'This Week' Roundtable: 'Duck Dynasty' Debate

Matthew Dowd, Greta Van Susteren, Bill Kristol, Donna Brazile, and Steven Rattner on the "Duck Dynasty" controversy.
3:00 | 12/22/13

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Transcript for 'This Week' Roundtable: 'Duck Dynasty' Debate
the commander of "duck dynasty," now suspended from cable's biggest reality hit. Turns out this was nothing new, he said that gays are full of quote, evil and murder, in this 2010 sermon. Women with women. Men with men. They committed indecent acts with one another and they received in themselves the due penalty for their perversions. But after the suspension from a and e supporters of the command commander fought back. What happened to freedom of religion? Freedom of speech? Is this who we are? We're just going to be quiet, because he has an opinion about the scriptures. Welcome back to the cultural wars. Welcome back to the roundtable. Donna, they're from louisiana, "duck dynasty," your state, and they have become an empire which is why a&e even though they're going to suspend him, they're going to keep him in the episodes. I have watched it for the recipes. As an louisianian, people will say things that more first -- first skated people will keep to themselves. He's apologized. I don't know if anyone will accept his apology. He has a right to free speech, sarah palin has to defend him. Glaad has the right to disagree with him. Sure, a&e can do what it wants. They have to be the hypocrite of the year. While they suspended him, they have five hours the other night, they have a marathon today, they're going to air it in january, but, I mean, I'm surprised at a&e, they're acting like, oh, no, this is so horrible. They knew this long before they hired the guy. He has free speech but very bad manners. Should we have been surprised that this came out? Like a lot of these things, it was hiding in plain sight. I think a&e has the right to do what it wants. My other networks have excused people who have been wrong. Don imus -- don't point at me. Just yesterday, barry diller fired a pr woman that he thought was inappropriate. I think is not a free speech -- free speech -- he can say what he wants. Of course, he can say it. A&e is acting like, oh, no, this is so horrible. When they knew about it a long time ago. It's not just a&e. Cracker barrel is pulling some of the "duck dynasty" goods off its shelves. Walmart. But look, political correctness is out of hand. Steve mentioned that barry diller fired a young female employee. She sent some tweet before getting on a plane and then fired after landing. The tweet. I know what it is. I just don't want to repeat it. It was unbelievably offensive. She's gone to south africa. She said I'm what, it's sensitive. It's extremely ignorant. To me, this is a fascinating conversation, this is the number one reality show on television. 10 million a week. It's not only the number one reality show on television, but it's like one of the number one shows on television which is reflective in this whole conversation is reflected of the divide in this country. Which is red america versus blue america. If you look at the viewing patterns of this show, both sides are looking across the street and saying who are you? Who are you? As each side is doing this. This whole first amendment right argument, if you want to talk about a hypocrite, to me, sarah palin is, I didn't see her defending dixie chicks or martin bashir. Why is everyone looking at me? Each side uses the first amendment like a club. It has now specialized let's have a mob attack on someone to cause people to be fired. There's some sort of political correctness. The surprising thing about this is, these guys were hired because they're rednecks and they even get suspended because they're rednecks. The irony they may not be suspended. Let's look ahead to 2014 right now, let's start out with, what is the story you're watching in 2014? Unbelievable amount of middle-class frustration and arrange in this country. They feel like they haven't been tended to in overa generation. They're sitting there trying to pay their bills and they're doing it and they're being accountable in their own life and they're not getting any help. Business or government is not helping them in this process. That anger is going to continue. Politician to watch? Jerry brown, actually, and i think jerry brown is fed up, somebody that combines politics and spisht spirituality. Donna? Productivity is up. Wages as a percentage of inflation is stagnant. I'm watching that. Income inequality and how the politicians deal with that the long-term unemployed. What do we do with them? The politicians. I'm watching everybody, but hillary. Because on the democratic side, we have so many great leaders, so many people that we haven't talked about. Bill? The obama administration's attempt to cut a deal with iran won't work. I don't think the president will act to stop iran from getting a nuclear weapon. I think israel will act. I think that will be a big moment in 2014. Political figure to watch? I actually wonder -- everybody assumes that hillary clinton runs for president. I wouldn't be surprised that, both jeb bush and hillary clinton will have taken themselves out of the race for 2016. No more dynasties. Maybe the duck dynasty. Your prediction? Syria, that's the big question. I was in iraq last week. Aeda is building up in syria among the rebel groups. So, what are we going to do? Are we going to back al qaeda or the guy who gassed his civilians? As a person to watch, keep an eye on what's going on with susanna martinez. Because she was called by christie to help him with the hispanics in new jersey. The republicans badly need a hispanic, I'm keeping my eyes on her. Assuming she does well as a governor. Steve rattner? As far as the most important issues, I agree with donna and matthew, another one, I'm watching what's going on in new york city, we have a new mayor coming in, we talked about the divisions in the republican party, and the democrat party we're facing a similar discussion, between aggressives and centrists. bill DeBlasio is going to come in, he brought a progressive agenda. Janet yellen, she's a political appointee. I think she's the most important person. You got it right under the wire. We're out of time. Thank you all for a great

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{"id":21303531,"title":"'This Week' Roundtable: 'Duck Dynasty' Debate","duration":"3:00","description":"Matthew Dowd, Greta Van Susteren, Bill Kristol, Donna Brazile, and Steven Rattner on the \"Duck Dynasty\" controversy.","url":"/ThisWeek/video/week-roundtable-duck-dynasty-debate-21303531","section":"ThisWeek","mediaType":"default"}