Priebus: Talk About Moving Press Corps 'Getting Way Out of Whack'

Donald Trump's incoming White House chief of staff Reince Priebus is interviewed on "This Week."
14:44 | 01/15/17

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Transcript for Priebus: Talk About Moving Press Corps 'Getting Way Out of Whack'
And now we're joined by the incoming White House chief of staff Ryan's previous mr. previous thanks for joining us. Again this morning morning's yards well in the president elect has stirred up quite a firestorm with his latest tweet was this the right fight for him to pack. Well look I mean he hears that here's the issue we we I I and we look up to John Lewis and his historic. Contribution of civil rights and voting rights the president elect said he was all talk LL out. But you. Well let me let me answer but here's the problem. We need. Folks like John Lewis and others who I think it would have been champions of order rates actually recognize the fact. That Donald Trump was duly elected. It's gonna put his hand on the Bible and five days and I think it's incredibly disappointing and I think it's irresponsible. For people. Like himself to question the legitimacy. Of the an ex United States president. I think putting the United States. Down across the world is not some thing that are responsible person dies in so look. I think in fact I think President Obama. Could step up. We've had a great relationship with the White House George we we just had every cabinet. Person designee of hours meet with the cabinet. Members of the Obama administration. On Friday I've met numerous times a Denis McDonough they've been nothing but helpful. So I think the administration can do a lot of good by telling folks that are on their side of the aisle look. We may have lost the election on the Democrat side but it's time to come together but isn't it harder to do that after they played out that's from the president alleged. Well wait a sec but. Charge hang. John Lewis stood up in an interview and said that Donald Trump was not a legitimate president. The U that debts insanity. And it's wrong and end in DNI director clapper said as much many many times that there is no evidence. That any outcome of the election was changed. President elect trump one to thirty of fifty states more colony since Ronald Reagan. This man won in an electoral landslide and a question the legitimacy of the next United States president. You know you're worried about it tweet that says hey wanted to get back to were considered question my legitimacy. Too bad huge is reassessed senator Sanders on the program he did he did not question legitimacy. Of the present like he said he's going to attend. The inauguration but he did say that it was right David can to bring up questions like this because of Donald Trump's past and questioned the legitimacy. A Barack Obama would does that with the as years and years of questions about his weather weary was born. Lieutenants has made it clear that it into certainly over the last few years that that Donald of that present the President Obama was born in Hawaii but. The point is is not entirely fresh can't change but. But hang on a second and George were not questioning. The legitimacy of the outcome of the election you didn't have Republicans questioning whether or not. Obama legitimately be. John McCain in 2008. For a person that is a champion of border rights. To question. Whether or not Donald Trump legitimately won an election or not is an incredible position to take five days before. An inauguration. And so hot I. Democrats and no there isn't gonna say they are among some Democrats and they couldn't get back try to make that point at all but it is a fact that Donald Trump was questioning. Whether President Obama was eligible to service present under the constitution. And many people were George but that's that issue's been resolved for years now and it's been resolved for at least two years. And Donald trumps mine and to bring that up as justification. For John Lewis questioning the legitimacy. Of a debt democratic. Activity that is that it has been around since the beginning of our country is wrong just to gently to really hated this crazy outrage isn't. In step raising his questions until late in this campaign. Not two years looked George risotto pointed to the point is not. Where Barack Obama was born. The point is is that we've got congressmen on the democratic side of the aisle that are questioning the legitimacy. Of president. Electronic who won in an electoral lands like that's the issue that's where the outrage should be. Not old news but the fact that we are preparing for the transfer of power. And we've been working with President Obama. Hand in glove and I think that the day. Including the president should step up and get his people in line and tell them to grow up and accept the fact that they lost the election. Let's move onto the issue of Russia the the president elect in the Wall Street Journal yesterday saying he would consider lifting sanctions on Russian future depending on how they. Deal with the threat against ice is. It seems to be at odds with what his nominees were saying up on Capitol Hill this weekend James Mattis. At pentagon nominee saying Russia the number one threat and say he wants to come up with a strategy to confront Russia. For what it did Mike Pompeo CA nominees saying rush is doing nothing to defeat ice has an Rex Tillerson secretary of state nominee. Saying that now is not the time to talk about. Lifting sanctions. So that seems to be quite a gulf between the president elect and his team. Right but I think all three of those men that you just mentioned. Depending on what deal was struck with Russian depending on what terms of the deal would have and what incremental steps would we have to take. And measurements that we'd have to take with potentially Russia in a deal. Some of those positions could changed in and send some some some of president elect Donald Trump's. Positions could change depending on what deal could be struck but overall to your point. I can tell you just from working closely for the last year and a half what president elect and even over the course of the last six weeks he has no problem. With differing opinions in a room in fact I think he welcomes the fact that he's got. People in the room that may not agree with each other and everything but he prefers to be presented. Opinions that are varying at the same time and then making an informed decision based on everyone's input. Before making decision a lesson we want not as a monolithic viewpoint where six people are standing before a president saying the same thing. Over and over again you're not gonna you're not going to get the best decisions. That I think I am telling you is what he actually preferred switch is a difference of opinion. Put your best argument down and from enemy OK now let's go and decide how we're gonna move. And then it's I think most presidents think I think most presidents would agree with that it it does lead to questions about what's going to be done including on the issue of Iran. All through the campaign the president like city scrapping. Iran nuclear deal was his number one national security priority yet this week on Capitol Hill here's a James Mattis had to say about that he said no we should keep the deal. I think. Chick is in imperfect arms control agreement not a friendship treaty. But when America gives your word we have to live up to it and work. With our allies. President elect said he was gonna follow James Mattis is and