Delta's Safety Video Stars Santa, Scrooge and Alex Trebek

Airline adds holiday cheer to new in-flight safety instructions.
4:41 | 10/25/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Delta's Safety Video Stars Santa, Scrooge and Alex Trebek
Welcome aboard and thanks -- flying with delta and our first priority on every flight to safety so -- -- -- leaving him free safety presentation. OKV. Cheryl carry on items are securely stowed. In overhead -- And play smaller items under the seat in front of you. -- and ensure all -- exit and -- areas are clear. -- sure your mobile phones and electronic devices. Turned off and -- If you're seated at an emergency exit. Please review the responsibilities. For emergency exit seeing on the back -- the safety information card. Which is in your seat pocket -- are you willing and able to assist for the operation of the -- necessary. -- -- If you're unable to perform these functions please let us know and we'd be happy to find -- never -- As -- leave the game make sure your seatbelt was fast. To fasten insert the metal tipped into the bottle and adjust the straps -- -- and -- across your last. To release the -- just lift the top of the bottles. Please remain seated with your seatbelts securely -- any time the seat belt sign -- -- You have to sign is off please keep your seatbelt fastened in case we experience unexpected -- there. For everyone's safety. Federal regulations require all passengers to comply -- posted records and highlighted information signs located throughout the cabin. In addition to any crew -- instructions. Smoking. Is not allowed on any delta flight. And federal law prohibits tampering with disabling or destroying -- -- to. -- -- exits on display for growers to any side and -- into an absolutely. The four doors had -- taxable slicing Indies from flirtation. Like -- -- located ceilinged apartment at the front and center of the plane. All exits are clearly marked for the next inside. However if there's a loss of power and cabin visibility is reduced lights will only make aisles to guide you to -- Please take a moment to finding exits closest -- you and remember they might be behind. It's unlikely but -- cabin pressure changes the -- above your sequel opened revealing oxygen masks. If this happens reach up and -- -- -- -- until the two this fully extended. Place the master of your news and now slipped the elastic strap of your head and adjusts the master necessary. Breathe normally and note that oxygen this flowing so don't worry your bag doesn't play. Be sure to adjust your own -- before helping others. A -- evacuation is also unlikely but just in case like this are located and your seats in the economy count. If -- seated in the first class or business class cabin -- life vests are -- -- compartment beneath worried JC -- He is removed the -- from its container by pulling -- -- And then -- Took the best of your head because this has one -- wrap it around your waist and attach it to the -- in front. He dresses to straps fastened straps at the from the best and then just -- loosely around your waist. As you leave the plane inflate the -- -- pulling down on the red taps at the bottom of the -- or manually inflated by blowing in the attitude to children level. You can activate the light by pulling elements have in front but if your best doesn't have a -- the -- will activate automatically in the water. It's necessary will distribute and that likeness or other flotation devices for children who wait 35 pounds or less. Also most seat cushions can be used for flotation. Now before we take off be sure your seat is up right. Your arm -- -- lower your tray tables put away and all carry on items are properly stand. This plane features like and Internet access will be available while we're above 101000 feet. Once airborne -- let you know when you can use approved electronic devices but -- some miners may not be used in -- at any time. You'll find a list of approved electronic devices in the in flight information section -- sky magazine. As we come to the cabin for our final safety check please let us know if you have any question. That's just sent -- home run fatality task what does that -- And finally now would be a good time for everyone to review the safety information card which is in your seat pocket. On behalf of everyone at -- want to thank you for paying attention. As we prepare for takeoff please relax enjoy the flight.

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{"id":20683227,"title":"Delta's Safety Video Stars Santa, Scrooge and Alex Trebek","duration":"4:41","description":"Airline adds holiday cheer to new in-flight safety instructions.","url":"/Travel/video/deltas-safety-video-stars-santa-scrooge-alex-trebek-20683227","section":"Travel","mediaType":"default"}