'This Week' Web Extra: George Will

ABC News' George Will answers viewer questions from Facebook.
6:19 | 01/20/13

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Transcript for 'This Week' Web Extra: George Will
Hello I'm -- folly of This Week with George Stephanopoulos and I'm joined today by ABC's -- well. And that they believe all politics is social here are putting some New York FaceBook questions to George thank you for joining us -- just dive right in with Daniel Hogan's question. When did you first realize that you were smarter than all the people around him. I've never realize that effect -- make a point of surrounding myself with people who are smarter than I am them have no trouble doing that. -- the next question comes from Thomas -- and who asks what is the one inauguration day tradition that you enjoy viewing as a journalist and as a citizen. A likely lunch afterwards -- after he's sworn in and goes and sometimes they give real Carroll thought to the menu. Sometimes replicating the menu of nineteenth century inauguration. And it's just a vice index of how the world changes. Has there been a particular menu that you liked best we can not that I can call. -- Sosa asks what was the most memorable moment of your career and what was the most embarrassing. Most memorable moment was probably election night 1980. Had nothing to lose millions have -- the American people because it was tremendous change in the country that was coming because Ronald Reagan won. I remember walking back to the hotel on Central Park cells from the ABC studios. On Central Park west. And having the feeling it was uncommonly -- -- -- the feeling that those of the wind almost you can feel history. Coming that in the staggering power of the American people. If that's a phrase -- Walter -- used when conceding. As vice president when he and they. And Jimmy Carter lost in 1980 referred to the staggering power of the American people something like that. And on election night you can feel that particularly about -- nightmare and they're reasonably rare but the night's win. The country really does move. And then at William blitzer asks do you believe that the Republicans have lost touch with famous Republicans. Such as Richard -- and Ronald Reagan white Teddy Roosevelt. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I don't think there's a role model -- -- in his criminality -- and his policies. Which and domestic policies he was probably the most liberal president since Lyndon Johnson. His foreign policy what is next I thought they toddlers. A bad idea. And it has applied by him and by Henry Kissinger. And with regard Ronald Reagan who was I greatly admired and it was a frowned. That was thirty some years ago and it's time for Republicans understand that the issues confront in the country are very different. As Ronald Reagan were he here would be the first to acknowledge so I think losing touch -- famous Republicans probably a good idea. And -- do you think what is the not a single most important thing the Republican Party. Should do to rehabilitate them -- moving towards the mid terms in the 2016 presidential race. Quote what hope the Republicans most -- events. If Republicans are correct and I think they largely are about the arithmetic of our public finances. Arithmetic is going to vindicate the republicans'. Point of view. Critics of Paul -- for example say Paul Ryan -- and Medicare as we know it. Arithmetic is going to end Medicare as we know it's just a matter of time and everyone I think realizes that. So first of all Republicans have to wait on events to begin to vindicate their prophecies. Beyond that. They have to understand what him worry Americans most are not things like. Individual tax rates. Marginal tax rates on income. Large majority of Americans pay far more in payroll taxes -- an income taxes. Great many Americans pay no income taxes 60% of Americans fail -- less than 5% of their income and income taxes or no income taxes. Rather what worries them -- the assault on their standard of living by a rising college costs driven by the government. And look rising health care -- a great many American families fielder -- catastrophic illness away from bankruptcy. And and knowing your love of baseball what can you tell us about the legacy of Earl Weaver. Tim Kirk Jones terrific baseball writer for various via. So's. Who knew -- -- -- I didn't. That are -- -- 13 greatest managers of all time. Earl Weaver. Understood the basic point of the money ball approach to -- -- -- People say baseball doesn't have a clock Earl Weaver understood it doesn't look like missed 27 ticks their house. And what you do is you run the game so as to maximize. Your chance of not making an out. Walks. On base percentage all the rest. Never bunch. You've got 27 outs don't give them away so Earl was probably thirty years ahead of his time in him. His intuitive understanding of what money ball made explicit and and then -- some lighter -- why the chances of the national appearance in the World Series especially -- -- acquisitions. Well particularly with the new trays and acquisitions and resigning in -- great first baseman who was probably their most valuable player last year. The nationals are on paper the best team in the National League unfortunately -- don't play the game on paper and played on grass and dirt. But even there -- the the nationals should be even better than last year that they'll play an October. Most ink excellent well thank you so much of taking -- -- -- Sandra -- -- everyone is submitting questions. Be sure to follow us on Twitter at this week ABC. And like -- -- FaceBook at FaceBook dot com slash this week ABC.

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{"id":18264426,"title":"'This Week' Web Extra: George Will","duration":"6:19","description":"ABC News' George Will answers viewer questions from Facebook.","url":"/ThisWeek/video/week-web-extra-george-18264426","section":"ThisWeek","mediaType":"default"}