Historic Haunts Tour at Brooklyn's Green-Wood Cemetery

ABC News' Charli James tours Brooklyn's historic Green-Wood Cemetery.
27:55 | 10/23/15

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Transcript for Historic Haunts Tour at Brooklyn's Green-Wood Cemetery
Hey everyone I'm on the Nevada in New York listen we been putting our own Charlie James through the paint bands. For the past couple of weeks. Previewing some really cool Halloween events she went through not one but two haunted houses in one day for us. That's adding we're gonna join her in a much more beautiful Friday in honor of the upcoming holiday we go live now to Greenwood cemetery. In Brooklyn in New York ABC's Charlie and live on the thieves Lawrence finally. A little bit more or relaxing. Then you're last Halloween consignment. Yes definitely and it's really beautiful here is a beautiful today and I actually have lived in New York for almost ten years and I've never been here and I didn't know much about it. But it's actually gorgeous cemetery look at you a little look around him are gonna walk around as well. But. Yet really beautiful day film lots of movies and TV shows here as well. As well as its big site for tourism but it's also is still an active some cemetery a lot of families that. Hummer coming here you two that's it their grave sites at their family members and people still being buried here is well. That's great he mentioned that there is some people can see this place and movies and TV shows to me know some of the list of of who's been shooting there where people may have seen this this. Really really lovely space before it. We're going to be going on a little tour with historian of the cemetery and just and that's my questions that we can ask camps and a right now we're actually standing. At battle hill this is the highest natural point in Brooklyn. And you can see a great view of this skyline here is well behind we. Gore and at let me bring hand this is Jeff rich men he is the historian and a set of Greenland cemetery and there's no one better to take us around and show us. A little bit more you do an abbreviated tour for viewers. Third Jeff thanks so much for joining us kids just a little idea. Two viewers how big is this the cemetery actually it does it really has. Lives yes it is it's 47080. Acres and so it's about a mile by a mile in the middle of urban Brooklyn. So in relation to say Central Park which at the park a lot of people now grand Central Park is up around. 800 just over 800 acres so we're pretty much the size of Prospect Park also and we're brighter than half the size of Central Park. And what's interesting is that when this cemetery was first built in the early eighteen hundreds and observers got and this was actually a rural area. And now we're very much in the middle. All of the action of the art its Brooklyn has changed greatly Israel. But this remains. Very large and beautiful cemetery still in the middle of what is now a very. Happening area of Brooklyn but at the time was actually considered rural which is adjusting. So tell us a little bit about this beautiful monument that we're seeing behind us here. This is actually New York city's civil war monument. And it dates from 1869. Dedicated in the 1876. They had 5000 people up on the plateau here. For the dedication it's got the four branches. Of the army which particularly curious is that win this what is built. This was not a part of New York City this was the separate city. Brooklyn at the time but New York City realized that Greenwood was the place. Four monuments. And you would have the view back certainly they didn't anticipate the skyline. At that point but now we have these spectacular skyline. Of Manhattan in the distance and were all. One big New York City. Mean and it gives viewers again a view on this beautiful clear day. I'm you can see. That's lower Manhattan here we go over a little bed. You can exceed the Empire State Building and then town. Quite lovely view yes yes. And so we continue down this path here at a few more sites steam and the questions that are anchor was asking. But before it was okay what we actually saw Tom on the way up here at the time suddenly there films that's being. Being filmed or set up what are some of the famous movies that are people. Let filmed here people let me seen it before and Thelma not realized that the relentless. The departed with Martin Scorsese's movie they shot the in the final scenes funerals seen. Here Ali MDC in blanking on the recent movie that he but that was shining here also. On numbers series. Gilmore Girls and analysts and absent here. Several shows. The public. TV show that genealogy was skip gates. The queen who was here that her family is very just within feet of us here with me. She was very impressed as immigrants from London and I think it was. Want a spot where they could see the statue delivery UC accurately also. Possible that you are seen it cemetery in the film are just not now I'm so let's look at a couple there are lots of famous people politicians are. Journal lancet well have been very let's take a little. It's interesting story we got one right here. There leniency. This is lot number. 