Sunday Spotlight: Alexandra Pelosi and Jim McGreevey

Director Alexandra Pelosi and former Gov. Jim McGreevey on their HBO film, "Fall to Grace."
4:08 | 03/24/13

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Transcript for Sunday Spotlight: Alexandra Pelosi and Jim McGreevey
Every person's life. One had to look deeply into the -- -- one's soul and decide once you -- true. Not as we may want to -- and hope to. But accidents. And so my truth. That I am a gay American. It's remarkable how great works or -- loss you know when word -- would begin to understand that is the potential. To have a different valuation. Deliver different way. -- What a journey has been for Jim -- since he stepped down as new Jersey's governor back in 2004. Now with a -- prison ministry that story is told in the new HBO documentary a fall to grace. We're joined now on our Sunday spotlight by -- grieving and filmmaker Alexandra Pelosi thank you. Both for coming on. And -- turn back the clock. 1015 years I imagine when you thought ahead to 2013. You thought a lot more about the White House -- the women's prison sure. I think that was the driving impetus. To think about politics and the inevitable or what -- I would hope to be the inevitable next step. But. The blessing of 2004 my resignation is that I had the opportunity to reassess my values. What was that -- core. And a dear friend said to me if you could do anything at this point in life think about pursuing. What your passion would be. And I think when I was in high school and also law school I thought about you know entering into the priest -- the -- Stan. And so I had an opportunity reassess where I was. And go deeper -- -- my sense about him so. He calls it a blessing -- and you described him as a broken. Man and I guess what a rich stories show how broken man. Creates a. Path to redemption -- just in time for Easter word. Trying to put the idea out there that everybody deserves a second act and -- deserves redemption we've all made mistakes that are. Not proud of and we all think that. In this time of year it's good to talk about. Getting forgiveness for our -- it wasn't easy to convince him to do this time and I never. The first time I went out and I met him and his partner and I said it likely -- -- and they said please go away. No and but -- we -- -- there. Exactly or you don't should she did and was so special about Alexander was the trusted she incurred with the women. Because we get some when we actually took a vote in the jail and said do we want to continue this because Alexander and a little. Hand held camera was in their faces as they talked about some of the most difficult aspects of their lives. And she gives meaning and purpose to these women. If any good comes out of this George hopefully is that you know as we drive by those high concrete walls with barbed wire we understand there are human beings behind. Those walls and America's 5% of the world's population but -- 25%. Of the world's incarcerated population we're number one. We're ahead of Russia and then -- Wanda and so I think what Alexander's film shows is the importance of providing treatment. Particularly to the 70%. Of persons behind bars who are active addicts you know what I when I first heard your story thought about chuck Colson -- -- in prison on the history after his own brush. With political scandal what is it about. This ministry. It's redemptive as Alexander says and for me I remember when the dean of the seminary suggested I do prison ministry frankly it was a safe place for me to -- Because I didn't think I would be subject to recrimination. And then you spend time with people -- broken. And you see. The sense of goodness within them but you have to work with them and I also achieve a parallel blessing -- working with me. To move to a more but I would proceed Copley Place never went to see a whole lot -- the story in -- fall to grace -- -- this week. I'm HBO -- -- thank you both for coming.

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{"id":18801106,"title":"Sunday Spotlight: Alexandra Pelosi and Jim McGreevey ","duration":"4:08","description":"Director Alexandra Pelosi and former Gov. Jim McGreevey on their HBO film, \"Fall to Grace.\"","url":"/ThisWeek/video/sunday-spotlight-alexandra-pelosi-jim-mcgreevey-18801106","section":"ThisWeek","mediaType":"default"}