Sen. Tim Scott says it is time for Roy Moore to 'move on'

The Republican senator told "This Week" he wants "to be on the side of right when history writes the story."
11:39 | 11/26/17

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Transcript for Sen. Tim Scott says it is time for Roy Moore to 'move on'
And I'm joined now bay Republican in congress, senator Tim Scott. Good morning, senator. And senator, let's take a look at what president trump said about Roy Moore earlier this week. We don't need a liberal person in there. A Democrat. Jones. I've looked at his record. Is an accused child molester better than a Democrat? Is an accused -- Well, he denies it. He denies it. He says it doesn't happen. And you know you have to listen to him also. You're talking about, he said, 40 years ago, this did not happen. Roy Moore denies it. That's all I can say. He denies it. And by the way, he totally denies it. And the president tweeting moments ago, doubling down on this. Saying the last thing we need in Alabama and the U.S. Senate is a schumer/pelosi punt who is weak on crime, welcome on the border. And saying Jones would be a disaster. So, senator, you have said that it's in the best interests of the country that Roy Moore find something else to do rather than run for senate. You saw the president's take on Moore. You listened to mor. Has the Alabama Republican said anything recently that has made you change your mind? No, ma'am. It is pretty clear to me that the best thing that Roy Moore can do for the country is not run. The allegations are strong and credible. The denial is weak. Still there, but weaker. In my opinion and many Republicans' in the senate, it's time to turn the page. It's not about electing Republicans versus Democrats. It's about the character of our country. I want to be on the side of right and history writing the story. Is president trump on the side of wrong? Well, the president will have to make his own decisions on where he thinks he is and why he's there. Partisan politics is very important in Washington. It's how your get your job done on either side of the aisle. From my perspective, I'm not taking it from a Republican or Democrat perspective. I'm thinking of those folks negatively impacted by the allegations. The long-term health of the country from a personal perspective that leads me to one conclusion. I've been there. I'm staying there. And I am looking for ways for us to heal this devastating wound in our country. I think Peggy Noonan said it well. It's time for sunshine to hit this offensive behavior and for us to clean up this act. Let's go back to president trump. Jeff flake said that the president made a big mistake supporting Roy Moore. Do you agree it's a mistake for president trump to do this? I really can't say what the president should or should not do. I will tell you that the judge and the jury in this case will be the voters of Alabama. And they will weigh in very soon about two weeks in a couple of days from now. We'll hear the outcome. Of the voters who will be the judge and the jury. For this case. As it relates to Roy Moore. I want to say with president trump, who certainly sets a tone. ? The aftermath of charlessville and the president's response, you said his moral authority was compromised. Is his moral authority compromised because of these comments about Roy Moore? Well, there -- I don't think so. I think the reality of it is while I have read through as many stories as I could get my hands on, think the issue in the case is compelling. I have reached the conclusion, I think there are many Americans who disagree with me vehemently. I don't necessarily understand how, but they do. I look forward to addressing and following this issue as long as we can. We'll know more about the outcome of this election on I think it's December 12th. When Americans disagree with people, whether it's the president or other folks, it doesn't change my opinion. I'm unable to change theirs. "The New York Times" piece says the president not only doubts Roy Moore's accusers but has been telling people he now doubts the authenticity of the "Access Hollywood" tape. Here's a quote from "The times." He sees the calls for Mr. Moore to step aside as a version of a response to the new famous access Hollywood tape. Where he talked about grabbing a woman's genitalia. He suggested earlier this year it was not authentic and repeated that claim to an adviser more recently. Your resatisfaction do you believe the "Access Hollywood" tape is authentic? I'll tell you what I co-believe. Number one, the voters of this country had the information before the election of 2016. They had a choice between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump. They chose Donald Trump with all of the information before them. Number two, I think we have to be very careful not to make this into a partisan issue when those who are liberal want to fight those who are conservative and where those who are conservative want to fight the liberals on the issue. The issue we should focus on is 2459 sexual harassment is an offense so deplorable, so disgusting that has we need to fight against it tooth and nail with everything we have. Ultimately, the voters will be the decisionmakers in some of the cases. We, as a nation, in politics, media, sports, we have to tackle this issue. We have not done a good job of it so far. Let's talk about this. The president says he'll wait until this week to decide whether he