Giant Minion Blocks Traffic in Dublin

A 40-foot inflatable Minion fell onto a Dublin road, blocking traffic for 15 minutes.
2:44 | 08/04/15

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Transcript for Giant Minion Blocks Traffic in Dublin
At first it started off as a sort of rare feature around here but now which got a film segment it's called. This happen our space for something unique and toughest your list over this. That that. But died minions on the loose what happened here stopping traffic visit in Dublin Ireland. RA called the trap exam like you would not believe this state forty. Foot tall mania and we'll push you all know the popular movie it's been a big hit this summer what now but I don't know the deal with his big sucker. Maybe it's forgot to take its vitamins. As well but down. So what does this week at Libyans are pretty busy at weathered island not always up to no good it's like to dance they're not deflated. What is this its first big you know BK YUS them back to what you give us this week that its. Me and Ireland is that bonuses Irish dancing minions doing Irish banks and moments yeah. OK yes exactly be gave next. What's happening here we butter sculpture well we went from minions the bun in Ohio is the Ohio state fair. This is the buckeye state of course the soul they are carving things out mother here and why not. Gillis the statue can you make out who that is get through that you the big sports person here the show C a quick yes that is the Ohio State football coach Urban Meyer the early when you saw you this claim that her Meyer but. The early trip. The result. I've ever married appreciate he wouldn't. Meyer and the Buckeyes won the first college football play happened made that it from 2000 pounds of butter that I'll catch you. And took over fifty hours today what an honor some unethical but time to make me out of Butler and he's the crash that Revere wrote. Repeated bouts of it. That that was in the action for you that may be invests with UHF 830000. Slam dunk on this little tight. You know because musically goes through the effects of it you'll hear this week and space campaign. This guy that doesn't believe it not that. Was the laid off from his job. That he wanted to stay positive light by doing their business him in the office after hours and decide to do this and have good dynamic media. And they had an average at his dogs because we have right. Here comes. But acts -- it. We still of the please. God knows that went five million Busan counting more news straight ahead.

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{"duration":"2:44","description":"A 40-foot inflatable Minion fell onto a Dublin road, blocking traffic for 15 minutes.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Travel","id":"32872017","title":"Giant Minion Blocks Traffic in Dublin","url":"/Travel/video/giant-minion-blocks-traffic-dublin-32872017"}