On the USS Reagan amid growing nuclear tensions

ABC News' Chief Global Correspondent Martha Raddatz travelled to the USS Reagan for an exclusive look at U.S. military preparations near North Korea.
3:43 | 10/22/17

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Video Transcript
Transcript for On the USS Reagan amid growing nuclear tensions
As we mentioned I traveled some 7000 miles to the Sea of Japan this weekend it really felt. Like a world away from the political rank are here at home. The men and women who stand ready to protect this nation and its allies are laser focused on the mission and on rattled by the escalating threat of conflict with North Korea. This Sea of Japan is bristling with warships this is the USS Ronald Reagan. A nuclear powered aircraft carrier where the roar of fighter jets is constant. The 5000 sailors on board. Conducting five days of drills with South Korean counterparts. North Korea calling the exercise a provocation. Accusing me allies of trying to frantically start a nuclear war in Washington concert safe. The director of the CIA saying North Korea is mere months away from being able but hit the United States with a nuclear weapon. We ought to behave. As if we are on the cusp of them achieving that objective. And the president's national security advisor. Warning patience is running fans. We are in a race to resolve this short of military action. We're not out terrible we are ready it's running out of time. Landing on the Reagan this week a tale of trapped. The intensity of the exercises is evident. Obviously everybody is aware of the tension on the stand on the peninsula right now does that factor into your exercises. We live with this type of stuff in balance all the time and we're very keen I think and aware. Of the tensions. This is the carrier's third trip to defeat Japan in the last five months. This same waters where many of the missiles North Korea has launched have come crashing down. That training that we can back is is about being ready to respond and and greater spot. To whatever happens. I have control of everything that moves on the flight deck and on the hangar bay one west thirty minute cycle. We can launch an event from anywhere from twelve to fifteen of twenty plus aircraft. Read so many moving parts live bombs and missiles and no margin of error. Coordination of every movement during these complex exercises is critical. And just before the fighter jet hits the deck. It goes to full power in case it doesn't get any up the wire. T line in Arkansas to lower and it catastrophic pretty quickly so. We have the best palace in the world out here and any deviation from lies so percent align and it can end poorly quickly. Commander Alex captain Carl find Waldo has been flying for sixty years. And is pretty confident that the US navy can outmaneuver Kim Jung. The ability to target an aircraft and our ability to defend ourselves makes us makes me feel pretty good so from a personal standpoint. I'm not alarmed of. This carrier is only. Part of the military presence the Marine Corps is leading the charge as well. We are now it into a Cooney marine corps air station in Japan. This is think F 35 there's a squadron of F thirty five's here. These are the most sophisticated. Airplanes in the US arsenal. Major B Jon Gerrard John has been taking part in the exercises flying the F 35. The nation's crisis response force that we trained to fight tonight and we will fight and win tonight. And with the region remaining on the brink they have to be ready to fight tonight.

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{"id":50645241,"title":"On the USS Reagan amid growing nuclear tensions","duration":"3:43","description":"ABC News' Chief Global Correspondent Martha Raddatz travelled to the USS Reagan for an exclusive look at U.S. military preparations near North Korea. ","url":"/ThisWeek/video/uss-reagan-amid-growing-nuclear-tensions-50645241","section":"ThisWeek","mediaType":"default"}