Ohio governor talks future of the Republican Party

"This Week" co-anchor Martha Raddatz sat down at Ohio's governor's mansion with John Kasich, plus voters share their thoughts one year into Trump's presidency.
7:44 | 11/12/17

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Transcript for Ohio governor talks future of the Republican Party
After Tuesday's big election wins for Democrat, E we anted to see how the GOP would be affected. Whether trump supporters will stand by him and his party in 2018. We travelled to Ohio and Pennsylvania, talking to voters in both states. And I also sat down with Ohio's Republican governor, John Kasich. He refused to endorse Donald Trump in 2016. Where does he stand today? Our conversation began with the allegations rocking the Alabama senate race. Governor, the thank you for joining us today. I want to start with -- with Roy Moore. In Alabama. You have said the actions described make him unfit for office. So you believe those accusers? It's matter of whether he ought to be -- he ought to be the kantd, the standard bearer for the Republican party. I think he should bpt. I hope that the people op Alabama, the party officials will look at it again and -- and -- but this is not about Obama or left wing. I just don't believe that it spp I'm saddened by it. I mean, I'm the father of two twin daughters. APD just think it's inappropriate. I would like it if he stepped aside. You also tweeted that the GOP must not support him. I don't think they should. As Mitt rommy said, he said, look. We're not talking about a criminal conviction. We're talking about whether somebody should carry the baern of the Republican party. It had to do with the tone in my opinion of our country. A lot of people are saying, I don't like the tone. I reject in negativity. We're better than that. Some Republicans said, if we would have just killed Obamacare, that would have helped. Well, I mean, throwing 25 million Americans off of health care, who the heck is thinking that that's good. First of all, I don't care if it's good politically, it's wrong. Do you think it was a rejection of president trump? I think it is a rejection at least on Tuesday, and across the country, not just Virginia and New Jersey. It is a rejection of sort of the negative -- sees there's two paths. Where is the negativity coming from? A lot of places. A lot of different places. Here's the thing. There's two paths. The people have trouble, yes. When people have trouble, how do you deal with it? You tell them yeah, it's really horrible, it's this person's fault. You see them, you tell them, there's a problem. You saying together, we can lift you up. I want to help lift them, rather than so day, you know, this immigrant took your job. That's not our country. That's not the best of who we are. Contactually what you said sounds like you're talking about president trump. There's a loft Republican who is feel that same way. I'm not going there. I want to life on the positive side of things and so, if you want to say it's trump. You say it. I don't have to name names. But there are other people that disappoint me in the party. Let's look ahead to 2018. I was just out in Pennsylvania. A good time for fortune tellers. You have a lot of still strong trump supporters in those rural states. He's shaking things up. That's what we need. We're long overtu for a president who wants to stand up for the people in this country. I think he's doing real good. I like the idea of having a businessman run the country like a business. When you run for office, this is my opinion, if all you're doing is catering to your base, what about everybody else? There are so many independents and so many gettable Democrats who are fed up with the left wing Democrat party. Be mindful of the base. The people who yell the loudest are not necessarily the majority. Let's look at the suburban areas, as well. Would you vote for Donald Trump again? No. But I also would hope there would be a better other kantd. Why wouldn't you vote for trump again? A lack of compassion. Could wow vote for him again? Um -- probably not. It depends on who the other candidate is. What does that tell you about Republican chances next year? What schaaping in those states? I think if they pass a good tax bill, try to solve the DACA problem, reinforce our commitment to the allies, it's not too late to turn this around. If it's we're going to take health care away there the people. This is the one thing I don't understand. Does Obamacare need reformed? Of course. But in the meantime, it's destabilized the market. We have the alexander-murray plan. It's similar to what our colleagues put together. It reduces the deficit slightly and it takes no one off of health care and it stabilizes the market. And they say it's not a good plan. What is it they want? In the Virginia gubernatorial race, health care was the number one issue. Were they sending message to Republicans. Yeah, I hope the Republicans will hear it. Not repeal and replace. Fix it. Fix the system. I know you want to bring people together. Over the issue of guns. We had this horrible mass shooting. Yet another mass shooting. President trump said it -- any sort of gun mashes wouldn't have helped. Do you agree? No, no, of course not in Vegas with the bump stock. Those things ought to be thrown out right away. Ohio is a place where people want to solve problems. They're willing to listen. I want to get a group of reasonable people, pro gun people. And those who favored limits on gun ownership. I want to put nem in a room and see if we can find common ground. Even, however, respecting the the second amendment. We're not interested in having somebody come in whose ideas. We're going to take everybody's gun away. That won't work. This happens after every mass shooting. You talked about the bump stocks. Nothing has happened. Here's the situation as I -- we talk about it. We fight about it. The best way to get, make progress. I can't tell you this effort will be successful. I don't know. Here's what I do know. If we can get pro gun and those two want to have limits on some of the things that we see, bump stocks, people carrying arsenals in their cars, whatever it is, that is the best chance to be able to advance something. When there is a consensus. We have had the gun control conversation a lot. We have kind of dom a -- an agreement on that. Something sneeds to be done. We have a lot of Democrats in office. No one has ever come to take guns away. No one has ever said they're coming to take the guns away. You can't keep doing nothing forever, the current policy that seems to be in place. You're right. My purpose is to get people who respect the second amendment but can agree there are some limits to it to sit in a room to develop policy I can pass on to the leadership in my legislature. Without this pro serksz I'm not convinced we'll make progress. I know just arguing back and forth not working. And our thanks to governor Kasich.

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{"id":51096889,"title":"Ohio governor talks future of the Republican Party","duration":"7:44","description":"\"This Week\" co-anchor Martha Raddatz sat down at Ohio's governor's mansion with John Kasich, plus voters share their thoughts one year into Trump's presidency.","url":"/ThisWeek/video/ohio-governor-talks-future-republican-party-51096889","section":"ThisWeek","mediaType":"default"}