Rep. Aaron Schock Answers Viewer Questions

Rep. Schock talks 2014 plans, being the youngest in Congress, and his fitness regime.
3:00 | 11/11/12

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Transcript for Rep. Aaron Schock Answers Viewer Questions
I'm -- folly of this week and -- here is Republican congressman Aaron shock and I who at 31 is the youngest in congress. And here at this week we believe politics is social -- asking some of your Twitter and FaceBook questions. The first question comes from Carly Kenny. Does your age affects the way other members of congress address you I need to know because I want to be even younger when I start outs in the house. Well I was elected at 27 years old so. Years. The person asking -- question we need to get their 25 which is the constitutional age required come to congress. -- I've found that. I was in this school board as the youngest member I was in the state legislatures the youngest member now in congress youngest member I've found. That my colleagues always treated with respect. It's a lot like high school I compare -- to if you show up. You work hard you do your homework you come prepared with with a good questions you bring for thoughtful ideas. Your colleagues quickly respecting -- at the end of the day you have an equal vote. Among the -- others by members of congress and so your vote is just values someone else's and to the degree you use your position. In and bring -- thoughtful ideas and work hard. I found that -- -- -- with respect. Such funny fat and -- I have two years sonic and -- delegate hunt. I'm -- -- sun comes from WI CS which is on ABC affiliate. Asked the congressman if he can address the growing speculation that he plans to run for governor of Illinois -- 2014. So can. Well -- -- You know this is probably. The fact that Illinois in the world of hurt four of our last six governors have been indicted on prison. Hardly a record to be proud of and I think people are really looking for something different something new somebody. You know younger somebody's honest. I'd like to think that -- those bills I'm I'm not decided whether that's something I wanna do at this point but I've been focused on my own reelection to congress on helping my team this election cycle. Now the 2012 was over. -- -- have to look at -- -- fourteen which the governor's races and make a decision. I've got a passion for my state -- Illinois. I wanna see your state turnaround we have largest unfunded liability in her pension systems. Mortgage debt per person against the state of California some of the worst in the nation so -- the daunting task for anybody who pursues it. But whether I run or someone else I'm a big -- we need some change in leadership -- -- -- Ask him how he's adjusting to the culture shock of insular DC environment compared to where he's even doing a for a couple years but don't ever really get used to it. So you know Washington DC is an exciting place. The eyes of the world are upon it. Com there's not a week goes by -- something significant is happening on the hill you do with the present with the congress and here you -- a front row seat on history. That said I've been in congress for four years now and I've gone home to my district every weekend have not spent a weekend in Washington DC in four years so. That is really kept me grounded. It's reminded me of who -- work for which is very important in this job. And I have a big geographic district have about 200 towns. In my district so it takes a lot of travel around and and let people know what you're doing in Washington but also. If you're gonna -- percent of the district he got to know -- represented and so part of my job really is listening. Getting to know what they think we ought to be doing Washington DC so. I hasn't been too much of -- culture shock it's more of. You know three or forty trip out to DC each week. You might work there and -- back -- central Italy. And now -- -- gross asks what does the congressman think -- FF. Well I have my my buddy Paul Ryan for getting in -- and -- I was always. You know. Into working out before it came to congress but he's really the one he talked me into trying. We we -- meet at 6:30 every morning in the -- and and work out and it's a great. Habit to get into. Schedule executed keep. That no matter how late -- -- is the night before. I don't show at 630 -- got a lot of. And get a lot of crap from my colleagues piracy it there's that accountability peace is important but. And then join hapless couple weeks as well so. It's important is to shake it up and not what your body used to just about anything -- The attack. Aberrant acts to actually -- that yes and here. And -- as that. As long as you're doing something he can't. Knowing a lot of questions about -- help them -- -- what is it like being known for your six pack. And re jealous over the attention that Paul Ryan's biceps have been getting recently. No all right can have all that -- -- It's well deserved and as the vice presidential nominee. Diesel more high profile so it's it's deserved. You know I I joke that it -- known for six -- is a lot better than the alternative and if you look at most of -- within congress. They could use a few hours in the -- That said. You know all the debate we have in Washington DC about health care health care dollars which are one of the biggest drivers of our State's deficits -- our nation's deficit. And really the debate DC always -- about who -- work as the government pay for it as individuals -- for public option private option and the like. The reality is the biggest driver of health care costs are individual choices. The Center for Disease Control says. Eighty cents out of every dollar spent on preventable disease within -- health care system so when two thirds of our country is obese or overweight. I would suggest that's a bit of an epidemic so. I'm trying to lead by example as -- shooter took to pass laws saying don't -- this band this kind of food. But really leadership by example I think is the best way to get people engaged in I think is a congressman I've got a crazy schedule I'm always traveling animal is on the road. And I hear from a lot of people would say you know what. We -- -- health peace and I leave I leave the busy life I've got kids at home I work on the road as well and that inspired me to go out. Indeed -- and get into workout regiment we partnered with. Men's health and women's health be at 40000 people join the fitness challenge. Because of that that peace and you know thousands of people's lives hopefully we'll be changed forever. But now who has the best arms in DC on -- Michelle Obama I am a half I practicing -- Next question comes some -- Josh and she asks. Are you single which actually my mom emailed me the same question so the people want an early I am so you hear the -- Wonderful and they'd have to be there -- -- you see your -- right there at a and then last question being from -- -- I myself this is really important one cubs white sacks heaven forbid the cardinals. You know even worse than Minnesota Twins. What people don't know about me often is I I was born in Minnesota and I grew up in Minnesota and you know it's it's hard to. Teach an old dog new tricks and I grew up rooting for the Minnesota Twins. And so to the stadium I'm a -- of the twins -- but but he had to pick -- uh oh I know hit. You know being -- Minnesota Twins fan is great because I don't have -- that any -- constituencies who are White Sox cubs cards that. You know as long as an up playing one another team and I think I can report on things. -- -- -- -- -- -- Thank you so much attendance and everything residents most of your -- Illinois and -- out. And thank you for submitting your questions and please be sure to follow us on Twitter at this week ABC and FaceBook at FaceBook dot com slash this week ABC.

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{"id":17693268,"title":"Rep. Aaron Schock Answers Viewer Questions","duration":"3:00","description":"Rep. Schock talks 2014 plans, being the youngest in Congress, and his fitness regime.","url":"/ThisWeek/video/rep-aaron-schock-answers-viewer-questions-17693268","section":"ThisWeek","mediaType":"default"}