Six for the Win: Pennsylvania voters share their thoughts ahead of the election

"This Week" co-anchor Martha Raddatz traveled to Pennsylvania to speak with voters less than two weeks before the 2020 election.
6:53 | 10/25/20

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Transcript for Six for the Win: Pennsylvania voters share their thoughts ahead of the election
the national constitution center in Philadelphia. Battle ground Pennsylvania once again set to play a key role in this consequential and contentious election. Around this point four years ago, trump behind in the polls by 4 points ultimately winning the state in 2016 by less than 1 point. Today he's down by 6 percentage points according to fivethiryeight and while 52% of suburban Pennsylvania voters went for trump in 2016, helping to put him over the edge, according to one recent poll nearly 60% of likely voters in the Pennsylvania suburbs are now backing Biden. Our partners at fivethiryeight say Pennsylvania is the state most likely to be the tipping point in 2020, potentially putting either candidate over the top. With just one week and two days to go til the final votes, covid cases are surging across America. More cases reported on Friday than any other day since the pandemic began. Now, more than 8.5 million cases nationwide. Overnight we learned the vice president's chief of staff has tested positive, despite being considered a close contact to the top aid, pence is set to stick with his current schedule, continuing to campaign. It's against this backdrop that both candidates are making their final pitches. With few days left in the cycle, every moment counts. Both campaigns barnstorming Pennsylvania this week, but so many voters have already made up their minds. At least 57 million Americans have cast their ballots. This morning we begin with the voices of voters, where they stand at this critical juncture in a race where anything can happen. The last installment of our series six for the win. Driving through Pennsylvania it's easy to see the intensity of election fever. From the cities to the suburbs stretching to the rural areas, campaign signs compete with the fall foliage for top billing. All his policies I agree with 100%. About ten miles west of Philadelphia 60-year-old Tanya is the kind of enthusiastic supporter the trump campaign hopes will prevail in this must-win state. Is there anything over the last four years that has given you pause about Donald Trump? I would say no at this point. When I'm researching what he says, there's facts backing it up. I see social media. I'm very active on social media. I do my research. Things he brings up are exactly what me and my friends talk about in our kitchen. When we're sitting around having drinks and talking about politics and government, he's spot on. In 2016 results from the keystone state were one of the big shockers. Trump winning the long-time democratic stronghold by a slim 44,000 votes out of nearly 6 million cast. Who did you vote for in 2016? Trump. Donald Trump. Who are you voting for in 2020? Biden. Joe Biden. There are worrisome signs for trump. Some who voted for him four years ago have soured on the president. For 30-somethings Morgan and katey Harris, parents to two children, it's all just too much. I think it's the noise of everything. I feel like my voice some days is lost in just the noise and polarization. With the race relations, with George Floyd's death, with covid, he had many opportunities, again, to come together and say let's figure this out together. Let's be a unifier. I mean, time and time again he's given opportunities to act presidential and he doesn't. I'm hoping that Joe can maybe tone the noise down if nothing else and bring some professionalism back, some calm. Don't tweet. Just the basics. Judy, you're a registered Republican? Correct. Obama, trump and now -- Now Joe Biden. Retiree Judy ortolla says it was the pandemic that changed her mind. Pennsylvania was one of the states to get hit hard early. Almost 9,000 have died here. When the virus initially hit, neighbors, friends here in my community, we made over 1,000 masks for the hospitals, nursing homes, friends. It was a lot of work. Then he had the disrespect to not even wear a mask. Judy is a member of a highly coveted demographic, suburban women who voted for trump in 2016 but who switched to support Democrats in 2018. Her town bans campaign signs which she thinks helps keep the temperature down. Are you friends with trump supporters? Very few people talk about it in less you're in close quarters. Do you have a sense that others feel the same way you do who may have voted for trump? No, I don't, which is what bothers me. I don't know how you can support him anymore. You just don't treat people the way he treats people. We have ten days left. It may come down to Pennsylvania. Miguel Rivera doesn't like what he hears from the Democrat. There's a lot of people in Florida, in Philadelphia voting for the Republican party. That doesn't mean necessarily they are Republican, but that the candidate that is there is the one that promises a brighter future for them. That's all. Born in Puerto Rico, Rivera has lived in Pennsylvania for more than 25 years. He thinks it's trump who promises the brighter future. He's done a lot for the hispanic and black communities in terms of creating employment. He'll become a second time trump voter on election day. Early voting here has been as wildly popular as across the rest of the country with nearly 1.5 ballots returned by mail already in Pennsylvania. They don't start counting them until election day which guarantees the nation's focus will remain intense for days.

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{"duration":"6:53","description":"\"This Week\" co-anchor Martha Raddatz traveled to Pennsylvania to speak with voters less than two weeks before the 2020 election.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/ThisWeek","id":"73815768","title":"Six for the Win: Pennsylvania voters share their thoughts ahead of the election","url":"/ThisWeek/video/win-pennsylvania-voters-share-thoughts-ahead-election-73815768"}