Former WH Chief Strategist Bannon says Trump has never lied: 'Not to my knowledge'

ABC News Chief White House Correspondent Jonathan Karl goes one-on-one with Steve Bannon, former White House chief strategist and CEO of the Trump campaign, on "This Week."
10:07 | 06/17/18

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Transcript for Former WH Chief Strategist Bannon says Trump has never lied: 'Not to my knowledge'
I will never lie to you. I will never tell you something I do not believe I will always tell you the trh. That was president trump on the campaign trail in August 2016. Telling the American people he will never lie to them. We're back with Steve Bannon. Now, you famously kept the white board of presidential promises to keep track of wt he was keeping. That is a promise he oiously broke. He has not always told the truth. I don't know that. I mean -- Steve. What I see is, he has. This is anotr thing to demonize him. Are you saying the president's never lied? Not to my knowledge, no. What Abt when he says that the -- Except when he called me sloppy Steve. That's the only. What about when he says that the ig report exonetes him of collusion? You want to go back to that? U want to go back to that? To the ig report that weaponizes the FBI against Donald Trump? He says things are -- that are not true all the time. I don't believe that. Come on. I think he speaks in vernacular that connec to people in this country. Let me play you what mark Sanford said right after he lost. Tuesday. Mark Sanford, the king of the never trumpers, right? Let's listen to what he said. There is no seeming consequence to the president and lies. And, if we accept at as a society, either it's going to have incredibly harmful consequees in the way that we operate goinforward. Look. Is is -- this is the problem. You have a Republican party establishment, okay, that hates the fact that if you look at the total 2016 primaries all the anti-establishment candidates, you had 84% votefor the anti-establishment. 16% voted for the establishment. Donald Trump is re-forminghe Republican party alg the policies, by the way, into a worker-based, more populist -- The truth and lies. The president himsf acknowledged that what he said about that trump tower meeting S not true. He said, basically, it doesn't matter because I told the failing "New York Times." Are some lies okay? I don't know if it's a lie. Not or a misstateme. You said the meeting was treanous. I said for Paul manafort. I corrected that later on but thiss not a meeting I would have taken. It was a dumb meeting. A stupid meeting with as many issues -- look this ek. The geostrategic engagemt with China where we're standing up for ourselves. The nuclear situation in north Korea. The crisis on the southern border. Look at the institution of the FBI. Weught to have another church commission like they had in the '70s. By the way, I'm a right-winger. I'm saying we should have a bipartisanommission -- Go after the intelligence commity? You don't have to go after them. Right now, you need the dry T in our institutions. A lot of people point at Donald Trump for some of the stuff he says. We have the stitutions in this city. Are rotted at core. We knoit. That ig report, which is -- the number one Thi about this thing. That was the government phones. We haven't even gotn the their personal communications. You want to talk about Michael Cohen. But I'm -- They took 16 of Michael Cohen's blackberries. His computers. His kids' mputers. And the ig report, they just went to the government phones. You it until the special prosecutor that will be designated -- let me nail down -- Don't go after the splinter in someone's eye when you're missing the plank. This city's institutions a rotten to the core. And ey must be investigated. Donald Trump says I'm not kicking E can down the road. I'm not passing on the situations in China, Korea, the crisis on the southern border. This is what leadership is all about. They S he's a disrupter. This is a guy that's sing -- you want to talk about the trump doctrine? The trump doctrine isnot on my watch. When my watch is over, I will help sort INGs out. We won't kick the can down so that the next president of the United States will have to deal with a crisis on the southern border. We'll finally ve the situation with chi worked out. Let me ask you about something you're quoted the book "Fire and fury." By Michael Wolff. You say the president's long-time attorney mark kasowitz paid off many women. Who claimed to have affairs with the president. Here's the quoterom the book. Kasowitz has gotten him out of all kis of jams. Kasotz on the campaign, what, did E we have a hundred women? Kasowitz took care of all of them. I haven't read the book. The book was designated. Kellyanne Conway and hope hic. I want to talk about that. Kasowitz and Jason and I worked a unit with all the incomings we had. I think 100 is too much. I think it was like 20 or 25. All of those were refuted. All of the wom that came rough the campaign. I think after the Billy bush weekend. D