Scaramucci predicts Trump 'not going to fire Rosenstein,' hopes he doesn't testify to Mueller

The "This Week" Powerhouse Roundtable debates the week in the politics.
15:16 | 02/04/18

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Transcript for Scaramucci predicts Trump 'not going to fire Rosenstein,' hopes he doesn't testify to Mueller
??? ??? My duty and the sacred duty of every elected official is to defend Americans, to protect their safety, their families their communities and their right to the American dream because Americans are dreamers too. Remember that? President trump had a state of the union address this week. Only Tuesday. Feels like a lifetime ago. Bill kristol, Roland martin, Mary Bruce, general psaki and Anthony scaramucci at the round table. You guys serve more mooches than me. Thatfine. I want to start on capitol hill, Mary. I made that joke about the state of the June. The shelf life incredibly short. Friday everyone consumed by the memo. It was a partisan grenade. It exposed the deep division within the two parties and even within the Republican paerpt. Speaker Ryan is trying to walk the fine line. He supported the release of the memo in the state of transparency but he said it should not be used to undermine the Russian investigation which puts him and several others at odds with the president. The president is keeping up this drum beat though. I think he's upset. Listen, we can agree on certain things and obviously disagree on other continuinging other things. He's saying the germination that what happened was related to opposition Resch. We can debate whether the memo should be out there or not. I said there should be a bipartisan commission put together to protect that from happening in the future, but also to protect the agencies. One thing that bill and I agree with is that the agencies are S S sacred and we need to protect them. Anyone in the white house saying, Mr. President, even if you believe that it's not a good idea to have a public campaign against the FBI? Despite what people think I think people go at the ppt pretty hard. He likes have tough intelligent people around him. The fact is there was a dura flame log that ignited the surveillance. He doesn't like that. The whole thing would calm down from a bipartisan perspective if we unified and said we'll have a committee -- That was behind the idea of an intelligence committee in the first place. I'm been struck by how many Republicans have fallen in line behind the president. Over the last six to eight months. It's remarkable. If you told me Y would have the house Republicans attacking the FBI signing on to this partisan memo, defending trump no matter what he says or does, that's a victory for Donald Trump. I dislike it as a Republican. Politically he has not been stupid. They say he's short itemered and erratic. I don't buy this. He hates this ve gags. He wanted to discredit. Make it a partisan thing. Rally his supporters as much as possible for what he may have to do down the road. He's succeeded to a much greater degree. I want to bring that to Jen it teams the president is conditioning the environment much as Bill Clinton did when he denied what happened with Monica Lewinsky. That's exactly right. It's pretty much a nothing burger. What's most interesting is the how and why. Why did he do this? He's continuing to lay the groundwork and laying the groundwork for his 35% of supporters that want to be ail to argue on his behalf if there are more people indicted, if there's an obstruction of justice case made against him. The other interesting piece is the how is fascinating. It's a moment where they could have stood out and said we can't put this memo out. They didn't do that. They're sitting there saying let's have misleading out to the public. We're used to the government defending FBI. We're used to that. Again, this is president of the queens county bully association. They' they're afraid to be attacked. Monday he refuses to set forth the sanctions against Russia. Republican leadership says nothing. The head of the CIA said Russia is trying to impact the 2018 election. The president says nothing. If you want to talk about anti-american and not protecting these borders, doing nothing about Russia. I get to respond. This is the thing people don't understand about the president. He's doing an enormous amount. One thing he doesn't like doing in a military situation is declaring what he's doing. The last president made the mistake of telling the Taliban when he was leaving Afghanistan which caused the Talibans to move in. I appreciate for shariaying that about the words I shared two years ago. It was true then and it's true now. I' came at him like I'm about to come at you. Try it. He loves the FBI, he love it is CIA. He loves law enforcement. They rush him for selfies. The border patrol endorsed him. Hold on a second. He's upset about the politics -- There's a huge -- Let me come at you. 98-2. He tacked intelligence community. 