The FBI joins the criminal investigation into the Boeing 737 Max jet

The FBI is looking into Max 8 certification as questions surface over pilot training.
2:57 | 03/21/19

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Transcript for The FBI joins the criminal investigation into the Boeing 737 Max jet
An FBI has joined the investigation into the Boeing 737 Max jet. As new questions about pilot training are surfacing on David Curley as at Reagan international airport with the latest David. Can. -- quite a bit of news on the investigation let's begin with the broader investigation into the certification of the 737. Max's after these two crashes. The FBI has now joined a Department of Justice investigation. The Department of Transportation is also investigating and congress will hold hearings. Next week on the certification basically the stamp of approval from the FAA to allow the 737 Max the flawed. Earlier this morning the Indonesians held a news conference to talk about the cockpit voice recorder which they. I've had a chance to analyze now we knew that the captain was at the controls a tick off in the first crash. And that he was having trouble immediately with the playing nosing down. This is an anti stall system which was getting bad data. From a sensor that was. Put in incorrectly by the Indonesian lion air maintenance crews so the bad dated to the computer was nosing on the aircraft the cap there was fighting it several times infected try to nose down 21 different times. Now finally he gave up the controls to the first officer is the captain was then going through his emergency checklist trying to figure out what was going on. The New York Times reporting that the first officer who was out the controls of the last words were prayers god is great. And the plane crashed we also heard from the Indonesian sit on the day before that very same aircraft had the same problem and there was a third pilot in the jump seat. Who was hitching a ride there were reports that he's the one who told the two pilots to shut off the system. The Indonesians dispute that saying that the three of them worked together but they did put Boeing says this procedure if this system inadvertently. Or incorrectly kicks in which is to shut it off their two switches between the two pilots that shut off the system. And then you can fly the plane manually. Meanwhile we are hearing from Ethiopia that the investigators from the United States and Europe are still working with the investigators there. It's unclear where there are not the Europeans and the US investigators have the raw data from the cockpit voice recorder. And the flight data recorder and that's really important so that they can run the analysis to figure out. Was that second crash actually related to the first we know there are similarities. In the flight pattern. But is it because the same reason is is that anti stall system that kicked him. Now the fallout continues as I mentioned all the investigations. And Boeing. Actually yesterday reshuffled its. Executives. In the engineering department three changes because of the 737 crashes as Boeing continues to deal with this. More on the investigation in the days to come we're hoping something comes from Ethiopia here before the end of the week that tells us one way or the other. Are these crashes related is there a problem with the plane. Or is this an issue. Pilot air.

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{"duration":"2:57","description":"The FBI is looking into Max 8 certification as questions surface over pilot training. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Travel","id":"61841827","title":"The FBI joins the criminal investigation into the Boeing 737 Max jet","url":"/Travel/video/fbi-joins-criminal-investigation-boeing-737-max-jet-61841827"}