Kellyanne Conway: Justice Kavanaugh 'should not be seen as tainted'

Counselor to the President Kellyanne Conway is interviewed on "This Week" about Brett Kavanaugh's confirmation to the Supreme Court.
14:40 | 10/07/18

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Transcript for Kellyanne Conway: Justice Kavanaugh 'should not be seen as tainted'
Now as counselor to the president Kellyanne Conway good morning Kelly and and might. Want to ask you this is clearly a victory for the president a big victory for the president but as you yourself said this. Was could be seen as an apocalyptic fight this confirmation battle. How concerned are you. They'd given all that we down in the way this went down. Did Brett Cavanaugh will be seen as he tainted justice by roughly half of the country. Justice Kavanagh should not be seen as tainted. He should be seen as somebody who's went through seven FBI investigations including just in this last week another when it was completed this past July. Had to answer urged top hundred written questions had produced about a million pages of documents submitted himself to about 33 year 35 hours. A sworn testimony to the senate including denying allegations ever put before him. And they should look at his entire record the way senator Susan Collins did. Her speech and Herbert were remarkable but don't forget what she said and that that stem winder of a speech before she cast her affirmative vote. She says she hadn't increased by nineteen attorneys that she had read his opinion she quoted from those opinions. She says she's very concerned. That we're giving up on basic principles that make America. So wonderful including fairness and due process and the presumption of innocence the Supreme Court thank god is as sacrosanct institution. Tech can withstand much and it worked with stand. The fact that there are a lot of political machinations you have people preening for the cameras. Already out there and Iowa running for president tunnel tunnel. On the heels of this vote. And who were raising money for they're presidential campaigns touring a senate confirmation hearing for the Supreme Court so I think there should be a lot of soul searching. But let's not forget he should be doing that you're about to have a democratic senator. From the Senate Judiciary Committee meeting her owner of Hawaii on your show she told you in the men of America to Josh shut up several weeks without. This is day in a very low point for many people whose job it was to advise and consent to present on judicial nominations. And they want to really want an America look up and see Brett Cavanaugh is a gang rapists and a lot of women including me in America looked up in salt in the end who was. Indeed political Carrick and political political character assassination and also we looked up installing him. Possibly our husbands our songs are cousins are co workers are Brothers. And this was this was unfair had they shown Brett cabin on a grace and dignity. That they his ten year old order. Show doctor for that we all showed her in her testimony. In an FBI supplemental investigation. But I think there should be some soul searching but it's not the Supreme Court. So Kelly and you heard what a leaner Kagan said about the court's legitimacy depending on it. Being seen is as as apart from politics that we see in the other two branches I assume based in your comments you you agree with that. There are route regardless regardless of anything you just said there are. Clearly questions in the minds of a great many people in this country again roughly half the country abouts. Justice Kavanagh is objectivity how would you advise him. To overcome those questions that so many people in this country have about whether or not he can truly be an objective justice. You've already tried this for weeks now respectfully tried what and is asking how was overcome doubts that half the caller has had not trying anything you sure ask me questions. Excuse me we've had this conversation for three weeks including under sworn testimony there's been no Supreme Court justice in the history of this country John has been more. Kicked department the possible exception of Clarence Thomas is in this point seven here on the bench. And it and we had his conversation with me I think what justice Kavanagh she deal is what he's done for twelve years. On the second highest court in the land having authored over 300 judicial pay need to should go to work. He should do his job he should look at the document he should listen to -- the cases in front of him. He should read the briefs. And then he should apply the law not make it up as he goes along that's why president trump nominated Neil corsets and bright capital in the first place and twenty some other US Circuit Court judges. That acting for him because. This in this country sick and tired of people make up the laws they go long to fit. Political agendas or to fit person up for pre dispositions. He he should do that but I'm telling you we also what you're talking about the country appalling look at the the Harris the Harvard Harris poll that came out this week. To data points out quickly review 175%. Of Americans ink. According to the Harvard Harris poll say. That senator Feinstein should not have sat on that letter for six weeks she should have revealed immediately in a separate question 69% in the hearts. The Harvard Harris poll excuse me