184. And main street grapes don't hear one of which is grandmother and the other two in the back there. And again there is little. A look at the just that's grandma. Children here and you would typically expect a lot particularly a lot in this sort of location to have a central monument here and now the names of the people here. But we don't have any of that the reason for that is that this family was the subject of the great scandal of the nineteenth century. The feature Tilton scandal which involved. Feminism. And cheating and all sorts of things and this family is torn apart. And so the husband actually at one point. Who dragged his wife Elizabeth Tilton here when he discovered that she had an affair with Henry Ward Beecher. Who was the most famous man in America the great abolitionist who had his church in Brooklyn Heights and spirit Tilton. Ripped up. His wife's wedding ring off her finger. And with the heel of his boot grounded into the ground here where their children had already been very. How I didn't have to keep out right now I was actually accurately metal detector or shortly after discovering that we did not find it and fortunately. But we have grandmothers so this is Elizabeth hill. And the only. Heartening to hear her life dates did not appear honest when we walk over here the corner of here we. Are. I'm disease leaves. I scandal continued even in death that seems like the type of story about the New York Post would still be all efforts that even in the eighteen hundreds. Adultery scandal was the talk and. That now he has absolutely so we do have Beecher buried here we have Lucy Bowen here also the consumer three men who relate Plymouth church and Brooklyn Heights. Feature every Bowen and tutored children and Lucy bone also confessed on her deathbed that you had an affair with feature. So he seems to have gotten around. An organization that he church. Can you have to come from but its athletes annually in there you're back in the day when it's buried there. What. So it angers me. Did you have to do what sort of prestige have to come from a family buried here and today in Wellington. That can't be buried here. No there's no qualification. It was simply a matter. Places found in making thirty days it struggle its early years but by the 1850s. It has become. One of the major tourist attractions in America rivaling Niagara Falls. Half a million people are visiting this place in this becomes the place to be buried and so we have both. Family lots which could be 2030400. Square feet and we also have. Single graves in the nineteenth century which were 25 dollars and ten dollars to purchase. And so you had a real cross section. Of New York City and even. Nationally and internationally people who. New of the prestige of this place that this was considered the greatest of the rural cemeteries in America and want it to be buried here. So show us what we're looking out rate here right so we're looking at the statue of liberty in the distance. If you he has you're you're is that between that's building hair and trees and I can see if I can zoom in and you can see the statue of liberty. Off in the distance there. And then through virus back they're. And Irving H statue commemorating the largest battle of the American revolution which was fought across this program. And she is saluting her left hand statue of liberty who has an hour. Creating what immigrant from there arrived in New York Harbor. And so this is historic how ground here. Largest and did not know until just a few years ago. What little writing what it. It turned greatest triumph but plenty Mercury and ultimately. It was not my. And there's actually a lot there's a ton of civil war history at this cemetery he just walked a lot of soldiers general. From the civil or that we're buried here. Right we re dedicated re dedicated he. Civil war soldiers monument in 2002. We recast the originals thinks that were coming apart had lost their equipment. In two bronzes. And I was thanking the real actors who are here taking part in the ceremony. Thanking me on her apartment and it occurred to me we should really look for civil war soldiers here when and and I don't know why I wondered what. And now would. We are thirteen years later we have 5000 here how and so we have more civil war soldiers here than any other cemetery Gorton isn't in some. And we have 85 confederate that we've found here. None of whom were identified as confederate I'm their greatest. And we have sixteen full generals. To serve the union to confederate generals here there's tremendous civil war history. I or civil war history buff yeah definitely be a stop on on your next trip. Well that it looks like it civil war discovery trail. Girls. Partly I'm listening for bird watching. In the cemetery shortly what we are greatly. It's the many levels that we humans but where we have just been designated with countless problems and are very. And so each of our trees on it database we have little tags on them indicating there condition and what they are. Still lots of for people with different and -- there's a lot of different stuff fear greed deceit on the you have a question. Yeah I mean Charlie it is so stunningly beautiful you'd be forgiven if he's totally forget that your in an actual functioning cemetery but mr. Richard mentioned that there are at -- visitors that come there every year so who they wanted to see what are some of the big names that people. Want to come visit. So we're going to take a look at one of the most famous grave sites here coming up. But there are a number of famous people buried here. From what the notorious. Politician bobs tweet to a famous artist Thomas Welch. About and and but actually there's grapes labor walking through right now that is probably the most famous honored what are some of the other other. Jeremy generational divide between people who ask for Bernstein. And people who ask for us Kia. And so this is Leonard Bernstein who was