Sekulow on Russia meeting: 'If this was nefarious, why'd the Secret Service allow these people in?'

Trump legal team member Jay Sekulow is interviewed on "This Week."
6:47 | 07/16/17

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Transcript for Sekulow on Russia meeting: 'If this was nefarious, why'd the Secret Service allow these people in?'
This is everything. We take those questions about what happened inside trump tower and what the president knew and when he knew it to a member of the trump legal team, Jay sekulow. Jay, thank you for joining us. Thanks for having me. You heard don Jr. Say on Tuesday that we have now -- there's nothing more. That this is everything. Can you now say that we know everything about that meeting? I mean, clearly, when he said that, there was still a lot more to come out. Do we now know everything about that meeting? Who was there? And what followup there was? Well, let me say this. I don't represent Donald Trump Jr. I represent the president. The pet was not aware of that meeting. Did not attend that meeting. And don trump Jr. Was explicitly clear on his interview on the Sean hannity broadcast. Look. Here's the reality. The meeting, in and of itself, as I have said before is not a violation of the law. It's pont to understand that as counsel to the president, he was not aware of it and did not participate. You say no law was broken. Do you accept what we heard from the president's trip to run the FBI is that what should have happened there, a situation where you have representatives of a foreign government offering assistance to -- in an election what should have happened was the FBI should have been notified? I wondered why the secret service, if this was nefarious, why did the secret service let these people in? Number two we can't act like this is in a sack yum. We know for sure as was reported extensively, that the Ukrainians were in direct contact with dnv fishlgs. To Sarks I understand what Chris ray was saying. Donald Trump Jr. Said things should have been done differently. None of that is a violation of the law. That's more process. The president has said over and over again, again this week, this is a witch hunt. I want to get specific on this. Is he saying that the Mueller investigation is part of a witch hunt? Yeah, look how it started. As it relates to the president. But let me put this in context. How did this whole situation start? We tend to lose this fact and we should not. James Comey takes notes. Of a conversation or a series of conversations he has with the president of the United States. He takes notes. He puts them on a government computer in his government vehicle. Put them in his government desk. He gets fired by the president of the United States. He was terminated as the FBI director. Which James Comey acknowledged the president had the right to do. James Comey then leaks those documents to a friend of his for the sole purpose of leaking them to "The New York Times" and with the desire to be, and James Comey said this under oath. Let me just finish this, Jon. Said under oath he hoped to get a special counsel. The special counsel is based on evidence that was illegally leaked. When the president says witch hunt he's talking about Robert Mueller's special counsel investigation? That is part of this co--called witch hunt? Yeah, when he calls it a witch hunt. Talks about the scope and nature of the investigation, he's concerned about the nature of what is going on here. There are a whole host of issues that has, as lawyers, we deal with in cases like that. Potential con fliblgts of interest. How would James Comey be a witness when he has this relationship not just with the special counsel but in the way he testified. James Comey said three times under oath that he acknowledged to the president that he wasn't under invest xwags. The president told me in the rose garden he would be willing to testify under oath. Here's what he had to say. Would you be willing to speak under oath to give your version? 100%. If Robert Mueller would want to talk to you -- I would be glad to tell him what I just told you. Is the president still willing to speak under oath to special counsel Robert Mueller? The president was very clear. If it came to that, but I don't think it will, he would do that. The president was very clear on that. When you look at what's going on here. I look at this as the lawyer. I keep going back to this issue. What is the legaltatute that has been violated here. Or alleged to be violated. What would the subject of that questioning be under oath? So here's what would say. The president's been very clear and direct on his statements. There is nothing I can add. Other than saying this, the nature upon which this whole issue developed over the last several months raises serious questions as a lawyer. And any lawyer that was looking at this issue would say, there's a lot of questions that have to be answered here. How this started, where it went, where it's going. No backing down on his offer to testify under oath. When do you think this could happen? I don't -- I don't think it will happen. You don't think it will happen. ? At this point, we have no indication at all, whatsoever. Of an investigation of the president with regard to any of this. The special counsel has a mandate. He gets his mandate. You asked him the question in the rose garden. The president answered it. So, I take the president at his word there. One last question. Senator Warner says he's concern that the president will issue pardons to the key figures in this investigation. Will the president rule out giving pardons to people like Michael Flynn? Paul manafort? Any others in this investigation? I have not had that conversation with the president about any of that. And I wouldn't share it if I did because of the attorney-client privilege. He can pardon, individuals, because the founders of our country put that in the united States constitution. I have not had those conversations. Pardoning the key figures is not off the table? It's something he might do? The president told me, in conversations that I have had with him about a variety of issues. We have not talked about pardoning individuals. You're asking me to speculate on something I cannot speculate on. Jay sekulow of the president's legal team, thank you for joining us.

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{"duration":"6:47","description":"Trump legal team member Jay Sekulow is interviewed on \"This Week.\"","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/ThisWeek","id":"48665310","title":"Sekulow on Russia meeting: 'If this was nefarious, why'd the Secret Service allow these people in?'","url":"/ThisWeek/video/trump-legal-team-member-jay-sekulow-latest-russia-48665310"}