goes to campaign for Roy Moore. What signal would that send women if he does? Think the president will have to make the decision on whether or not he thinks that the risks -- the benefit outweighs the risk in the case. From my perspective, I have made my decision. You won't find me in Alabama. I want to move on to the NFL. President trump once again tweeted angrily while at mar-a-lago this Thanksgiving week. He continued his criticism of lavar ball, the father of one of the UCLA players who was arrested for shoplifting in China and later freed. He said, lavar, you could have spent the next five to ten years during Thanksgiving with your son in China. But no NBA contract to support you. But remember, lavar, shoplifting is not a little thing. It's really big deal, especially in China. Ungrateful fool. That was followed by this. The NFL is now thinking about a new idea, keeping teams in the locker room during the national an thenl next season. That's almost as bad as kneeling. When will the highly paid commissioner finally get tough and smart? The issue is killing your league. And Greg ar gent from the Washington post said the president's tweets are part of a larger trend. Trump's ran tweets about lavar ball are part of a pattern. Trump regularly attacks high-profile African-Americans to feed his supporters' belief that the system is rigged for minorities. You to think the president has a habit of unnecessarily singling out minorities? The president is a good counterpuncher. He doesn't seem to discriminate from my perspective. He attacks anyone he perceives or believes is attacking him or the country. Right or wrong. I will say as it relates to China and the lavar ball incident, there's a segment on ESPN called come on, man. Here's my thought. If you're going the steal. And steal in China. And someone gets you out of that, you ought to saw thank you. They should say welcome. The reality of it is, for a high-profile athlete to go the China and steal, and then the president of the United States, who obviously has a very -- precarious and provocative relationship with sports completely, to bail you out, I think, deserves a thank you without having to be asked for it. The truth of the matter is -- Not singling out minorities? You don't thing he's singling out minorities? From the UCLA players to the NFL player? I will tell you, from my perspective, the answer is no. There's no doubt that if he were singling out minorities in the basketball situation, he singled them out in a positive way. The reality is, having the president of the United States step in to help you out when you're in China, that is a powerful move that likely brought those fellas home without having to miss Thanksgiving with their family. Truth is, there could have been really negative consequences to those young folks. Senator, I want to move on. This holiday week when we're all giving thanks, we think of those less fortunate, I want to talk about income Eni quality. You were raised bay sungle mother in a low-income home. You say the Republican tax bill will help the poor. How? A couple of ways. Number one, we look at the -- on the personal income side, there's not $1 trillion of personal income taxes paid in 2014-2015. Out of that amount, the folks at the lower end, received about $2.4 billion in refunds. They did not pay actual tax in the aggregate. Our plan increases that refund by about 40%. We also increase the child tax credit from $1,000 to $2,000. We continue to work for areas senator fisher, a senator from Nebraska has led the charge on family leave. Providing a tax credit for family leave. Included in our legislation. I have included in the tax reform legislation the investing in opportunity act, which targets 50 million Americans living in poverty in distressed communities. Bringing back over $2 trillion of capital gains back into those communities, long-term, to solve some of the serious problems that are endemic in some of the communities where I grew up. About 45% of Americans don't pay income tax. Many of those are the working poor. How does it help them? Well, if you don't pay income taxes and we increase your refund by 40%, that is a direct dollar impact. You'll have more money to use to keep those ends together, those single mothers like mine, who are working paycheck to paycheck, they'll now not get a $9300 deduction, we're doubling that almost to $18,000. For a dual-parent income house hold. From around $12,700 for the standard deduction to around $24,000. What we focused on is making sure that those folks who are struggling to get ahead in life have more of their own money so that they can take care of the needs of their families and perhaps everyone to have a night out. You see a bill passing by Christmas? Well, I do believe in prayer. Number one. And I hope that we can get it done by Christmas. If not, we'll be here through Christmas looking at the end of the year making sure we provide tax relief for those working families like the one I grew up in. Okay, thank you so much for joining us, senator Scott. Yes, ma'am. Have a good day. You, too.

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{"id":51388865,"title":"Sen. Tim Scott says it is time for Roy Moore to 'move on'","duration":"11:39","description":"The Republican senator told \"This Week\" he wants \"to be on the side of right when history writes the story.\"","url":"/ThisWeek/video/senator-tim-scott-51388865","section":"ThisWeek","mediaType":"default"}