LA Zoo Brings Dinosaurs Back to Life

ABC News' Lesley Messer heads to the LA Zoo to check out their new dinosaur exhibit.
22:10 | 04/20/16

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Transcript for LA Zoo Brings Dinosaurs Back to Life
This line is quite strange specimen. He's got a little bumps all over his head winds are being done. Okay. Is that men behind skin Princeton. Griese being about different races and other. Analysts on them. You don't lose anything. And they're really good car. Parents. Comically small arms are actually quite strong and he and they had long climb. That terrorists can punch up its prey and pitted. The better attendance and it. I relied solely on its hind legs and its message. And hit. Make a Komodo dragons. Whole chunks. Him. So what is this guy de these horns do you know anything about that heard his skin if they have any professor they haven't figured that out and Mimi you knew we had to leave word to it dangers experts we brought people to help treat us news. Laurie he's animals so. Standard times. Isn't creaky pick pick pick pick we don't know why he has this earth we don't really outlined. It's. There are a lot of mysteries of the dinosaurs still. Loved today. You know dinosaurs used to peak seen them. It's great green color and now we know that they were a problem they were like clean brightly colored. The lakers. Friend birds are descended from dinosaurs they actually aren't dinosaurs. And daylight and many of them Hannah and others very so. Yeah changing all the time but then but the fundamental. Awesome news and business owners never learn. Gifted I mean in the act think he can actually wore pretty unbelievable you get a real sense of what they looked like when they were roaming the year. It will lower their eyes. Subtle did not walking biggest selling albums to experience these secret state. But these subtle. And really really bringing his creature is to blame when certain actually quite learned it's you to imagine not having. Blocking her demeanor and rain. Displaying lemmings here. Company we work to win. OK listeners. I. Right. It's called the billing company there NN Dallas Texas and me and gives them because they're dinosaurs are based on today's best. Which is always changing and there always. The latest stand. And here is counting stars and there and they're stable of animals really reflect sour memories. And there's not just this guy give their eighties other seventeen so we've got season and get this guy I think that it they'll be very excited to feed his knack. And next. Log slower. We're not gonna get too close it's he has a track he does have its yeah. But think about dilemma solar and. Spears looking team but they actually have very short cruise so with the dilemma of the lineup is Lorraine. He used its. Kill Andrea animal there would have lost solids. Fall down. So scientists and earnings are theorizing about the ways. In which a deluxe and it's pretty animal and one theory is. Shipley got a horror movies basically. He can shoot acid out of his. Maybe stupid act whether daddy. Hear it. Water electricity water we it's. Costs. He. A critic thinks reject this guy's got its very impressive and I imagine on this summer in its in the mid eighties now I know. That everyone is in LA today. It gets really hot so I imagine this is the almost like the water rights for his. Rightly. So. To us it. We got the baby arbitrary the we're locking whenever. I'm an art with our own and are only. There are owned restaurants in the pieces that we line. Bitter blockers ain't. I can't do. Charming little. Beat brewers. And to. Pre. You can either so much. Capturing what it might actually have looked. A. It's even down at mount street. Good time here it's amazing time. It's just so quick reading. And expect kids probably like to beat. Kidd dinosaurs and of them home recognized. Immediately that you. Time it would be fifteen minutes and half hours. We've seen people take. Two hours and. Mean there's a lot of take your head study means. Games and went but it catches your. Thing there's staring. Or. Thanks for Larry. Sugar. Patent it. I. Soon it was scary numbers. Viciously yeah. And then there's a healing and oh yeah. Chance. Mr. king we knew that armored break. Almost like a prehistoric turtle and if you think about it that way. Parents are just. Different Chandler and kidney and isn't it. Just. Makes. Him the only balloons and time. You can see. Who beacon theater Rome that. Is raising his client ever so slightly that there are so many subtle motions going and it really desert give the illusion. But there PO. Yeah that peaked mountain. And rare we're hearing. That peace with Syria has the growth and company. But before we get there here. And nastiest answers. Candidate has. Yeah. And look at this sort of business see where everyone goes out there it's programmed pictures and the ultimate so it's. Some friends saying this is this about the eighth or at what I love it. So this looks like for write notes to mean that as. Green praying to him why Ryan. Here. These. It's beautiful there they've done so much work to with the color and making it look. Honestly Cynthia pianist Eric back we're agreed with a picture Anderson big day. And it's certain days that. And it dinosaurs lately greatly color rich just makes our thumb captivating. And Nissen looks pretty peaceful. Which is not only pity and rage and resentment. Now we do have a very dramatic scene we didn't warrant it when Warren viewers. Yes. Glad there's been an injury. And an imminent mortality. General idea of being pretty truthful here at the Elliott yeah. But this is a light rain this is that he had natural order here we have. Big beautiful majestic T Rex and likely. Nano you know. This is where are larger than you know. Thinking. And he had to eat had extra capacity to hold those. Laying. She also female T Rex had to you defender. It and the globe