internationally famous. As eighty conductor conducted the Vienna philharmonic gently Israeli philharmonic. What. Well is this the politically active died in 1990. I'm gonna turn the camera around just give up. And I'm. Brain has often visit people leave programs here from West Side Story. Revivals. Are all sorts of things shortly after he was buried here it came up here and it and the stone about this big and had Scotch tape wrapped around it. Advocate ethnic turned it over and it said Vienna philharmonic. So what is and what. Well. Let me very next renditions that definitely use. So how Italy and that the Bernstein plot it looks like bread and this is his wife. Police say that and certainly it's what and he. Is there certainly. History. Habits life and his sister is it possible that more people are related to him could be married here yes. I think this lot. What younger brother Gary also when you purchase line at the cemetery what is wherever. In perpetuity. So it's a matter of office checking. It's their cars over weren't available here program here at 300 here. From right here. You know original purchaser what you would be like to be buried at what. The cemetery though we are short on new areas and land for new areas. Ever closed the business bearing people here what. Another interesting resident here's not that's actually not just people. Are very here on either. There are some. Some animal does well here we go visit oh man that you claimants in grave site of way. A little well loved politics for the next up on the tour either in he. Other interesting exit more animals or any. You mean one who was buried in an interesting way. Yes we had actually had any. Exhibition that we did with the ASPCA in 2006. Because Henry Burke founder of the ASPCA is interred here. And we had a bit of discussion because it has long been illegal in New York State. To bury animals in a cemetery. For people. And actually I had written a book about Greenwood which I submitted to the cemetery they were gonna publish it. And one of the paragraphs said that people came to the cemetery in kind of established a home away from home. It was put fences around lots. They would put furniture in their plant little gardens and they were also bury their pets. And the president of the cemetery here objectives of that and said we didn't have any record. Of pets being buried here and added we know. But when we did that exhibition in 20061. Of their researchers came across a story. A a dog. Who had saved the woman who was barren in the lob from drowning. And had gotten. Any royal line treatment for its funeral and had been buried here and Greenwood. And so we then did some further investigation discovered that. As a result of that burial there had been complaints in the cemetery had enacted a rule that no more pets could be buried here but it. You can't be buried anymore with your beloved Brett print that's for some people who got it got to spend the rest of their lives went with their. With man's best friend Cooper. So this is they how fairly locked and you can see the numbers on the stone there which carry. Zip codes where in fact lot numbers mean this is for lots combined this is Elias Powell. Who is the inventor these sewing machine. And with a bronze bust by Charles Albert Lee a well known sculptor. And we actually have a fellow just down the road here. There's a small pink obelisk who also invented a sewing machine but Walter hunch was not much of businessman. He also invented the safety pins. And sold out for 200 dollars. He never got a patent on his idea for the sewing machine and so that's where he's got that little obelisk over there. And that's why Elias Howe who did get the patent became a multimillionaire. And has these for a lots combined here but the real call. Peace the best part of this lot is in the back and we can go back there and I can see that for Fannie the pound dog. Who is buried here. She was clearly the Howe family pet but she has the most wonderful. Victorian home about death. Inscribed on her gravestone. And you actually have that member picks if I don't do it but this is Fannie and right this phase gravestone. And viewers a look at. A little difficult to read only eight dog do you say sir critic. Only a dog but as truth I have pride is the truest love I have one in living. Lay in that keeps apparently did. Trust Savoy during her heat of summer could make her fail if my footsteps led. And memory holds in its treasure casket the name of it darling. To. That must've been one very special two. Detonated to a beloved wife effort to order. But to beloved thugs who actually did an event in 2006. We had an honor walk through here who is. Police horses and dogs and we had a little Pug who sent here is little. One dog honor guard. For Fannie that the. We Charlie Cindy any any other family members have a longer than just of the dogs. Due to meet the other family members that look this is their whole this is the whole plot here rape they do any evidence grave stones have very along with an airliner. Well it doesn't it don't think that has. If any of the other plots here have poems and honor where it's just the dog that gets them hope. There are not surprisingly there and a lot of homes says. That Annie has. And as well as any person has done in this cemetery quickly loving home. About her death. That must have been one really really. Really explain. It. Opting now we're gonna walk up we'll see shortly. This beautiful ally of cherry trees which blooms completely April. And along the road here. And that we're indigo visited the to