said that they thought the whole process was a quote national disgrace. And you have to put all of this data points together and wrecking Heinz. That there is profiles in cowardice. By many people they were not trying to get to that that lets stop pretending that there's moral authority by some including many. In your industry I didn't say that many in the industry. Have lost an arm authority to pretend that they were looking for the truth that they weren't on some kind of fact finding mission. When they weren't an uneven covering his testimony that he has denied under both that this has happened. And they want every woman to be a victim. Every woman to lock arms and every other one every man as a perpetrators we can't live in a country where debt democracy. And the First Amendment and due process so fairness and the presumption of innocence fried. And how bad as the back drop by United States senators. But let me ask you did Judd Kavanagh in his. I after the hearing was over he wrote an op Ed in the Wall Street Journal and he said let me read a section of this. I was very emotional last Thursday more so than I have ever been I might have been too emotional at times I know that might tone was sharp. I said a few things I should not have said. We know we apologize for the way he spoke to senator Klobuchar but what are the other what what what were the rest of those few things what does he regret saying. In that second round of confirmation. Think senator Collins answer that question that's not echo it where she said she can understand as cannot as can many people including women across this country millions have been John. That when you are being unjustly attacked when people are sending death threats and by ill. Emails to your own wife. You're thirteen ten your own two orders when they're trying to destroy their reputation in the goodwill what does he regret does not said what I would what are what are the few things that he says he should not have said. Hit he apologized to senator Klobuchar. For what else getting a little bit hot but I think we ought but I think we all can appreciate that I don't think look I don't think pat. What judge Cavanaugh said under oath in that testimony. For 35 hours all told. Comes anywhere in rule here. The hysteria. And bit the hash tags. And the and they stating and that chasing people out of restaurants and down senate halls nothing that he senator Dave. Comes even close to approximating bull that type of a good on its Eric is watching I'm glad the cameras were on. He said he apologized let's apologize today it is senator and but remember he's under oath as he's been for twenty years as a public service seven FBI investors also. To move beyond her hearings let's move on beyond nearest what's gonna happen we we a want to play something that candidate Donald Trump said during the campaign. You wanna see the court overturn row well let me put. Another to work perhaps three justices on this really what's going to be had that's will happen. And that'll happen automatically in my opinion because I am putting pro life justices on the court. So did the president keep his promise he now has two justices on the court. Will Roe vs. Wade be overturned is that the expectation. There are many people in this country are thrilled that it's a present child the not president the person who lost election last time putting. These justices on the united State Supreme Court so we'll get back to the constitution. And it's four corners having set that and senator Collins again after this in her speech justice Kavanagh justice Kavanagh and love that. Said during his testimony that he Belize rovers this latest senate is settled law I would refer you back to October 19 2016. When then candidate trump in the final debate in Las Vegas turn to hilly Clinton did. Something that pro life candidates had not done for decades and should hat he turned her as an excuse me during the extremists on abortion you would grip the baby out of his mother's womb. Before the last our the Ford's first that was done that was out of time a lot of the country Sykes said who and then he started to look at and say wait a second. To be pro choice in 2008 total that you're first sex selection apportion the your for late term abortion taxpayer funded abortion abortion have to put. Could put our it would crabby about I want our quest I question is AB can't do you expect the issue here but do you expect Roe vs. Wade will be over her president promised. That he was cruel and justices you would get Roe vs. Wade. Vote overturned is that the expectation now has he fulfilled his promise are we now going to see the president now expect that we are going to see Roe vs. Wade overturned. Both justice course sentence and justice Kavanagh in their respective Supreme Court hearings nomination hearings excuse me. Said their rallies settled law I make an appointee of the president promised to appoint just and so some that was a broken promise. Arafat a broken promise he's appointing people he's nominating people 26 US Circuit Court and change the ice sheet supreme. Or her going to apply the law most Americans don't actually know what roe. For Biden does not provide because we surveyed this in the past. They think that there are limits to two having abortions I that is not what wrote did grow talked about. A word that we never heard sends number and they talked about. Try masters. But