vice on torture is he gonna follow that advice on Iran India on the Iran deal is the Iran deal going to stand. Was yet to be seen George present laws and I and I bet tonight even signed contract but let's let's put that aside. I think what you're gonna get from president elect trump is all of his folks together Rex Tillerson James Mattis John Kelly CIA. Homeland Security everyone did that you would want in the room. Making decisions about that particular document and and and its treaties like that document. As so well how we're gonna move forward and so. I think it's yet to be seen how that is going to shape up but I can tell you we all know that president like trump doesn't like therein deal. Things it's a terrible document thinks it will create a nuclear arms race in the Middle East which it already. Is beginning to do. But moving forward the best way is going to be something that. Is going to be a collective decision that is made of course with president elect trump having the primary say. As a how to move for but all those opinions will be in the room I can insure all Americans that the best this is going to be made based. All of the information presented. To the president citizen and get a decision is wrapping that scrapping the Iran deal is no longer rock solid promise. Well look I I think it's on life support I'll put it that way but I'm not here to. Declare one way or the other ultimately where this is going to go but I do believe it's on life support. I know the president elect does not like the aryan Diehl thinks it's really really bad. And that's took sort of the starting point I'm that discussion. On China the president elect told the wall street journal of the one China policy was also negotiable depending on what China does on other issues including currency manipulation. There Rex Tillerson his secretary of state nominee said there are no plans to do away with the one China policy of course you've seen. The Chinese have come down quite hard on that saying the one China policy is absolutely not negotiable so where does that stand. Right now. Well I think you'd I think both and gentlemen are correct him in on one hand Rex Tillerson is correct there are no plans. To change the one China policy but certainly that policy is. On the table if China doesn't. Also come to the table and and work when this on trade. Work with us on the South China Sea and what's happening there. There's a lot going on that is hurting this country. And there's a lot of businesses and a lot of people that put. President elect trump in office because they are counting on him to get our relationships with China straightened out and so as part of that. Negotiation. Is part of fulfilling that promise all of these issues are on the table but at the same time Rex Tillerson is correct there's no predetermined path here. But it's something that is going to be discussed and decided. Down the road we just heard Bernie Sanders say he thinks that FBI director James commission think about stepping down pres my child was very tough. On the FBI director during the campaign said he disagreed with his final decision. On Hillary Clinton repeated again this week that he thinks Hillary Clinton Clinton was guilty as hell does he have confidence in FBI director coney. Yes he has confidence in and and and director call Maine we've had a great relationship with him over the last several weeks. It is extremely confident. But let it ended his term extends for some time yet. There's no plans at this moment in changing. That term and we've enjoyed our relations with him in Fineman of being extraordinarily competent. First steps to repealing obamacare taken in the house and senate this week and we just turned from senator Sanders as well saying he wants to see a tweet. Believe it or not from the present like he wants it it would be tweet saying he stands by what he said during the campaign no cuts in Medicaid. No cuts in Medicare no cuts in Social Security is that's still the position. Our the president elect. That's his position. And that's the position that he's going to be taking so. There are no plans. And president elect trumps. Policies moving forward to touch. Medicare Social Security but about Medicaid repealing obamacare would cut Medicaid. Well look I mean those are things that we're going to be discussing over the next several weeks but certainly an Obama care. Is it is something that isn't very popular. Around the country in fact it's like an 82 when he issue right now for Republicans it's not working people aren't choosing their doctor they're not keeping their health care. Premiums are not going down they're going off all of the promises of Obama care. All of those shiny objects that were sold in at a Christmas in 2009. Didn't come true people voted for Donald Trump they want to repeal and replace obamacare and we will and we will cover those folks. That are I'd Obama care they need to be covered. But at the same time we're gonna find ways to lower prices allow people to choose better doctors and have a lot more freedom when it comes a. Health care pretty contentious press conference this week on Wednesday with the president. Election and the and the press corps there and there's reported an Esquire Magazine out overnight. Saying that you all are considering moving the press corps out of the west wing and into the old executive office building is that true. Wouldn't let me tell you awareness is coming from and I know that some of the folks in the press their uptight about this and I understand. What or they'll only thing. That's been discussed. Is whether or not the initial press conferences are going to be in that small press and for the people listening to this that don't know this that. The press room that people see and TV is very very kind. 49 people fit in that press room. The one thing that we discussed was whether or not. We want to move the initial press conferences in the he'll be which by the way is the White House and always moving out of the White House that is the White House. Where you can fit four times the amount of people in the press comes allowing more press more coverage from all over the country. Ticked him to have those press come with us or talking about so. Some of this I think is getting way out of whack and I think people should be encouraged that there are so many people in the press that want to participate. We had to put 500 or 600 folks at the press conference. Last week so we sort of thinking man alive if if we can have more people involved instead of less people involved wouldn't it be a good thing. Finally this is about Jordan will the president elect be taking any further steps to deal with as possible business complex we saw what he announced. This week but the head of the Office of Government Ethics said that he consider this meaningless from a conflict of interest perspective. Right and the head of the government ethics ought to be careful because that person is becoming extremely political. Apparently may have may have publicly supported. Hillary Clinton. As calling out the president apple with information on Twitter about our. What sort of standing he has anymore. And giving his opinions I think Jason shape it's was correct. To call for an investigation into the government ethics. Department. In the government for for the positions that they've taken in this campaign. And we'll be talking about that with congressman chip is coming up mistress thanks very much for joining this morning. You bet thanks.

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