17 agencies said Russia interfered with the election. He's trying to present an alternate reality. That's what he does. Mike Pompeo -- It's not collusion. He said -- There's no collusion. The president's has two tweets in the last two days saying the FBI politicized the investigation tore the Democrats calling them political toolings. You've may know what's in his heart. We don't. We read what he's tweeting. Mary Bruce, you talk about capitol hill now. The first possible threats to Robert Mueller came out. Republicans and the president said there's an absolute red line. Does that still hold? It's a question that's being posed to every single Republican. It's a big koeconcern. You have this incredibly vocal group of Republicans particularly in the house raising these concerns, questioning the investigation. The other point is there's a huge concern from members on both sides of the aisle about setting a precedent. The oversight rule is being tarnished by bipartisanship. When this investigation is concluded, when Mueller presents his findings it will be considered bipartisan. I think he's going to refuse to testify. You sure? Absolutely. He'll offer written responses. Mueller will say no. Maybe he'll take the 5th. The United States taking the 5th is that conceivable? Yes. The 5th amendment is a great part of our constitution. It's a witch hunt. You're right to focus on -- These two tweets he sent are very striking. The FBI and D.O.J. Are fundamentally politicized. What's the objection then to firing Rosenstein? He's in charge of it. The shift this week is that Republicans in congress aligned behind Donald Trump on criticizing the FBI and D.O.J. And saying that's okay. You've seen them twist themselves into pretzels. You saw your guest earlier do that. You can't have it both ways. They're not going to be able to continue to have it both way. Remember common people elected the guy. They don't see the pretzel twisting. They see it smells like politic sags. Let's check it. What they need is a committee of Democrats and Republicans and they already having one. It's called congress. The facts matter though. The two predictions are he's not going to fire Mueller an Rosenstein. Will he testify? I hope he doesn't. You don't want him to testify? To Robert Mueller? To answering questions? I don't want him to testify. As a lawyer I don't want him caught in a gotcha moment where somebody accuses him of lying where he may not remember something. I'm giving you my personal opinion. I would say there's no reason to testify. Let it unfold the way it is. I was there for 18 months. I know there was no collusion. He knows. Don Jr. Knows there's collusion. So testify. You don't want him to trip over something. Look what happened to the Clintons. They started with white water and moved into Monica Lewinsky. It's not going to matter. It needs to end on both sides. It's not the politics of destruction. It's a serious investigation. There will be a report that deals with obstruction. Do you think there's a question is will there be a report? When Mueller finishes he gives it to rod Rosenstein. He can choose to not make it public. That's why I'm very struck to the degree at which the president attacks him. That lays the groundwork -- Maybe Rosenstein does something. Rod was in my section in law school. I would tell the president do not fire him. He'll be fair and impartial. You may be upset about the politic saigs, but I don't think it came from him. Didn't he say the same thing about Comey and what happened? I think it's different. I think he had a feeling about Comey. That's what he's done in the trump organization and what he'll do as my president and your president. Don't bully me brother. Don't try that. He used the same with Comey and he fired him. I don't know James Comey. I know rod. I hope the president doesn't fire him. He thinks this is bad for him because where there's smoke there's fire. He's going to resist it, limit it, combat. He'll drag it out as long as possible. If it comes to a Clinton situation where it could, I think people underestimated. He's not randomly reacting to things. He has a strategy here. Sustained. Before we hago -- It's strange bed fellows George. That's for sure. Basically the entire speech, was that a mistake for Democrats? No. There are some who didn't attend. Nobody was shouting at the president T. Nobody was screaming you lie at the president. Democrats feel as many people in the country do a real dissatisfaction and unhappy and anger. They didn't feel they could justify this divisive rhetoric, trying to say I'm not racist. They were thinking of their con si -- constituents. Another possible government shutdown? Nowhere closer to a deal to protect dreamers. Sources say they're near a budget deal. Keeping the government open. Yes. Yet another short term stop gap measure to try to work out immigration. So far more time doesn't seem to be helping. Both parties agree something has to be done. No one wants a question about deportation as they head into the midterms. It doesn't seem they're nearing any kind of agreement. $25 billion for a wall is no fly for Democrats. Even Republicans have concerns about the cuts. Another big deadline on March 5th. Great discussion. Thank you all very much.

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{"id":52830529,"title":"Scaramucci predicts Trump 'not going to fire Rosenstein,' hopes he doesn't testify to Mueller","duration":"15:16","description":"The \"This Week\" Powerhouse Roundtable debates the week in the politics.","url":"/ThisWeek/video/scaramucci-predicts-trump-fire-rosenstein-hopes-testify-mueller-52830529","section":"ThisWeek","mediaType":"default"}