RNC chair: 'Obviously we have headwinds' but GOP can keep House, Senate majorities

The Republican National Committee chair joins "This Week" to give the GOP's closing argument ahead of Election Day Tuesday.
5:54 | 11/04/18

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Transcript for RNC chair: 'Obviously we have headwinds' but GOP can keep House, Senate majorities
Joined now by the chair of the Republican National Committee Rodham again erotic thank you for joining us this morning unusually subdued president there almost resigned it seems. Two losing their house or you. Absolutely not. I especially with the economic numbers that we stop. On Friday it went. That 250000 jobs added to the economy with wages over 3% for the first time in a decade I mean the American voters are looking. At what happened over the past two years they're making more money more jobs are coming back that is a great closing argument in a lot of these house races that are within the margin of error. And they're gonna say Republicans that have offered a record of results and Democrats are offering resistance and going back east they disagree Claire you say it's a great closing argument knock on the president's not making. He has he's talking about many different things that he's accomplished as president because the list is cell line. I think he's highlighting the fact that we need immigration. Reform Democrats are coming to the table on that ought to strengthening our military taking care for our back trends take an OPEC crisis. And the national security issues that he's. Take a nine North Korea I ran Syria out all the things that. He's accomplished in these first years but the economy is a driving force with the tax cuts and the deregulation and people's lives are battered they're taking home more money to spend on their families and that is a very compelling argument for many of these voters across the country. Who are looking at who they want to keep in the majority and Republicans the party that's deliver. So Lisa you wondering you want voters focused on the economy on Tuesday the president every single day over the last week is talked about immigration talking about sending troops talking but the migrant care event talking about birthright. Citizenship even tweeting out that at we're not gonna play the whole lever to show. That ad the president put out about illegal immigration showing that illegal. Immigrant who commit a murder bringing that. On Democrats that's caused even some Republicans. C react John Kasich Republican governor. Of Ohio they're tweeted out the politics of fear hatred and division should have no place in our country or the Republican Party let alone the presidency. All Americans should reject this ad and its motives do you. I think the president's highlighting I have failure in our immigration system that this disgusting person got into our country twice under Democrat and a Republican president. He labeled only Democrats we don't want that in our immigration system obviously we recognize that we have a broken immigration. The policy right now in this country with these caravans coming towards our country with 121000 kids that have come unaccompanied that are coming on their own because their parents so desperately want to get into this country I know why they want to get here. Our economy's doing great we have a lot of jobs. And the president has said let's get merit based immigration let's focus on eliminating the visa lottery system something that Canada's it doesn't do. And let's strengthen our border and Democrats again walk under the table on an important issue like immigration they didn't come to the table on the east tax cuts. Stating come to Vickie table at this president on anything because they've refused to work with him. And he's closing with the argument of we are the party of results and they're the party of resistance. There's division in the Republican party of course an immigration as well but you're not concerned about that the possibility as we were talking matches earlier in the program. That the president's focus on immigration the ads like that are gonna cause a backlash in suburban districts you need to hold. In order to hold the house. I'm with the president at these rallies the president's talking about all of the accomplishments I think the media is focusing on immigration constantly and I get that. But he's focusing on the economy he's talking about the jobs he's talking about the lowest unemployment in history for the African American and Hispanic communities. And that our country is on a great comeback and the fact that Nancy Pelosi has said she's gonna raise taxes. And the president recognizes the historical trends. With the house and the senate usually the party that holds the White House loses three seats in the senate and thirty seats in the house and he's doing everything he candid turn out every about. With his exhaustive schedule. But is a whole variety of issues that he's talking about an accomplishment that he's made. As president that have made our country stronger more prosperous safe are. I'm and has given the American people more jobs more money. And a comeback that frankly a lot of Democrats didn't think was possible they certainly didn't help what. They've charity or do you blame you blame the media but it's the president himself from city wants election to be about the caravan. The press has not said he wanted to be just about the caravan the president saying let's look at the record are you better off than you were two years the Al he's talking about the economy. It's just not getting that same coverage mean the economy should be for first and foremost and a lot of people's minds as they're going to the polls because remember. President Obama said will never get about 2% GDP. And now where at 3.5. Percent GDP over 4% in some cases we've seen at four million people call off of food stamps we've seen four million new jobs come to this country. There's a lot of good things to talk about the president's talking about a stunt man a lot of other things. You know he can walk and chew gum at the same time we're to the house and senate stand Wednesday morning. It's tight. George it's tight it's gonna depend on voter turnout on Election Day and Democrat enthusiasm is definitely there we are seeing that an early voting. It and qualities that key house and senate races and Republicans have been matching so. Literally Election Day voting it's gonna determine the balance of the house it's a there's about 27 seats within the margin of air obviously. We have had hit had winds with 44 retirements and historical trends. On the house but I feel like we can still keep that majority and then the senate is a batter map. And if we keep the senate that will be defying history as well because usually you lose three seats and that first term of first term president on the Daniel thanks very much.

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{"duration":"5:54","description":"The Republican National Committee chair joins \"This Week\" to give the GOP's closing argument ahead of Election Day Tuesday.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/ThisWeek","id":"58957124","title":"RNC chair: 'Obviously we have headwinds' but GOP can keep House, Senate majorities","url":"/ThisWeek/video/rnc-chair-ronna-mcdaniel-58957124"}