immediately clients another index predator. Females it was the primary hunters. So here we have mama's here ax. She is just had an encounter with Mary and Mike -- times. Learn and you can see. Not every day at 99 grade. And transparent. But you can leave it to keep track is either removing its. Got a lot on its heat and it's very very tops. Have little Colin mortal if you mortal. But it's not a and I'm. But I would imagine people's patents. A long time observing any ease a so striking and there is so much subtle movement happening in the name Richard rip it from the composition. Very. Dramatic and this is really bad. The shocked rain yeah isn't that we had to make sure that there was adequate space for people to get back. It will take your picture. There's a teacher. It's like you're in Jurassic Park. And dear and there's games you can see this look like. It's really amazing and it's great that it your act in view it's only five extra dollars. Frank cumin seed that ranking. In addition to. Its. So accessible and I'm key witness. And I'm robots and sellers can't. There around ten. Me he's now. Sellers. It's unfortunately didn't have humans to help him from extinction. And animals here apparently assuming you please. Our threatened and endangered and working very hard. For certain. Her future generation so it's really nice and retaining happiness like. Let her talk big big big big. She keeps you hungry grace I'm sorry Dave in this exciting blockbuster experience and also to billionaire real world contacts. With an education component. And conservation component that hopeful and. Definitely. And and you mentioned the fossil day witches I think we are talking earlier. That's how we worry introduce to dinosaurs and we were kids is he thought of them as fossils you didn't necessarily only opportunity. Diane they suspect this is sort of bringing back that idea what you're seeing in the news the is in fact that the fossil dinosaur in this how archaeologists dig them grain business name. Graham look I'm an actual fossils. C news Dennis Miller and the lions still are and then they. She's together what he's M. Only in time. Skeleton. Skiing and. Re merely an am clearly show. Stealing. Large here. Groundless. You know that's when things. When news. Ana is encourages anybody going to hurt theology let me impact you have on the next anxious. And relentless demeanor yeah room. I think that if you have accidentally. Indian absolutely be here. And tilts yeah. Feel. Finding new things on his. He. And in the room but let's go to the robot. Willingness on the road easier and a Chinese immigrants. This is the romance. Introducing it in your word game. Now. So now we're not only showing you. How to activate dinosaurs but all of their house. But together these models did their job. Bring me. Okay. Think it turns. Feel it. They're learning new things Ali's time. Now it does it have an opposite you know what one of the smartest giants weren't weren't. It's us. In it that he acts considering its look back I. My son is near at least some payments. He's going to be so angry for not remembering mean. As. Manhattan Lilja and back to you we'll get back to you typically Lucy harris' time. Smart and it's not the toughness there. This is a flame here. The momma when her baby and ten minutes. Brilliant it's. Constantly expanding an event that happens. So you're talking before it was so interesting about. How much work has gone into deciding to figuring out what color dinosaurs actually work because but he said they weren't Calgary through. This is clearly. I'm very very beautiful creature that maybe before we wouldn't. Slow. Prayers and we don't know. If it the other sailor is planted this beautiful green. Yeah. Granted that we dad affected millions blatantly break. So there's a certain amount of interpretations you know. Anheuser ms. thing. Very real its back foot and and there could be more later in the summer. Keep a good man here and here's one that looks very very different from the others that we. Yeah. I. Okay. Okay. Another. Through. You. This frightening very I have averaged. Loaded and we let spending with his mind. Very thing. You have a feeling of really. Graham you now friend. Okay. Taylor. I now live. Here right. I hit your training on how the only get better if I'm dictated on the iPad is now in the next week things. Did. It doesn't make you feeling pigeon aviary. You know when your feet the other option. Yeah not not as. I'm not fair but this Brian you mentioned the greatest in the media and amendment. Yeah. Apex predators. Here this. It. Recommended pregnant I don't know that would have. That was the credit hours. You you've seen. How do you how dinosaurs. King the working. He does he recommends. Mentored her MBA yeah that's not certain that long ago is an intra day grades. Look at another high canyon mine. It over to name raptors back. Let freedom ring every. A now. Yeah. One factor could use her actors because it was found just in the area laden and Afghanistan. They're everywhere and it is there anything else were we at the curry and yard work he lets you know about it then that. How they can experience and. And humans. Yeah we're. Work every day. Okay. Max and down the ended when they're here on saline. So I'm they're. And I am flight snack painted creatures. Thank you so much. Here. Thanks so much for joining that they hope you enjoyed the tour of the dinosaur exhibit at the Los Angeles new. Again my name is Leisle master I'm the digital entertainment editor for ABC news. Have a great rest of the day.

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{"duration":"22:10","description":"ABC News' Lesley Messer heads to the LA Zoo to check out their new dinosaur exhibit. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Travel","id":"38524496","title":"LA Zoo Brings Dinosaurs Back to Life","url":"/Travel/video/la-zoo-brings-dinosaurs-back-life-38524496"}