Van Jones, Mary Matalin Get into Heated Exchange Over Race in 2016 Election

Van Jones and Mary Matalin clash over role of race in 2016 election.
2:37 | 11/13/16

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Transcript for Van Jones, Mary Matalin Get into Heated Exchange Over Race in 2016 Election
An understated camera honest moment wins people its man. He has to my mind were tracked injured white lash. With what you just said no that we acted not to focus totally on the tax bill that amount paid what you should immediately you don't wait longer you re you. Are you not that's not the path for progress since we've all agreed at the outset of the show that the path. Which is Ellison's message you say is to go back to the Rust Belt and I salute rednecks and you're not gonna get there with climate change and that wooten an resident and South Carolina who run hotels who understand their self interest. They will be overrun by. Rivers and water if they don't deal in its. Deal with climate there was. Is that attitude needed to Ellen Anderson the really what would I I sit tight and I stand by it I said that race was a part. In there was a part that all right part of the party of white flash and then view is the whole quote you would agree of what I says it's also I don't take that. Act I did listed in January when I tell the kids run and tell you know it at a black man in America who went to Yale who's written books who served and I might I don't another 89 generation American ma'am I'm the first one month in the won't Palmer writes I'm a ninth generation American and so we have not escaped because I went to -- you should be a great deal polite about Madonna yeah can be and I. I'm glad you're so don't say that to me to my face I guess that more time and I sit behind act could be. The positive I spend more time than you have try to be a racial reconcile in this country and really you know the woman don't you don't know anything you aren't we got all of you appealing on I think about me that I do you edit your thing that parents and teachers your dad you're great this otherwise and now this. George there's a problem that we have right now. It is in fact the case that there was a populist revolt in this country is both see Enders in trump. But one of them was more both drew with this all right stuff if someone like myself. Who's married to a white woman who has spent my entire life building bridges can't point out. The ultra right white lash reaction without being accused of being a racial Poland assist could have a big problem. Not using and it had any I don't know essential decency OK guys you know what a healer. I'd love about torture the topic of horrific brutal campaign he has spoken sanity. To power. And we are those who say Miami Heat isn't about Colin GE's. You don't know anything about me don't wanna talk about my healing and I would say there are ways to get to reconciliation different from calling that focusing on the toxic elements as you get eternal life. Tonight guys up about welfare about W Kessel talked about it outside.

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{"duration":"2:37","description":"Van Jones and Mary Matalin clash over role of race in 2016 election.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/ThisWeek","id":"43508020","title":"Van Jones, Mary Matalin Get into Heated Exchange Over Race in 2016 Election","url":"/ThisWeek/video/van-jones-mary-matalin-heated-exchange-race-2016-43508020"}