Roundtable II: Summer of Scandal

Peggy Noonan, George Will, Steven Rattner, Katrina vanden Heuvel, and Judy Smith.
7:13 | 07/28/13

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Transcript for Roundtable II: Summer of Scandal
He was texting women under the name carlos dangers. This is weiner's way of getting more latino support. I'll use -- I'll be carlos danger. Yeah. He apologized, said this will never happen, or my name isn't carlos danger. Yes, even after the sexting scandal that ended his congressional career, it turns out he learned nothing. Has this man never heard of snap chat? Something for the late night comics, anthony weiner. Joined by judy smith, who helped create the hit show "scandal." You've had no shortage of high profile clients in tough spots, monica lewinsky, michael vick, paula deen. I was surprised you wouldn't take anthony weiner as a client. Well, no, look, first of all it's apparent he's not listening, his campaign manager just quit. I think he has so many problems. But the main issue is he comes out, he says please forgive me to the american public, and then we're all shocked to find out that this has continued. And not like sort of the usual politician having an affair, there's an element of creepiness to this. And I think that the american people feel that. And I think people are saying, look, step down. It's not about you, it's about the people that you say that you want to represent. I mean, look he's trying so hard to put the genie back in the bottle, it's not going to happen. You can't do it. Seems like he's not going to quit even though the poll numbers are plummeting. Yeah, what's mysterious is not will he get out, why did he get in? He knew the history, he knew what he would be visiting on new york. It all seems to me quite mad. And I think -- I mean, I think his behavior has been quite clinically sick. And I think we will find out in the democratic primary if indeed the voters are sick. That's the truth. I don't think we're going to get to that point. You think he's going to get out? I think he has to. I think the consequences, maybe about that -- the consequence for him, for whatever future, the private sector, 5 or 10%, a small number in the primary are overwhelming. But, you know, I think that new yorkers -- leave it to new yorkers. You see the polls imploding already. But I have to say, as a life-long new yorker, this is such a turnoff, a distraction from the real scandals of the city. To get serious for a moment, the inequality in the city a scandal. When was the last time you fixed on that? There is one candidate speaking to that in a coherent way. But otherwise until anthony weiner's sexting leaves the race, it's the option thing. It may be an opposite calculation, if he stays in the race, even if he doesn't do all that well, it's flush through the system. I will not dwell on the fact, although it is a fact, filner in san diego and weiner here were republicans, this would be a lot of somber sociology on the republican war on women. I will skip that. I will go instead to the fact what explains this man is the animal neediness for public gratification. There are people like this. Got out of college. Went to work on the congressional staff, became the youngest member of the new york city council, ran for the house. He can't live without this. What strikes me is, you talk as a new yorker, new york city was the incubator of the heroic period of american liberalism, roosevelt, francis perkins, secretary of labor, first female member of the congress. Louisiana guard yay, and this is what new york liberalism now is? What surprised a lot of people, not surprising that anthony weiner wants to stay in, but his wife, close aid to hillary clinton, gives her first press conference on tuesday after the new revelations. In the past with other candidates, when the wife stands by them, it seems to make a difference. Seems less likely this time. Absolutely. It's really a personal choice to decide that. But it made no difference whatsoever, because his behavior is just reprehensible. Clearly, he has sort of an interest in keeping the late night talk show host folks going with it, but he needs to step down. He's sort of engaging in the same behavior as the -- as the mayor. Which is that -- the mayor? I'm sorry. In san diego. As -- you should say, charged with sexual harassment, seven women have come forward. He's not going to resign, take two weeks off to get treatment. Two weeks to -- but to fix the problem. I'm going to pick up on what george said about the war on women. First of all, many democratic women have come forward to say this is reprehensible. This is odious what we're seeing in san diego with the mayor, with anthony weiner, but it's simplistic to draw on the misdeeds f a feccw.1: And let's not forget sexual harassment is not to one party, visitor, gingrich. But it's not one party. It's the policies that affect all women. And discrimination and harassment, and how to protect women and giving them public policy tools to live their lives in full. Across the board, the republican party has gutted the rights on reproductive rights, protection from sexual harassment and discrimination, domestic abuse, equal pay. These are issues that affect all women. That's what I call a pivot. Yeah. I didn't hear you. Done well, done well. Yeah. Just one more pivot as well, just to pick up on the point, does this blow back on democrats with having both filner, eliot spitzer in the race for comptroller here, weiner all at the same time? No, because it is something that affects both parties, mark sanford or whomever. It's individuals who have issues. Wcvb comptroller, trying to get that. By saying let me reengage and build back up the trust from the public. That's important instead of weiner jumping in, one -- crisis management lesson number one, you can't lie in your apology. Yes, very poor form. Absolutely. We'll be watching to see if steve is right and he gets out of the race. Thank you. A quick break.

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{"id":19796572,"title":"Roundtable II: Summer of Scandal","duration":"7:13","description":"Peggy Noonan, George Will, Steven Rattner, Katrina vanden Heuvel, and Judy Smith.","url":"/ThisWeek/video/week-roundtable-ii-summer-scandal-19796572","section":"ThisWeek","mediaType":"default"}