Sen. Dan Coats: Don't Rush Immigration Reform

"This Week" roundtable debates the Boston bombing's impact on immigration.
2:49 | 04/21/13

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Transcript for Sen. Dan Coats: Don't Rush Immigration Reform
Senator -- much effect on legislation certainly can't legislate a lot of these issues but one of the suggests increasing from one of your colleague senator Charles Grassley. Violates that we should put the immigration reform effort. On hold until we know a lot more we -- senator Grassley life usually end up with bad policy if you do -- and emotional way or an emotional reaction. -- we see saw some things post 911. That were enacted that if we had little more rational time to think it think this through. Perhaps we wouldn't have had some of the push back on it but more importantly. Immigration is -- issue that has dramatic economic effect on American said it has national security implications. I think stepping back just a little bit and put -- on hold for instance we have the bigger issue. And immigration in front of us and that's our debt deficit has got to get -- delegates Alexander issue I'm not saying take him out we have a broken system -- -- -- needs to be reformed. But I'm afraid will rush to some judgments relative to immigration and how its process. So let's do -- irrational way then rather than an emotional George with the. And I think that's a bad idea on the part of Senator McCain -- -- I think the idea of delaying immigration reform if you ask anybody involved with immigration including the immigrants themselves this is a horrible idea to take this isolated. Horrible violent evil incident. And make it stand for a larger politics and put immigration reform but the Brady -- First -- It is not the right thing to do -- a nation of immigrants. I trust our government. Wii Fit people up and down. We review policy is it every day but concluded a whole. Is not. In the best interest in this country agreed to congress and one of the things the immigration reform bill deal with the C eleven or twelve million people who were in this country but are still living in the shadows one of the lessons of this incident. We need to integrate all Americans into this society we want -- mainstream. -- delaying the bill actually think we should move -- even faster. This the time we thought about this for years. And economically but also in terms of our national security. This bill will help make America safer because more Americans will come into the mainstream. Well no longer be forced to live in some twilight shadowed area that's one of the lessons we ought to take in this. Alienated young people not part of the mainstream fully dangerous things and well I I think that's -- in the last person have on the ups -- of all this but I'm simply saying. Just push it back a month or two. Let the emotions settle down let us two of them -- rational way and make good judgments not based on the urgency of the moment. That congress has the spillway -- just rushing to judgments without thinking it through carefully we're talking months here or -- few weeks not years.

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{"id":19010383,"title":"Sen. Dan Coats: Don't Rush Immigration Reform","duration":"2:49","description":"\"This Week\" roundtable debates the Boston bombing's impact on immigration.","url":"/ThisWeek/video/sen-dan-coats-rush-immigration-reform-19010383","section":"ThisWeek","mediaType":"default"}