rant. Little side mausoleum. There and I give the viewers a look at. Lee creek creating kind of an arched her through this. Through this walk away he that is lovely. And that it sin in late April that. Late April that these trees bloom says almost white. Plumes on here and if you come on the right days giddy rush hour. Blossoms. Coming down. It's really beautiful. So if you're looking for a specific time to come does it. Eight for all my might have to come back then and check it out we'll really beautiful artist. Passed its spectacular in the winter also after a snowstorm. The sculpture and the various monuments to come in through here and photographed for just wander. And enjoying. Tell us a little bit this is the mausoleum. Great mausoleum. And a little bit about just for people who don't know. And why these are built and the difference throwing. A lot. Whereupon a terminal moraine so we knew when we started we were up on the plateau battle hills police are viewed there and so this was where the glaciers stops. 10151000. Years ago and left these hills and so as a result of these hills. There are areas they're just too steep for graves' aunt and so they have taken advantage of the opportunity to build. These were rather large and elaborate. More easily here so some are free standing like what we see across the road here. Daly that's markets Daly of Anaconda copper. And then we have he's seen Durant. Who was the primary fund raiser for the Union Pacific railroad. And so the great dream of the 1860s. As the civil war is occurring as Lincoln is president is to build a railroad that will take you from east to west although albums. To California. And the rant is involved in there he gets involved in fundraising so he would run the track out as far as he could and then he would. Bring his Irish. Track players and they would demonstrate how fast they currently track which was key because the government was giving them lands. He either side of the track as they laid the track. And another rare road the central Pacific who's coming from the west and so there was a race going on CB who could scoop up. The most land as they went. And then they worry high he would hire Indians who attacked a train in a mock attack and then they would burn up 20000 acres of prairie. And then they would have put up a sign that said we're basically in the middle of nowhere and pass the hat and raise money. To run the track out farther and then do it again so. And you have I want to show our viewers with key because this is definitely quite a large key isn't. And mrs. Garcia can't just go inside and visit via smuggling and you have to have the heat bill we are lucky if getting. Thanks Carroll's. You can give. What does it say until either we can't share. We have what did say on the attack. So is Thomas C Durant. And then the lot number lot communal 399 in the section in the cemetery section each. And so. We have approximately housing keys. And Nicki keep her. No doubt there's special and not just critics it would have them behind glass doors in the office we actually Heidi. Intern come in here. And scandals these. And it's wonderful project and and he didn't exhibition at Cooper Union. About Mickey's so that was very nice to change and shift yes that is week Heatley this path a few years where this courtroom here. We have turkeys and one is pretty outside metal door and one is for the granite pillars let's see if these are gonna work. And extremists around here. The Charlie has literature and ever been inside the Boras is his first class. Yeah. Did George talked walked one time in history talk about the stars recently. And the key is and I came out. Couldn't get a lot so we could cut 150 people behind me that was version. You're quite quite happy. The regular stop on a few. Tour mortgages occasionally he'll lose a news. My doctor V. Jar. Work. He didn't this piece and Marshall career here. Wonderful. And beautiful. Liz. Lange yeah hey first. So how many people are. Their ages. Twelve to fifteen. Yeah well fifteen and the numbers yeah. And in fact we as it is an open house is there. Beginning of October. And we open this up and one of the descendants came in here and told are dozens of stories. About the family. Andy must be succinct well actually when I walked inside started leaving service think it's starting. This there and it must be felt it here. So this door. Disease is. Yeah I eat I'm really. And you can't see how beautiful practice and hinges on earth does masses. Pieces. Political highlight CC game every session I'm not gonna ask. So. He had. But it is wonderful. Sound which may be torn apart last sounds of the street. Kristy sounded fight. It. If so if you want to see more inside of the mausoleum here and moreover. All of the beautiful sights here. I'm nine viewers just how to comfort comes up. And just thank you so so much for giving us this little sneak peak into an agreement cemetery south. Thank you it's my pleasure if you live in New York here you're coming to New York. For of his that you should definitely put this on your list of things to do it's really just a beautiful place here. Even if you don't do the torch is to take a walk and look around it's really gorgeous. Eight innings fanning plays that you point that the sound I only wanna hear it on the outside. That constantly am not on the but Amy. Gains. And even calling related streets and be very beautiful thanks. Jeff Richmond. At the Greenwood cemetery Brooklyn thank you for staying with us war vary and there.

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