believe it bit them. Quote crucial it's always a possibility. But let them at least. They didn't try in the past some rather ridiculous. 42 shops put team kicked in the we want can go this instinct took on on and mrs. That is I mean you you put that on cheese puffs. You don't put that on missiles but they put it on mrs. Clinton making a mutual it is in pentagon. It's been good to be the markings that you're usually be put on a package of she's book she's pope's. I mean I'm asking them if you wanna useful tool show. Have somebody who knows something more about it on. Fit the US is sending you you mentioned the Abraham Lincoln bearer B 52 bombers in the region now the Pentagon announced. Very recently that they're sending 15100. More military forces. Does this escalate the tension does this make some sort of conflict more likely. And certainly the presence of the United States in this region has never been. Any cause or calmness. And a cause post it. That's. Really. Committed quote. Be considered as enough for security threat we had on. I mean I felt that our community people would consider that the threat. If there is more escalation you've talked about escalation that there would be dangerous consequences what do you mean by that. But I mean if the United States wants to continue. Economic war fitful. Picking Steve on him. By estimation I don't seem to be mean muted in its. I mean if the United States it's like to cause. So much pain on the it on people by imposing economic warfare. By engaging in economic terrorism means that they'll be consequences. I mean we don't differentiate between economic what. The US is engaged in war against us. He won't it's painful to our practices. Be he that he. Clear notion. That in a war nobody wins. In a war and frequently hoops than laws of Islam we would be great supports. And what kind of consequences are you talking. We are United States that I like to keep president I'm guessing because he likes to be put into what to. Keep on guessing what is happening in the United States. You hear it from one days something coming from the White House the next day. Something that's coming from the State Department the president says one condition state departments as well completions. The voice house is one condition national security devices says. Regime change so since they want us to continue guessing that them confused as to. There's a question we always ask president trump and the Pentagon and that is are all options on the table when you say they're could be dangerous consequences are all options on the table. That Iran does not believe in the local to jump. All options are on the tape belongs to the time in the use of force was the and that is that about a hundred years. That ended in 1928. Victim Brian Cook read. That's only hope. So if it the United States believes all options on the tape beating. It is but means that they eight vote news reports that they're talking about eighteenth and nineteenth century not a bullet trains and many fish. What we see is that. Be exercised options to cut its self defense is about president trump has announced that he's engaged in war. I can on the court case it on and be. And all vacation to depend on people against. This disrupting oil ministers for years. An option bit out of options are open intangible. These votes that defense legitimate. What would you say to president trump. Upset that before threats against it on network. Never threaten it audience trying respect that. And what would you say to you were people we've talked to your people on the streets and had access to whoever we want. And they're frustrated in their lives are difficult. And they don't all blamed president trump Crete quote. There is a lot of things to cool it. The reason. Feel on the depression feel. Is a president obviously that didn't like something that President Obama negotiated to which was complete but this is the ultimate. Did you community I negotiated the new he would be a minority in and out and I contiguous not something that I'd like it's not something that the US likes. And according to Henry Kissinger that should be a sustainable treat you because any treaty that one what do you what unit of of people could be dykes is not sustainable. If this is to put treaty because he disliked but. And I think that's an important understand observation for presidents from public. What I would not be put it's that it is our obligation. To they. That's home of T. The pressure. To alleviate the fresh. Pickings and beyond me that's. What we cannot stand that the we cannot send that he picked. Mr. thank you very much. Appreciate it.

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{"duration":"22:32","description":"On \"This Week,\" Martha Raddatz speaks exclusively with Iran's Foreign Minister Javad Zarif from Tehran on rising tensions with the U.S.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/ThisWeek","id":"63436401","title":"1-on-1 with Iran Foreign Minister Javad Zarif","url":"/ThisWeek/video/iran-foreign-minister-javad-zarif-63436401"}