Sen. Marco Rubio on 'This Week'

The Florida senator on immigration reform and U.S. aid to Syrian rebels.
9:33 | 06/16/13

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Transcript for Sen. Marco Rubio on 'This Week'
Good morning and welcome to this week. Crossing the red line. President obama signs off on arms to the syrian rebels. I want to know what the end game is. Is he going to have? Just to provide additional ons is not enough. Or is it too little, too late. And congress needs to act, and that moment is now. And the battle over immigration reform. Will it pass? This morning, a key player in both debates, senator marco rubio, a this week exclusive. Then all the week's politics. We aren't trying to hide it, we're trying to protect america. More scrutiny over surveillance, and -- iran's surprising pick for president. Plus another exclusive -- he's the best dad and the best man I've ever met. Jeb bush in our father's day spot slight. Hello again, george is off, it is great to have you with us. Is the u.S. About to get lved in yet another war in the middle east? After determining that syria's government crossed the president's red line, the u.S. Has made a decision to send arms to the rebels. Many in congress have been pushing for more action. Including our first guest, marco rubio who joins us from miami. Good morning. Senator and happy father's day. Good morning. And happy father's day to you and your viewers. You have been pushing for a long time for the u.S. To arm the rebels, is this going to make a difference? Let me say, in politics or foreign policy, timing matters. These were options a year and a half ago. Before they became this chaotic, we should have looked for elements fighting against assad, reasonable people who wouldn't carry out human rights violation and be part of building a new syria. This president failed to do that. Now the strongest groups fighting againstsaw u assad are al-qaeda-linged. They aren't all, but they are the best equipped. The options are narrower than a few months ago. We should continue to search to see if there are elements that are reasonable, we can work, respect human rights and it's tougher now, hezbollah, and russia arming syria, and iran involved. The fact it's taken the white house and the president so long et a clear and concise pon syria left us with the worst possible scenario right now. We're here now, though, what would president rubio do right now? Would you commit u.S. Forces to a no-fly zone? First of all, we never would have gotten to this point. Identified elements we work, those elements, not the al-qaeda squb were the best-armed and ep eQUIPPED AND TRAINED. That being said, we need to continue to work with those, and do the best we can to increase their viability and strength. So if he falls, they'll be the ones with the best ability to manage a future, hopefully democratic and peaceful syria. Before we leave the middle east, we had a big election in iran, the most moderate candidate won. Is president u this president going to be potentially easier to deal, less of a threat than iran under president ahmadinejad? Moderateynian political standards is not what we would describe as moderate in the west. I hope so. Because the people of iran do not want the future their leaders wanted. The people of iran want to engage with the rest of the world, don't want to be isolated, don't want iran going back to the 16th and 7th century. They want to be in the 20th century. Hopefully with iran, I'm optimistic, better relations not just with the united states, but the world, they need to abandon the nuclear weapons ambitions and pledge to walk away. Unfortunately this gentleman is a strong supporter of the nuclear program and weaponization as well. The bottom line is we are hopeful that's the case, but at the indeed of the day, the supreme leader calls the shots and he put them on the dangerous track. I want to turn to immigration. You are one primary ark tickets, authors of the bill that came out of the excite for immigration reform. I have a basic question, do you support your own bill? I think it's an excellent starting point. I think 95, 96% of the bill is in perfect shape and ready to go. But there are elements that need improved. You offer an idea, public input, and the input from other colleagues, krit sits and observations come out, they need to be addressed. We have the opportunity to do that now. In particular on the border security element. Look, the vast majority of americans, conservative republicans are prepared to support immigration reform, but only if we can ensure that we're not going to have another wave of illegal immigration unless future. They have pointed to valid criticisms of how the border security is structured in the bill and reasonable ways to address it. If ittays the way it is on border security, do you vote for it? I don't want to get involved in the hypotheticals. It's a real possibility. But I don't think it is. A bill without included border security which everyone has conceded needs to happen. The debate is about what it looks like. If we do that, it will have strong, bipartisan support. If we fail, we will keep trying. The only way to pass the immigration reform law out of the house and senate so the president can sign it is with border security measures. You have taken real heat from the right on this. I want to go through just this past week, right-wing commentators, ann kooul ter said he's playing marco rubio. And marco rubio is being played the fool or we are being played the fool by senator rubio. And glenn beck called you a nasty name and said he is not on our side. You used to be hailed as a conservative hero to some of these guys. I think it's important to remember on every issue I agree with many of the folks that are not supportive of the bill. I understand. We have the most generous country in the history of the world who's immigration laws have been taken advae of. There's no problem that the border is secure, when everyone knows it's not. People are frustrated, and when you mention it, you are accused of being anti-immigrant or hispanic. I respect other people's views and understand why they're frustrated, I hope people understand the reason I have undertaken this is it's a major problem that's hurting our country. The only way to solve problems is to get involved. But to direnswer that question, are you being played by the democrats? Is schumer playing I don't know what that means. Using you to try to accomplish something that democrats want and has not -- not a conservative bill. Immigration reform is something that all americans recognize have to be done. I don't focus a lot on public polling, but if you look, it's clear that the vast majority of americans understand that we have de facto amnesty, a broken system that needs to be reformed. The president came out and gave a speech on immigration. I'm wondering if you consider that helpful, he comes out as he did and harshly critical of the critics of this bill? The president has his hands full. I didn't hear the speech, saw headlines here or there. Our job as legislators, as memb of congress is to pass legislation. That's the senate, and the hou will have had its work. And the president will decide to sign the bill or not. Before we go, the miami heat, series tied at two. Does lebron james there have to deliver a championship to miami to be considered to be in the same league at michael jordan. Is that game on abc? I believe so, yes. Lebron james is certainly the greatest player in fact world right now, one of the greatest of all time. By the tims career is over, it will be evident. I predict they'll win in six games. Win tonight in san antonio, and wrap it up on tuesday in miami. I think the pre-game coverage begins at 8:30? 8:30 eastern, thank you very much, senator rubio. Thank you.

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