Rep. Peter King Answers Viewer Questions

The New York congressman on recovery from Hurricane Sandy and presidential politics.
3:00 | 11/18/12

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Transcript for Rep. Peter King Answers Viewer Questions
Hi I'm Benjamin -- of This Week with George Stephanopoulos and I'm joined today by. Congressman Peter king of New York -- we welcome -- doing great thank you for coming and and because we feel all politics is social here at this week we're putting your questions on FaceBook and Twitter to the congressman. So first question comes from. At the last few on Twitter name. Do you think New York responded to the best of its ability in the aftermath. Of hurricane sandy and he also writes shortage of gas looting no power. Israel -- several parts the question first of all as far as the governmental agencies I can speak primarily about Long Island has from Suffolk County I think they do virtually everything they could do special police fire. Admission alluding that's accounted extra anti looting squads out. It was a combination of Nasser county police. State troopers and National Guard. And looting was actual minimum in -- were counted. And as an added benefit that picked up want to bad guys besides having always extra patrols out and -- worked out very well. As far as the power. That was terrible and that was -- went along power authority. We had. Several ways into the storms aren't I was five and 600000 people out of power I was this was -- horrible strong. I'm not saying they could've gotten overnight maybe would have taken several weeks -- the power back the main issue here was there was no communication no timetable. Q what people. People young kids were called me up kids -- respiratory conditions. The -- wanted to -- was it was something ten -- -- back Soviet to Sorvino and find another place to livable with to cousins in Connecticut Pennsylvania. Like I had no information to give at all and who -- their arrogance. And so that was one of them are the main issues lack of communication lack of -- schedule. And as as result so that's how person likely to step down. And as we go forward we have to make sure this correct -- just not ready. This type of stone and it always is -- they would have as far as I think the main issues and faces right now it's not yet housing. I don't know the full amount -- we're gonna have thousands of people homeless among -- We don't have available housing so that's going to be the issue is how how the housing issues addressed. What lessons can -- York learned. You know if any. As it relates to a possible terrorist attack like obviously integrates a crisis Q did you see those things as related on some level in the way that you know a city responds you know. Yeah well first -- show what happens if the power grid were attacked because I can tell you communication -- going to detail. Communication was very difficult during those days so if this had been -- terrorist attack. Rather -- natural this aspect during that time I was talking to police. And they -- saying if there was a terrorist cell up and running. In New York the -- that could've done during that time because communication measures -- report that shows that we have to do. Have backup alternative. Communication systems in in place and some like this happens. Seems pretty alarming are and your being -- -- county executive order satellite phone and still was -- my phone calls. Governor Cuomo spoke with -- Diane Sawyer after. You know the hurricane hit and he basically seem to -- -- you know. Climate change is here and we have to deal with I think. We're going to have to deal with that -- you know is an exact quote what exactly does that mean does that mean some sort of you know barrier for effort for New York. The first tornado whether -- -- -- climate change. Is -- to second socialist assume it is assumed not as a matter the show that we -- -- ready for the start strong. I regret gone back 67 is in the first became chairman homeland security committee. Which also includes natural disasters and getting briefings. From the whether experts and your particularly about along violence and -- this happened this happened. Shall we how far the water could come as a -- me awhile -- back in 1938. So you never really thought it was gonna happen. Did its once every 75 years which is what turned out to be. But also showing -- -- Battery Park -- that the sober systems battery tunnel tunnels. How are always things happen in the odds of it happening if you warmly well now -- -- -- -- -- New York was -- basically other cities built -- we broke out subway system through a lot of New York. We have so much. -- beach front property was that waterfront property was that ideal places to live I think we are gonna have to. -- -- -- had rebuild infrastructure which sort of protect the city that includes the so -- systems and includes homes along the war. And also decide whether or not -- make sense to you bill always homes. Such dangerous locations and -- I was a -- replaces ms. Castro Nasser county and Suffolk County. If you would just finished rebuilding from Irene and -- that down -- just twice in one year. And I really didn't really hit us -- sort of sites right we lucked out I mean accords. Tremendous about it this Wednesday -- -- So yeah I think and -- though engineering expert at all but I think we have to right now and that we've been over and we sort of we'll meet holds. Whenever we talk what infrastructure we have to assume we're gonna get more storms like this utterly resistant didn't -- are the system just. -- we were not equipped -- infrastructure was not equipped with us. The cops firemen -- -- a great job. County executive in May I mean every it was farmers doing what you -- we can be done but the infrastructure -- just you can't stop somewhere performing the way our system is you can't stop. The battery tunnel from -- Can't protect homes -- being blown away -- -- or breezy point so. All of us refractive as soon as we go forward master planners. Say this is not just something may happen sometime in the future -- consumers don't happen every. -- you know there's sort of like. A lot of talk about austerity -- mean obviously worldwide -- DC and does that is that you know how do you square those two things the idea of trying to reduce our massive budget. Deficit and debt how do you square that with the need to restore some infrastructure in New York. That you know that's the issue really is going to be tough this is the worst time this to happen -- -- the worst. Economic time -- has since the depression we obviously have. Saving tax -- Spending has be cut back. And get we have to find a way to protect -- in the long run some courses more if we don't rebuild infrastructure right as far as the impact on the economy and -- where it quite so. That's sister you know -- -- elect people for -- are obligated. -- -- and on FaceBook who ask. It's a political question in your opinion is -- your opinion -- Governor Christie while well meaning was also politically motivated in his TV appearances with Obama. To see Obama reelected in order to set the stage for his own real his own election 12016 now granted that -- people could see that question -- As a a tiny bit cynical but at the end of the day Chris Christie's interest data in running for president -- -- has not. Yet. He is that I've had some differences with governor Crist in the past but in fairness -- Governor Christie. I don't think he was thinking of 2013. As far as his reelection. He -- the devastation searching estate. Whether or not he should have reacted -- as. Mostly he did fact -- he was the eye of that storm literally. And his immediate goal is to get whatever assistance -- -- state. Having the president there showing of the damage she was thinking politically he probably should not have been as friendly to president -- -- music and politically protect -- -- eventually succeed. So that's why I give. Nuclear -- help them out because if you really what thinking cynically. He went out of business friendly to President Obama as as -- work. -- -- -- heard Mitt Romney was sort of governor -- I think the whole. Event gave the president the opportunity to appear presidential. And that did take Mitt Romney often -- the front pages. Three or four days during the last days of the campaign. And that that's certainly hurt governor -- how much. Reside has had to get into this the politics of it is president -- one I was strongly opposed -- strongly supported governor Romney. The fact is present Obama won and any species -- -- now to region of Vicki excuses are shipped to present or. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- President Obama one referendum on what's before I don't wanna be the positions -- -- this have happened if that happened when your policies governing got to play the budget doubts. You know when you know when the news Allman. So fights over with CBS or loser with the with the comment I mean does that really help Republican Party going forward having. First I would've said it. We -- how you feel as I do give a million reasons why you think you got her ordeal why work against it. When you would to a campaign you know that you know there's going to be good and bad on both sides to take the good with the bad. -- football game of baseball game I was the stakes are -- You can't complain -- the sun coming out the wrong time rather thunderstorm coming at the wrong time whatever remiss -- all. Fact is you have to factor all of them and you got a plan on winning and can -- you know when that's -- the lost. -- -- thank you so much for taking time to speak to us I think you Q all of you were submitted their questions on FaceBook and Twitter. You can follow us on Twitter at this week ABC and like us on FaceBook at FaceBook dot com slash this week -- say.

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