Labor Secretary Has 'Every Confidence' Trade Bill Will Pass

Labor Secretary Thomas Perez discusses the battle over the trade bill on "This Week."
3:59 | 06/14/15

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Transcript for Labor Secretary Has 'Every Confidence' Trade Bill Will Pass
Don't wait... Call now! I'll be voting today to slow down the fast track to get a better deal for the American people. Bigger paychecks, better infrastructure. Help the American people fulfill the American dream. There she is Nancy Pelosi. Deals the killer blow to the president's trade deal. Sparking some tough headlines for the president. But, can he turn it around this week? The labor secretary is here to answer that question. Thank you for joining us this morning. Good morning. We heard the press secretary call this a snafu this loss. It wasn't even close, 128-302, so, how do you turn that around? Well, George, a month ago, in the senate, there was a procedural vote to move to the senate consideration of the bill, it was defeated. And the next day, all of the newspapers and pundits were saying that it was a stinging defeat for the president and it passed the senate. You know from having worked here in D.C., the shortest distance theory is seldom a theory that works here in Washington. So, I have every confidence, because what the congress did last week is something that many of your pundits predicted they couldn't do. They passed it by partisan in the senate and house, 28 house members. That is remarkable. And the thing about the trade adjustment act is that democrats have strongly supported that, the last time it came up in 2011 it was unanimously supported by all democrats who voted. This is another procedural snafu. Just like the one in the senate. Democrats now see it as a proxy for the overall vote. You're going to need about 120 of them if you're going to pass this thing, how do you get that many votes? Well, we have had conversations throughout the weekend with various people, and again, I'm very confident that we can find a way. Here. There are multiple pathways here. I'm confident we'll do this. Again, we have bipartisan support on the trade promotion authority which is critically important. That was perceived by everyone as the highest mountain to climb and it has been done, and so, this hurdle like the procedural hurdle in the senate is something that I think we'll surmount and I'm very confident of that. We continue to have discussions and you know this is -- this is yogi Berra, you know, it ain't over until it's over. There's a lot more to be done here. What happens if you don't? What's plan B? Oh, I don't think we need a plan B here. Because there are so many different pathways that can get you to the finish line in the house, and so, I'm confident that we'll move forward in this and the reason is, because, this is something that's very important, America needs to set the rules in the global economy, that's why the president has been fighting for this, every time he wakes up, how can I do to help the American people? That's what he's been doing since he got in office. Whether it's the recovery act, the affordable care act, this is no different. We need to right the rules of the global economy, the world is watching us right now and the president strongly believes and I agree that this is the most Progressive trade promotional authority. It renegotiates nafta, because under nafta, labor protections and environmental protections they were at the kids' table, now they're at the grownup table. That's critically important. We need to move forward with this. We'll see, secretary Perez, thank you for joining us this morning. My pleasure. We're going to turn now to Iraq and the fight against Isis.

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{"duration":"3:59","description":"Labor Secretary Thomas Perez discusses the battle over the trade bill on \"This Week.\" ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/ThisWeek","id":"31757643","title":"Labor Secretary Has 'Every Confidence' Trade Bill Will Pass","url":"/ThisWeek/video/labor-secretary-confidence-trade-bill-pass-31757643"}