American Airlines Gets New Logo

Airline releases video about the changes afoot.
4:02 | 01/17/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for American Airlines Gets New Logo
In 1934. American Airlines was established. There was the start of a remarkable journey. In the years since we've grown to a dedicated team of tens of -- With one of the largest fleets in the industry. Flying to destinations all around the world. Serving billions of customers. And making a difference in our communities. As we complete our evaluation. Whether a merger could build on -- -- We remain steadfast and each step we take -- are turning to modernize our. We began this journey with investments like largest order book of new aircraft and industry. -- hundreds of -- plans on the way. Expanding our international service and to Europe Asia and Latin America. Fully -- business class -- we'll all Iowa. In seat entertainment on all -- across our entire way. And leading technologies for people like -- -- tablets for flight attendants and ipads for pilots in the cockpit. All of this one thing in mind. To best serve our customers. We know there are still big decisions that need to be made about our future. But today marks the next step in our journey to modernize. As we prepare for the first two -- 7300 aircraft. To enter service in just a matter -- We've known for more than two years from building anticipation. -- -- moment in time. And outside of our aircraft reflects the progress he's made onions. You've been hearing a lot about how the modern travel experience is going to feel. And today were ready to show you how it's going to look. Without I'm pleased to introduce you to the new look of American. We continue our journey forward. Was pride in what we make possible. Representing the cost of -- nation. And proud to. To bear the name. American.

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{"id":18239486,"title":"American Airlines Gets New Logo ","duration":"4:02","description":"Airline releases video about the changes afoot.","url":"/Travel/video/american-airlines-logo-18239486","section":"Travel","mediaType":"default"}