Taking stock of President Trump's 2017 accomplishments

The Powerhouse Roundtable discusses the president's 2017 and the agenda ahead for 2018.
11:35 | 12/24/17

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Transcript for Taking stock of President Trump's 2017 accomplishments
Again, I want to wish you a very merry Christmas. Ahave a lot of pens over here. Would any of the media, oh, look at the camera guys. Many of you have worked very, very hard. Very, very fairly. Here you go, folks. You want the box with it, or not? The president handing a rare bone to the press. Handing out ceremonial pens from the tax bill signing. When you lock at the president's accomplishments today. Putting a conservative on the supreme court. The tax cut bill. Unemployment under 5%. The economy growing. ISIS largely defeated in Iraq and Syria. The stock market hitting record highs. Has the trump presidency done more than critics say? The country is in better shape than some people had feared. But, whether we can attribute it to trump is another question. He's changed the nature of the the presidency. I don't know if that is permanent or not. Through his tweets, which he feels very strongly is a way to get to the American people directly, without us interferi interfering, is something we have never seen before. It could change the future of how presidents communicate forever. Rich, you worked really hard to keep him there getting electioned. Thanks for reminding me. But you recently compared his parentheses did I den si to what you said about Wagner's music. Better than it sounds. You have the tweets. They suggest here's this wild-eyed guy with all these resentments. Then you have policy and the presidential decisions. It's not been that at all. For the most part, it's been entirely conventional. One of the extraordinary things about this year. Steve ban non, on the outside looking in in the white house. Whereas Paul Ryan, Mitch Mcconnell, at the moment, are warm allies of this white house. So you have seen this the on and off relationship. He's not been conventional at all on the question of immigration. And on refugees. He hasn't been conventional on trade. These are two areas that have have a huge impact on the the United States' role in the world. The trade you have seen a lot of huffing and puffing. No action yet. Pulling out of tpp. Immigration, I think, has been a welcome change in the party's orthodoxy. I think if you're running for national office, you are going to have to be restrictionist on immigration. In the Republican party. That will be a problem in the long run. Congress dent and senator flake say you win elections by adding, not subtracting. One of the the first things for January is the immigration bill. Finding legal status for the dreamers. Many Republicans and many people in the white house are against it. Yeah. It will be interesting to see if congress can make progress. Mitch Mcconnell wants too do it if he can get at least 60 votes to support it. Jeff flake has made a promise that he would have some idea presented to him by January how to move into that direction is not yet clear. Something many members of the congressional hispanic caucus in the last week have expressed deep concern about and dreck toward their parties a leadership. The Democrats are in trouble, as well. All the energy in the democratic party is with the young immigrants. And with the Progressive wing. That will be a problem for them in 2018. Lots of problems for Democrats in 2018 that we haven't talked about. The fact is, that the -- party is -- energized by a wing of the party that will probably have trouble winning general elections. And energized in places people don't usually see. I was in Alabama covering the senate election. I was surprised by the number of women, the number of lgbt communities. Number of Latinos. Black young voters, from Alabama, on the ground, trying to mobilize and make their state what they consider great as compared to what the president considers great. The biggest accomplishment may be drugs. Whether the disruption ultimately helps president trump is not yet clear. We'll see it in the coming year. If you try to judge it on legislation, you see, he's stepping on his own message. Can't get anything done. Republican party controls both chambers. But I'm not sure that is really the goal. I'm not sure that has ever been the goal. Not the goal. Not where the voters are right now. All the energy is not around economics. Counting bills passed. Yeah. And you say it's the economy, stupid. The truth is, it's the economy except when it isn't. All the energy is around issues like me too. It can have an impact in way that Republicans don't know now deal with. But this -- think, there's a lot of room for the M ds to move left on exhibition. They can't get their heads and, it will be difficult for them to do, they need to moderate on cultural issues. Yes. That's very hard. Abortion is the place they need to make a difference. Change their tune. Because, you saw in Alabama, if Roy Moore had won, it would have been over the issue of abortion. And if Doug Jones had been a pro-life Democrat -- He would have run away with it. There for the taking. At least east not not going to run. Doesn't he make a point. If you have an Elizabeth Warren or a Bernie Sanders goes against trump. Seems like the last election would have been perfect for an independent candidate and it didn't happen. Is that why we're seeing people like Joe Biden enjoying such favorability. And McCain is doing better are Democrats than Republicans. It's the youth movement. The Republican party is completely bonded to Donald Trump. There are some exceptions. If flake ran in the primary against Donald Trump, he would be as asterisk. He's not a natural for the independent either. You have just said something very key. Thank you. Finally. No. You just said Republican women in the suburbs. There are not going to be any Republican women in the sub you Ares by the time this is all done. This presidency is offending those women. That's what the base doesn't understand. Cokie, where does the me too movement go from here? Think the energy of getting women candidates. The numbers are astounding of women conditioneds running at every level. And the -- You're talking about women Democrats? Mostly Democrats. Some Republicans. But mostly Democrats. They're running for congress in numbers you have never seen before. And running for state legislatures in numbers you have never seen before. In Virginia, 11 women flipped seats from Republican to democratic. Those were women. And if they really run in the kinds of numbers that they're now talking about, that's WRE the energy of the movement goes. That's an easy place to go. That's an elected office where you can really change policy. People are saying, jeepers, these guys are screwing up. We need to get some women in there to fix it. You could see multiple women in nominating contests for president rather than one woman in each party's nominating congress. When you look at what president trump signaled all year, fore shadows all year. I go back again and again to day two. Standing at the CIA wall. Just blowing up -- First full day in office. Just blowing up orthodoxy. There is no hallowed ground in American politics or policy where you can't make a political statement. You can't cig nat nal your political intentions. He's very much -- With the Indian code talkers. The pocahontas comment. Has he blown up the regular rules for everybody else, foo? To riches a point. He's been brutally harsh on the press. Right. Fake news and all that. These are the people over the top. But he's actually been an incredible LE media-friendly president. Before he started handing out pens. I mean -- Did you get a pen? I wasn't there. There's a duality there. In the short term, day to day, in terms of coverage and access, chutely. A ton of interaction are the president. In the long terms, if you believe that the free press is a pillar of American democracy. Or the department of justice. Or the FBI, or our intelligence agencies. It's been very destructive. Short term, Lon term, on the surface. There's a love-hate relationship on both sides. Trump loves to beat up ion the press. But watches it obsessively. Changed the date of his signing ceremony because of what he was hearing on the news. And pointed to one reporter and said, you were one of the people who said that. The press hates him. But loves the spectacle and the ratings. How will voters respond to that? Will they believe what the press says is a very important issue that needs their attention and that they should consider at the polls. Or if they'll view it at entertainment. Like they have done through much of Donald Trump's time. One thing of the war on the press and the fake news, over and over again, it's maetd -- you have people with theirwn set of facts. It's not just for -- And -- It's the internet. And that's actually very troublesome. Because, because you can't make policy without facts. You can disagree about what the policy is. And what the facts imply for the policy, but you can't disagree about facts and make policy. We have seen reports on red Facebook feed versus blue, that people are getting different news, some from very un-credible news sources. We're seeing partisanship reach levels we haven't seen in recent years. This is the place of power. Confuse when you confuse. You're not sure what the believe. Sflat's all the time we have.

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