you know about stormy Daniels in the campaign? No. I think something came up publicly about there was another porn star. Did you know about the payment? The $130,000? Absolutely not. Let's talk about the midtms. How engaged are you going to be? I have heard reports that you're setting up a war room. I have a war room set up for policy. Making sure it'snderstood. You'll run ads? Campaigning? I think we'll be puttup ads. We'll be helping with the ground game. Just to get the ISES out. If the issues -- look. The Democrats got what they wanted, okay? They've tried to nullify his election from day one with the opposition party media. They did get one thing. They'll have a do-over. This is trump's fit re-elect. It's going to be this November. So trump's on the ballot? Some republican are acting like he's not. The Republican establishment spent all the money tryingo get people to love the tax cut. You saw what Charlie cook said. If you run on that, you're going the lose 4 seats. If you put trumpn the ballot, it's very simple. November 6th, up or down vote. A national election. Up or downote. You look at trump's economic policies. The growth of the economy. You get to look at what hs doing with national security. With immigration. Is Bob corker right? The Republican party is the lt of Donald Trump. You're saying swear allegiance to Donald Trump? No. It's absolutely not the cult of Donald Trump what trump H done extraordinarily in the country is he'stepped in and said, hey, guess what? I'm an agent of change. That's why he beat Hillary Clinton. He's living up to what is O that white board. He's checking boxes. What he's saying is changing the Republican party. From being a donor based party to more of a worker se and middle class party. Th's what Donald Trump has changed. A lot Republicans say you have a bad record in terms of who you supported. I want to play something you said in France talking the national front over there. Take a listen. Let them call you racist. Let them call you xenophobes. Let them call you nativists. Wear it as badge of honor. Steve, how can it be a badge of honor to be led a racist? Here's the thing. You walked into the same trap that bbc and CNN Wald into. Don't just take the clip. Lookt the leadup to the clip. I wasalking about Donald Trump and his policies. I said his economic nationalism didn't care about your race, your religion, your ethnicity. Your gender. Your sexual prefen@e. Here's what it cares about. That you're citizens of the United States of America. We have all-time low unemployment among blacks and 20-year low among hispanics. The black and hispanic work class are now getting the befits. The ladin was saying when they can't fight you on the facts, th're going to call you racists. You say wear it as a badge of honor. When I first took over the mpaign, the said, they brought in a mad bomber. Hillary Clinton mes off the beach, off the Hamptons. He identity politics. White natialism. Whitracism. I said ithe war room with the guys. Hey, if she runs on that and we continue to press economic nationalisand jobs and bringing the jobs back from China, we'll run the table. And we did. The leadupo that. The mainstream media, what bbc did and what you just did, you want to take the last two seconds. It's more than two seconds. And it's what you said. Martin Luther king would be proud of what Donald Trump has done for the black and hpanic working class. I think a lot of civil rights leaders would adamantly disagree. The present called you sloppy Steve. The president said when you got fired, you not only lost your job,ou lost your mind. Have you patched things upith the president? When was the last timeou spoke to him? Before I stepped into the seat of the campaign, I probably talked tdonald trump ten times in my entire life. I don't need to talk to Donald Trump. Have you pahed things up? Donald Trump is accomplishing everything he committed to the American people on the campaign that I stepped in as CEO. I couldn't be prouder of the guy. All he has to do is to continue to hit the marks on the white board. He'll run the tables. You're not going to have to do anmmigration bl. Are you talking to him? No. By the way, I -- I -- I -- I -- I talk to him every day through the media. All he H to do is list to his own inner voice. And that's going to ad -- write this down. That's going to lead to an astounding victory in November. He'll run the table in the house and pick up seats in the senate. Steve Bannon, thank you for joining us. Up next, the powerhouse "Roundtabl debates

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{"duration":"10:07","description":"ABC News Chief White House Correspondent Jonathan Karl goes one-on-one with Steve Bannon, former White House chief strategist and CEO of the Trump campaign, on \"This Week.\" ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/ThisWeek","id":"55958431","title":"Former WH Chief Strategist Bannon says Trump has never lied: 'Not to my knowledge'","url":"/ThisWeek/video/wh-chief-strategist-steve-bannon-state-gop-midterm-55958431"}