they never really thinks he's able we're talking about try masters now people are going to look at state law in the circuit law. And they're not going to look at issues like late term abortion. They're going to look at sex selection abortion it they're certainly going to look at abortion actor nonpartisan scientists and doctors say a fetus can feel pain. This whole matter on the left of abortion at any time anyone anywhere on to me and with absolutely no common sense applied to it whatsoever the fact that planned parent get to half a billion dollars a year in taxpayer funding. And then turns around and uses it. To his support Democrats. Is not what most Americans think of when they think the Planned Parenthood particularly we we heard the icy Supreme Court we'll see what cases and I look I didn't mean she meaningless to boil the Supreme Court down to only a portion. Our guidance they this week they're gonna ideal of asbestos claims that probably deal the commerce clause in this turn. Let me ask you about some news just it just came in we different senators are agent. They document senator Collins is just said that the president was not respectful. Of Christine Blassie forward. During this process you're reaction. And it is well senator Collins was referring I believe also to a particular comment. From a rally last week that really showed a lot of rank and file people who care about the Supreme Court and care about people being unjustly accused. That he was showing that he did stand by so was the president being disrespect all this does the president blatantly misrepresented it. The pleasant lately and that rally misrepresented. What's hero Arnold you're saying you're you're going to respectfully you're free you're always going to be. Talking about last week and we're moving four includes one I hear about right now senator Collins said the price it was disrespectful. And and and I and I'm asking for you to respond to that. Was the president disrespect respectfully present Ozzy or I don't know what it sees me. That White House and the entire process of Senate Judiciary Committee depressing it. He's counselor. All of us Wear very respectful to you doctor Ford in saying let her be heard don't ignore her don't Salter and we did hear Har. She got to testify eleven days after. Justice Cavanaugh was willing to testify eleven days after her identity was first and yelled and let's repeal. Why was right and he revealed who really dis respecting this woman. And meter household name in the face. That would be the Democrats that would be senator Dianne Feinstein he sat on that letter from her for six weeks and then some democratic staffer somewhere. And let's get to the bottom of that let's not let that go I hope they will investigate who leaked doctor Ford's identity she requested anonymity so she don't want to be him. Get a steely and then they recommended these democratic lawyers for her who Pratt who. Maybe didn't even tell her that she could testify privately in California she and have to come. To wash. OK Kelly and network we're we're about out time no one I want to get one question more about the vote the actual vote Lisa Murkowski obviously voted no. Are we heard from the president in the Washington Post say quote. I think she will never recover from this I think the people of Alaska will never forgive her for what she did so. You're the political expert. Over there with what do you agree with that is is Lisa Murkowski these safety. Feet feet sealed the Jamaica. A fatal political stake would not vote. Alaska is a state that the president won by fifteen points last time around it is certainly a state that keeps elevating Republicans to statewide office. And I think the president's entire point is you're stuck between. The will of your own people. If this peace and and also I think some of the other considerations. That I've really didn't equip people like senator Collins or senator flee or senator mansion. Everything that he's swinging at the swing voters wanted was done. There was a supplemental FB SF BI investigation. That last week I think that people were high fighting themselves on the left and actually helped justice Kavanagh on how to supplemental investigation because there's still no corroboration. For these allegations that people that doctor Ford mentioned Bible were then interviewed by the FBI and could not. Corroborate. They could at least you couldn't corroborate her allegations. Said Eric cap he's up against running total to I think what a disgrace is is that people are ready reason reason millions of dollars to go get senator Collins. Instead of raising money and hash tag and sells on Twitter going to read her whole speech is one for the ages. She did was senators are supposed to do advice and consent look at all the Farrelly again thank you. Any decision based on that Elton John thank you Kelly and congratulations suggests his cabin on and president child thank you.

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{"duration":"14:40","description":"Counselor to the President Kellyanne Conway is interviewed on \"This Week\" about Brett Kavanaugh's confirmation to the Supreme Court. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/ThisWeek","id":"58340713","title":"Kellyanne Conway: Justice Kavanaugh 'should not be seen as tainted'","url":"/ThisWeek/video/top-trump-adviser-kellyanne-conway-kavanaughs-confirmation-58340713"}